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TYCOF2812PGFA Texas Instruments 32-Bit Digital Signal Controller with Flash 176-LQFP -40 to 85

tyco 929453 Crimp

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Abstract: . Leitung Trennsteg und Grat Drahtcrimp Crimp für Einzeldichtung Kontaktbereich Form- und Lagetoleranzen , Tyco Electronics Corporation, Harrisburg, PA 17105 * This specification is a controlled document. © Copyright 2000 by Tyco Electronics Corporation. All rights reserved 1 of 23 ECOC EG00 LOC: AI , Wire Crimp Crimp for Single-Wire Seal Contact Area Shape and Positional Tolerances Crimping Data Table , Buchsenkontakt: . 929454 Tabellenzeichnung fuer MQS Stiftkontakt: . 929453 2.2 Produktspezifikation TE Connectivity
Abstract: Quadlok Contact System Micro Quadlok Electronics Catalog 889780 Issued 04-03 Receptacle Contacts Technical Features Material Contact: CuNiSi Pin Contact: Copper-Alloy Cantilever Spring: Stainless Steel Contact Finish: Tin plated, silver plated, gold plated Conductor Binding: Crimp , Mating Cycles: 929454 (Receptacle Contact) 929453 (Pin Contact) 114-18021 Standard 114-18025 , specifications subject to change. Consult Tyco Electronics for latest specifications. -
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tyco 929454 Crimp tyco 929453
Abstract: TE-ORDER-NO. Laenge Drahtcrimp Iso'crîmp LENGTH WIRE CRIMP INSU.CRIMP Abmessungen/DIMENSIONS [mm] 0.1 3 , . B ) Passend zu Stift kontakt siehe Zeichnung: SUITABLE FOR PIN CONTACT SEE DRAWING: TE: 929453 , APPLICATION SPEC VERARBEITU NGSSPEZ. WEIGHT GEWICHT â'" Tyco Electronics Tyco Electronics AMP GmbH D â -
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N760G DIN 6930 929454 929453 928999-1 114-18025 Tyco 108-18030 EGA0-0659 ECR-05-007059 26AUG10 80CT1 NOV10 962B85
Abstract: DIN72551 (z.B. Rev.Ã) DATE-CODE fWEEK / YEAR CE.G.WEEK NUMBER 38 / AND TYCO REV 151 ON CE.G. REV. B ) Jahr 2004) YEAR 2004) Rev A-A 2 3 4 5 AMP: 929453 REV 963729-5 963729- 963726-5 963726-1 1355718-5 1355718-1 E , . 1 0. 1 Länge LENGTH Abmess Dnahtcrimp íso' k I RE CRIMP IN SU ungen/DINENSI0N5 I cr i mp , CP -
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DIN 6930M 963715-1 928999-5 DIN 72551-6 DIN 72551 Lenze 1Z224 05-JAN-39 05-JAN-99 13-AUG-03 Y50NDERZEICHNUNG 27JUN96
Abstract: Cbr= 0.65 Drahtcrimp WIRE CRIMP La e n g e LENGTH Abmessungen/DIMENSIONS [mm] 3.5 3.4 1 .5 2.4 FH , Tyco Electronics Tyco Electronics AMP GmbH 64625 Bensheim (Germany) NAME Micro Quadlok System , . 929453 CUSTOMER DRAWING 'SONDERZEICHNUNG MASSSTAB 1 0: RESTRICTED TO NUR FUER BLATT 1 0F I VON -
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ECR-10-020379 114-18063 114-18063-1 114-18021 6-928918-1 Micro Quadlok System 114-18063-1 TE 114-18063-1 26JAN09 070CT10 ECR-11-000520 10JAN 06-JAN
Abstract: Jetter 13- AUG-03 NAME Tyco Electronics T yco 64625 Electronics Bensheim AMR GmbH , D ra h tc rim p I s o *c r i m p LENGTH WIRE CRIMP INSU.CRIMP 2 Abmessungen/DIMENSIONS [mm , N G 929453 MASSSTAB B LA T T [g] Zugehoerige E inzeld ichtung/ SUITABLE -
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Micro Quadlok System ECR-06-019970 ECR-09-001840 AUG--03
Abstract: U A L A P P L IC A T IO N " Bemerkungen NOTES A D a tu m s c o d e (Woche und Tyco -R evision D A T E -C O D E AND TYCO (W E E K / YEAR (E .G . R E V IS I O N / J a h r ,z.B. K W 3 8 (z .B , Tyco E le c tro n ic s B e n sh e im AMP GmbH 1Tyco Electronics 64625 (G erm any) D IM , La e n g e Dra h tc ri m p GEWICH71 V e r a r b e i t u n g I s o 'c r i m p LENGTH WIRE CRIMP I N S , 'SONDERZEICHNUNG 929453 M A S SS TA B BLATT 1 0 :1 I OF VON I Zu g eh o erig e E in ze ld ic h tu n g -
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R-06-003292 26JAN200
Abstract: 08.03.2005 13:43 Uhr Seite 2 TYCO ELECTRONICS G L O B A L AU TO M OT I V E D I V I S I O N , TYCO ELECTRONICS G L O B A L AU TO M OT I V E D I V I S I O N Powertrain Systems 1 , gasses. Tyco Electronics is extremely familiar with the special requirements of the engine environment , intelligent connectors for the new generation of actuators. Tyco Electronics is also developing solutions , built in smaller cars. Tyco Electronics has developed a complete range of specific connector solutions Tyco Electronics
mass air flow sensor pbt-gf30 PBT - GF15 connector AMP PBT gf30 connector tyco pbt gf15 komax kappa 220 AMP PBT - GF15 3 pin