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We are the original Datasheet Archive and the worlds largest free resource for electronic component datasheets. Over 16 years we have stored datasheets for over 500 million parts and formed relationships with many of the worlds leading manufacturers. Since launch over 345 million datasheets have been downloaded from our servers.

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0E2350K0160154J400H-F160154J400L-FWD90COOdmf 682aKTS101B155K32N0T00BOSCH 0 261 230 235LM 7209TDA2822M vccCNT400cnt-400KT805*bmtransistor C 24322N200sB81002N200sS M B8100SMD C236 DIODEwiring VDG 14 relayKS0073NRPC33-B1VG-95328BAP1950AFG servo motor controlEUAAS-2.67375M TRHV9120C74LS112t-5Z27 DIODETNY276 equivalentcrouzet MAS programmingTS-0606AY5-1317tic 1260Sony Imx 224 cmosfubaTK61027APD-240M021VHP1-275smd DIODE marking code 2410A19dc dc step down sot23-510mhz mosfet 30VCmo CM-501keithley 4200K25 12 28 capacitor214-1334dekatron GC10DUMA1015GBU4B-BPXytronic400v mppINKJET PRINTER HEAD DRIVEsick WL12 2B56084C44JRC 8 pinOscillator XR2209TDA 725212v 1200mah nicd batterylcd atmel -33 samsung displayphilips 2222 341 polycarbonate capacitorsLB202VBKA5L0380R. transformer design12v 1200mah nicd batterycapacitor 106 35K electrolytic10MQ4074HCxxxN10MQ40vd 3120 b cc2intel ICH SATA AHCI specmarking 65E SOT23ABE 407sfe 5.5 murataFET equivalent of 2N4352TDA8480sfe 5.5 murataequivalent of transistor bsx47-108A01-Hocxo mtiphilips OQ 0515B4 RECTIFIERBG13ADIODE 95JMC1048CPWR13-09,POWER CONVERT MODULEMarvell 88F62832SD1460senseodi03sp215A100DQ65111A3893SMD TRANSISTOR MARKING edtp5n40PA6-GF30 circuit diagramEFCISNTE39compal jhl90PDB-09MOTHERBOARD 150V COIL4218AD6KB80RSE102lcd cable inverter pin diagramAVAL DATAorega emMC102612V, 1W zener diodeba75MM4016ba75MM4016lcd inverterBUF 672smd diode R2Cmotherboard samsung ba75PWM by using dsp F2812motherboard samsung ba758135 diodeP-P6KE36Ahall sensor c03 303HCT-370MB85204-1274HC4046A harrisamd chipset motherboard repair103 K1C capacitortransistor DTC143ESA78SR112VBCW71_NLLTS-6975HRGFB7LTM24motorola ic MC 1435 op ampSMOOTH L6283-1.3R6908PT204-6B840F18AMPX4200ASIGRCMAX 8899PRO73VA2B260.04stb 3828BROWN BOVERI stC20050363srddiode 606ROHM LTZ-MR15WP90351T4C-4PRB2586C2410ML-04W-B10-B00ROCKWELL 10941telefunken tcstPTC 120SBLDC motor control PIC16F690aeg diode Si 61 Lla3610mTLCS-85Aic 4570manual motherboard ICES-003 E210882DC200VTA-0234stereo preamplifier circuit diagramMOTOROLA POWER TRANSISTOR lc 945gs 34 qgrx6aB 103 K capacitor 1KVEF-20 TRANSFORMERLMD23088CEG-15P4N60B16128CI47PBpc111 CROSSIRF732marking code lbxx sotTTC-00360T25RS 2024 cl socket7216X63N604TDA 1060g41 transistor5823APILZ pnoz 4lc 2518philips BFW30HD2513PATS-1138-C1-R02N1961226 amplifier audioGSM repeater power amplifier moduleD353PA501B- 8 PSH-7709Ale33 sot23ZENER bzy 7909317 decoderchina led tv schematic diagramH7011SBL-6.4SAB 529PCH-27-273Bosch BMP180led 7 segment anode 5101FR50HFlw052AQW14JPW-07Micronas HALL 11AMT5300transistor r54 ah16TM120dbx33st g z 245HT817A0PQo524 pin dot matrix printer headOAR resistorCONTROLLER PT 2323 VIA I2C BUSTRANSISTOR rtyOAR resistorOA265OAR resistorSDC4D14-2R2N-LFOAR resistorBOSCH ME 7.8.8bosch me 5.2.1BOSCH ECU MP 7.3TAA 981NJT56XC-K-24LM334 Cold-Junction Compensationsma smd transistor marking code 242SC2922 SANKENsot marking code YD2SK2137TMK432BJ106MM-TTMK432BJ106KM-TTOP246YNPBM604FCE20MAGNETIC HEAD read amplifierCH981BC557 TRANSISTOR smdamd am386BZT52H-C24csf230943402LNK304DNsmd L23zener diode with top marking MPphase angle trigger module 301-678solenoid valve 24vBF999PSD-416ST9040B66N1 zener2sc2078 Transistorsvi 3102 dphilips NTC 2322 640 66103POWER MODULE SVI 3102smd marking H24HP3400Atuner ctf-5560Controlling dimmer lamp by using DTMF114-18020W5100Serial-to-EthernetQ18S-KM-A2B2kr40AVAL DataRS-486 protocol015AZ7.5-Y320l40HCOSIC 4069 cmos icspak360em3359011BIPOLAR TRANSISTOR BARE die93C86S512-3002diode zener ZD 75 vA11H102A011USTWbc109 not metalBC109 TO-92EER3124schematic 30 pin lcd laptopRAH 18628128 RAMbosch 0 281 010 362ERO 1817C1206H102JDGACTU95266schrack RP78602G.726 matlabN911DSTM32F100C8T7BSTM32F100C8T7BTRJRM Resistor 100k-8211EA349zwa smdsec 472 varistorsmd transistor marking 91AA6t smd6249hMAF1421CDPR512MGF7201A314680COAXIAL CABLE L910-34D4B-0071NTFK 927ide ata to usb cable diagram8693330000RCL424006H5875RCL424006

