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CY74FCT2573ATQCT Texas Instruments Octal D-Type Transparent Latches with 3-State Outputs and Series Damping Resistors 20-SSOP -40 to 85
CY74FCT2573CTSOCG4 Texas Instruments Octal D-Type Transparent Latches with 3-State Outputs and Series Damping Resistors 20-SOIC -40 to 85
UC2573DG4 Texas Instruments Buck Pulse Width Modulator Stepdown Voltage Regulator 8-SOIC -40 to 85

diode ED 2573

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Abstract: RATINGS (Voltages Referenced to Vgs* Rating Supply Voltage DC Input Voltage DC Output Voltage Clamp Diode , logic voltage level (e.g., either V g g or Tstg VDD>- RECO M M END ED OPERATING CO N DITIO NS , TELECOMMUNICATIONS DEVICE DATA 2-573 MC145442, MC145443 (cl ORIGINATE/CHANNEL 1 M O DE AND ANALOG LOO PBACK -
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audio FSK modulator and Demodulator MM74HC943 MC146443 MC14544213 MC145406 MC145442/MC145443
Abstract: iting (no ex tern al circuitry) CE M ark ed T y p ic a l A p p lic a t io n s : sy stem s Actual , solution for system s th a t req u ire a ru g g ed , full featu red interface to th e A C m ain s in th e , MOSFET) is internally pulled up to 15V through a 150k£2 resistor. A signal diode should be placed close , 27 -1 5 03 V ic o r Part N u m b e r 0 2573 0 1000 0 3269 0 5147 14563 15016 Energy is given up by -
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Abstract: , the switches become `arm ed' and ready to respond to their control input after a short, 30 (is . , OUT 2 LAMP LOAD cC THERMAL - OUT 3 CS CLOCK DATA OUTPUT GND GND GND GND 5| 6| SHOTTKY DIODE , the intrinsic diodes in parallel with the power switches. The schottky diode will add approximately , Shutdown of all Channels Mechanical Specification 1.013 - 1.040 0.092 (25.73 - 26.42) 0.032 +0.005 -
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Abstract: wide 1035 1215 1395 2115 2835 3555 Number of Words 32 1909 2241 2573 3901 5229 6557 48 2783 3267 3751 , ) Non-simultaneously switching buffers should not be group ed together with simultaneously switching ones. Ideally the , Test Delivery of prototypes ] Can also be perform ed by the custom er de pe n d in g on the particular , ns °C Absolute Maximum Ratings Parameter DC supply voltage Input voltage DC Input diode current DC output diode current Storage temperature (ceramic) Storage temperature (plastic) Junction -
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74LS82 74245 BIDIRECTIONAL BUFFER IC ic 4583 schmitt trigger core bit excess 3 adder using IC 7483 4 BIT COUNTER 74669 XF107 TC140G SC12D4 SC18D4 SC27D4 SC37D4 SC44D4
Abstract: incl ud ed pages throughout the catalog entitled UPDATES AND NOTES for yo u r u se . - all H O W , cl ud ed at t h e fro n t of the catalog, l'w L - B U Y E R INFORMATION : is catalog is not intend ed to b e sp ecificatio n document by including all c ha r acteristics of t h e pa r ts liste d . , Ite m Sou rce List) - A ttach ed to eac h part s pecification . [S L on-line on the Component , cost center . - 7 or d er UNNU M B E R ED PA R TS SAMPLES - Sp ecial p ur ch . req . t o engineering Semiconductor Common Design Parts Catalog
Zener PH ups circuit schematic diagram 1000w E13007 2 C3866 power transistor texas ttl LTS 542 7 Segment display common anode 010DE
Abstract: °C) - 1°C Resolution Resistance Error Correction On Thermal `Diode' Channels - Eliminates Temperature Offset Due To Series Resistance From PCB Traces And Thermal `Diode' Thermally Enhanced, 28 , Linear Fan Driver Software Configurable ALERT# Signal For Diode Fault, Fan Stall Or System Warning , Analog Mux 11 bit ADC Internal Temp Diode Voltage Reading SMDATA ALERT# POWER_OK , (cathode) Analog Input for External Diode 1. AIO 3 DP1 Positive (anode) Analog Input for Standard MicroSystems
EMC2102 amd 2587 Transistor BC 1078 22342 capacitor EMC2102-DZK 186 diod transistor bc 643
Abstract: SCYD013B SCAD001D 741HC SN74AHC2G Blocking Diode VCC = 5 V Parasitic Diode VCC Out IOUT Lower N-channel Parasitic Diode Bus When VCC = 0, IOUT = 0 for VOUT > VCC Families Supporting Partial Power Down (Ioff , switch configured as level shifter C with level-shifting diode · BTR features series damping Texas Instruments
