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DSEI2X31-04C IXYS Corporation Rectifier Diode, 1 Phase, 2 Element, 30A, 400V V(RRM), Silicon, MINIBLOC-4
HET-A-04C TE Connectivity Ltd HET-A-04C
3-641302-4 TE's AMP MTA, CST-100 II, MT-6 and SL Connectors and Headers; 04C MTA156 ASSY ON TAPE LF ( AMP )

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Part : DSEI2X31-04C Supplier : IXYS Manufacturer : RS Components Stock : 1 Best Price : £9.84 Price Each : £9.84
Part : DSEI2X31-04C Supplier : IXYS Manufacturer : RS Components Stock : 2 Best Price : £9.84 Price Each : £11.78
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Abstract: DSEI 2X30-04C/06C DSEI 2X31-04C/06C DIXYS V avm Diode 2X30-04C/06C 2X31-04C/06C (FRED) I V RSM V rrm 440V 640V 400V 600V Symbol DSEI 2x 30/31 -04C DSEI 2x 30/31 -06C T VJ f DSEI2x30 Test Conditions -w -w - o -l- I Type Tc = 85°C; rectangular, d = 0.5 10 (is; rep. rating, pulse width limited by T v 70 30 375 t = 10 ms (50 Hz), sine t = 8.3 m s(60 Hz), sine 300 320 t = 10 mS (50 Hz), sine t = 8.3 ms (60 Hz), sine 260 -
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ixys dsei 2x30-04c 2X31-04C/06C 00D343R D-68623
Abstract: Fast Recovery Epitaxial Diodes (FRED) DSEI 2x30 IFAVM = 2x30 A DSEI 2x31 VRRM = 400/600 V trr VRSM V 440 640 VRRM = 35 ns miniBLOC, SOT-227 B Type V 400 600 DSEI 2x30-04C DSEI 2x30-06C DSEI 2x31-04C DSEI 2x31-06C DSEI 2x30 DSEI 2x31 Symbol Test Conditions Maximum Ratings (per diode) IFRMS IFAVM x IFRM TVJ = TVJM TC = 85°C; rectangular, d = 0.5 t P < 10 us; rep. rating, pulse width limited by TVJM 70 30 375 A A A IFSM TVJ = 45°C; t -
ixys dsei 2x30-06c ixys dsei 2x31-06c 2x31-06c 2x30-06c DSEI IXYS 2x31 DSEI 2X30-04C 30-04C 30-06C 31-04C 31-06C
Abstract: DS117-12A 2x30-1 OB DSEI 2X30-12B DSEI 2x31-04C DSEI 2x31-06C DSEI 2x31-1 OB DSEI 2x61-04C 16 17 17 17 17 17 17 17 -
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DS117-12 DS1110-12 34-14N01 50-18N 40n80 13NB0 60N60 dsei 20-12 33N120 4410PI 19-06AS 2X30-04C 61-04C 2X61-06C 161-02A 30-1OA
Abstract: DS117-12A DSEI 20-12A DSEI 2x121-02A DSEI 2X30-04C DSEI 2x30-06C DSEI 2x30-1 OB DSEI 2x30-12B DSEI 2x31-04C DSEI -
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DSA117-12 55-16N07 60-08N03 60-16N03 60-18N03 62-16N07 8n80 2QN60 36-18N 16go 20N60A CS1011 CS1011-22 CS1011-25 CS1250-12 CS1250-14 CS1250-16
Abstract: DSEI 2x31-04C DSEI 2x31-06C DSEI 2x31 -10B DSEI 2x31-12B DSEI 2x61 -02A DSEI 2x61-04C DSEI 2x61-06C -
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DSE 130 -06A vub 70-12 IXGH 30n120 30N60B vub 70-16 12N60CD AXC-051 AXC-051-R AXC-102 AXV-002 60-06B 121-02A
Abstract: 121-02A 35 35 DSEI 2x30-04C, DSEI 2x31-04C DSEI 2x30-06C, DSEI 2x31-06C D1-43 D1-43 2x30 35 IXYS
Dsei 2x101-12A ixys dsei 1x31-06c IXYS DSEI 2X121-02a DSEI IXYS 2x31-12B 2x31-12B 2x121-02a D1-16 D1-18 D1-20 D1-22 D1-24 D1-26
Abstract: 52N60 D94013DE Grease Berulub FR 16 Berulub FR 66 BERULUB FR 16 harmer simmons UC3854 5kw DSEI 2x30-12B DSEI 2x31-04C DSEI 2x31-06C DSEI 2x31-06P DSEI 2x31-10B DSEI 2x31-10P DSEI 2x31-12B IXYS
BERULUB FR 16 B circuit diagram of 5kw smps full bridge thyristor aeg 5kw smps pfc 5kw ups PURE SINE WAVE switch transistor pnp or npn IXLH45N160 IXBH40N160