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C8050LC1-D091000w inverter PURE SINE WAVE schematic diagramCD2003GPC2655 NPN TransistorB20100GJQC-3FY6 ZENER DIODES20C40CULN2003AGF12C20Carduino uno13001 TRANSISTORMCZ3001DVIPER22Acosmo 1010 817LC1-D18LC1-D25eh11aTriac Z3Mk356912v 400W AUDIO AMPLIFIER CIRCUIT DIAGRAMUS18650GRTTC 103 thermistorAC digital voltmeter using 7107K2545nec 2501eh16aCD9088CBFGH40N60SFDLM016LCD2003GP70t03ghK D2058 YJHD162AP0903BDGe210882 motherboard manualTriac Z9MSOT-23 J3YP75N02LDGLNK304PNL78L33LC1-D0985T03GHIN400785u03ghPM55L-048A1273BQ25AKB926QF D3IN4007LC1-D12S20C45CL1085DGu1620GTDA7378C945220v AC voltage stabilizer schematic diagrama1046LC1-D3213003MCZ3001DNAS1351C1815U1560ym3045nAPM4546Jk3568C2073T2D DIODEUS18650GRSTR-A62521431tLC1-D09D2061 transistorK8A50DJ5027-R4525GEHMP1583DNst 13003 TRANSISTOR npnSTRS6307HCF4060BEic l298RT8206BTIL32D882enamelled copper wire swg tableK C2026 YJHD162APC MOTHERBOARD CIRCUIT diagramAPM4015PB1370P75NF7524C64 WPP3055LDAPM2054NDH20R1202MR4020PC817APM4550KD2586 Transistor HorizontalE13007K10A50DHCF4017BEPBT-GF30K2996k50t601588bsHJR-3FF-12VDC-S-ZFN1016display 7 segmentos anodo comunCD2025CPE13003817B OPTOCOUPLER 4-PINB81760t03ghKIA7805AFAN7522Na2198C945AN954H945mip2f2nec2501FGH60N60SFD882TIL78G30N60B3Dj3y transistorLC1-D25k2962rjh60f5B688D1N750triac z3m12v 400W AUDIO AMPLIFIER CIRCUIT DIAGRAMG50N60HCF4011BEVARISTOR k275MOC7811k2996transistor A1023k30N60hsTIL78transistor C4793dh321triac z9mtransistor tt 2206STC89C52RCTCA700Y

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