cd40001 russian transistor cross-reference CD4000 SERIES BOOK datasheet IC CD 40106 NXP 74LVC1G 4093 ic for bcd counter
Abstract: , varactor diode for AFC 1.6 to 6 V SIP9-P-2.54A TA7766AF LC-type VCO, power dissipation 0.9 , Output Voltage Output Current Circuits Clamp Diode VCE(sus) (V) (mA) Function Part Number , () Recommended Input Voltage (V) Package 2.7k 2.7k 10.5k 2.7k 10.5k 10.0k 10.0k 14.0k + Diode , Part Number Function Output No. of Output Output Voltage Current Circuits Clamp Diode VCE(sus , -state) 2573 20 Octal D-type latch (3-state) with Series Resistors 574 20 Octal D-type flip-flop Toshiba
tb31224cf transistor 2sk1603 TA8264AHQ TC94A58FAG TA7769P TA8275HQ SCE0007A
Abstract: IM6402IPL tms9914anl sps8246 74LS140 npn transistor RCA 467 ferranti ula AEG TFK TELEFUNKEN PUT 2N6027 delco 466 N9602N sje389 MPT3N40 of T h o u s a n d s O f Item s S to ck ed BRO AD C O V E R A G E â'" O ver 240 M a jo r P ro d u -
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transistor cross reference Westinghouse SCR handbook TFK 7 segment displays BROWN BOVERI DQ 2 Numeric Digital HPE 1150 LT 8224 ZENER DIODE
Abstract: device. The digital control inputs are diode protected; however, permanent dam age may occur on , start asynchronously to the microprocessor. At REV. A ANALOG-TO-DIGITAL CONVERTERS 2-573 , CLARITY Figure 21. AD7872 to ADSP-2101/ADSP-2W1 Serial Interface * AD DITIO NAL P IN S O M ITT ED FOR -
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VERTICAL IC LA 7840 AND4107SCL 12 Near - Infrared Emitting Diod es DD30-102 MEPCO CENTRALAB cornell cross BC Z5U 223M 11PM104
Abstract: all param eters o f each device is no t necessarily perform ed. In the absence o f w ritte n ag reem -
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motorola hb205 SD20L siemens transistor manual
Abstract: has been carefully checked and is believed to be reliable; however, no responsibility is assum ed for , Introduction, Zener Diodes Quick-Selection Chart Zener Diode Data Sheets Introduction, Reference Diodes Reference Diode Data Sheets Precision Reference Diodes Reference Amplifiers Section 3 2-3 2-6 2-8 , Thyristor Data Sheets 4-Layer Diode Data Sheets 3-Layer Diode Data Sheets m 5-3 5-4 5-6 5-8 5-44 , Application VVC Tuning Diode Theory and Application Improving Thyristor Turn-Off Time with Negative Bias -
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AD7871/AD7872 AD7871 AD7871JN AD7871KN AD7871JP AD7871KP
Abstract: customer satisfaction can be obtained by replacing weak or defective selenium or diode vacuum tubes with , o w e r T r a n s is to r â'"N P N â'" 1 6 0 V 5 A 40W Si M ed P o w e r T ra n s is to râ'"P N P â'"6 0 V 3 A 6W (C o m p , to 2 4 3 ) S i M ed P o w e r T r a n s is lo r - N P N â'"6 0 V 3 A 6W (C o , M ed P o w e r T ra n s is to râ'"N P N â'"6 0 V 3 A 30W (C o m p , to 2 4 6 ) Si M ed P o w e r T , '"7 0 V 1 0 A 150W (C o m p , to 2 4 7 ) G e G e n e ra l P u rp o se T ra n s is to râ'"P N P â'"M ed -
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IC LA 78141 schematic D2822 equivalent ic vertical la 78141 74AS SERIES IC LA 78141 LA 78141 VERTICAL SN74AS888/890 SN74AS897 74AS-EVM-8 SDV01IDV600R
Abstract: control elements. Table 2.1. Thyristor Types â'¢JEDEC Titles Reverse Blocking Diode Thyristor Reverse Blocking Triode Thyristor Popular Names, Types tFour Layer Diode, Silicon Unilateral Switch (SUS) Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR) Reverse Conducting Diode Thyristor tReverse Conducting Four Layer Diode Reverse Conducting Triode Thyristor Reverse Conducting SCR , bridge rectifier (see Figure 2.9b) or one SCR may be placed in series with a diode bridge (see Figure -
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zener diode 1N PH 816 transistor BD 540 LYS diode 2H 1NU 1N4504 3A diode 2N3927 MC715G
Abstract: technology for to d ay â'™s a n d to m o rro w â'™s re q u ire m e n ts . Q u ality is d esig n ed -in to , diodes Silicon picoampere diode Fast recovery low power rectifier diodes Low power silicon rectifier -
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1N5758 breakover mss1000 transistor BU 608 1N4728 1N4764 1M100ZS10 4L3052 4L3056
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