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CDB5368 Cirrus Logic BOARD EVAL FOR CS5368
CDB5532U Cirrus Logic BOARD EVAL FOR CS5532
CDB8421 Cirrus Logic Evaluation Board for CS8421
CDB4385 Cirrus Logic BOARD EVAL FOR CS4385
CDB53L30 Cirrus Logic BOARD EVAL FOR CS53L30

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Abstract: should be kept for maintenance and record purposes. avoided when using smoke detectors and should be , warning is given. A good location for the alarm heat detectors give a slower response time than smoke , for smoke detectors or include the power supply cables to the control 50m 2 for heat detectors. In , be considered to improve the integrity of 150mm for heat detectors, or 600mm for smoke cables during , 600mm 2. MICC to BS6207:pt 1 with or without a PVC sheath. below an apex for smoke detectors. If the RS Components
BS5839 block diagram for fire alarm system automatic heat detector report AIR FLOW DETECTOR FULL REPORT BS5445 block fire alarm system block diagram AIR FLOW DETECTOR FULL REPORT using led C17171
Abstract: 3240-1288:167. Duct smoke detectors have specific limitations, they are: â'¢ NOT a substitute for open area smoke detectors. â'¢ MEA approved: file 384-02-E Vol. III. â'¢ NOT a substitute for early , Gamewell for a copy of System Sensorâ'™s application guide, Proper Use of Smoke Detectors in Duct , used if desired. Smoke detectors and alarm system control panels have specifications for Signaling , SS-PD and SS-PDR Features Intelligent Low-Flow Photoelectric Duct Smoke Detectors â'¢ Air Gamewell-FCI
RA400 RTS451 RTS451KEY RTS451/ RA400Z I56-1978-002R
Abstract: Series 60 Conventional Two-Wire Smoke Detectors Description The Gamewell Series 60 Conventional Smoke Detectors are comprised of ionization, photoelectric, combination photo/heat, and , the demands of todayâ'™s environments. The detectors are designed for two-wire operation. All the , clear during normal operation. Thermal detectors are readily distinguished from smoke detectors by open , ) smoke detectors Gamewell 71034. Smoke detectors Gamewell 71033 Photoelectric smoke detectors Gamewell-FCI
71086-RED 71086-GREEN 71086-SNDR 71086-LOW CS-2484
Abstract: /DNRW Duct Smoke Housing SWIFTâ"¢ Wireless System 9021-60818 Detectors SWIFT® Intell. Wireless , -95 Addressable Manual Pull Station 9021-60718 SL-2000 SeriesDuct Smoke Detectors 9021-60719 SL-DAA Series Duct Smoke Detectors 9021-60720 SL-DA4R Analog/Address. Duct Smoke Detectors ASPIRATION SENSING , Detectors 9020-0583 2151 Photo. Smoke Detector Low Profile 9021-60470 InnovairFlex D4120 Duct Smoke , Series BAT Series Batteries CS-2308 72247 Enclosure for Duct Detectors CS-2482 DH Series Gamewell-FCI
ILI95-E3 ASM-16 ANU-48 SLC95-PM LDM-7100 LCD-7100
Abstract: Initiating Devices Two-wire smoke detectors approved for use with the AMM-4S Addressable Sub-loop Monitor , Models PSD-7155, PSD-7156 Smoke detectors shall be of the photoelectric type and designed for two-wire , configuration. The detectors shall be UL Listed under UL Standard 268A for duct smoke detectors and allow , 268A for duct smoke detectors and allow remote functional testing without generating smoke. D. Rate , .: manual stations, heat detectors, etc.) to create an immediate alarm. This feature shall allow smoke Gamewell-FCI
Abstract: Specifications Duct smoke detectors shall be the Gamewell-FCI series: for two-wire or fourwire 24 VDC operation , Features Conventional Duct Smoke Detectors â'¢ Photoelectric or Ionization. â'¢ Two form-c , Description â'¢ Remote alarm LED. The Gamewell-FCI conventional duct smoke detectors provide early , designed for prevention of smoke recirculation by the air handling systems. Fans, blowers and complete , detectors include a local red LED alarm indicator, local functional test/reset capability, provisions for Gamewell-FCI
GW-72247 CS-2056
Abstract: Smoke Detectors Specifications Normal Operating Voltage: Standby Current: Alarm Current: Humidity , . General Description Models ED-P, ED-PT and ED-DP are intelligent photoelectric, spot-type smoke detectors , properly. Connect these detectors to listed-compatible control panels only. apart. For specific , detectors can sense smoke. Remove detectors prior to heavy remodeling or construction. Tamper-Resistance , aerosol generator for smoke entry testing. Set the generator to represent 4%/ft. to 5%/ft. obscuration System Sensor
D800-02-00 hair dryer circuit diagram fire alarm using thermistor A05-1004-XX heat detector sensor HEAT DETECTOR DIAGRAM AIR FLOW DETECTOR CIRCUIT DIAGRAM 1-800-SENSOR2 I56-2026-02R
Abstract: projected beam smoke detectors shall also signal a trouble condition if the beam has a blockage of 90% for , controller. Should smoke be present in the beam for a period of approximately 8 to 10 seconds, a fire relay , determined by the density of the smoke. If the smoke reduces the signal strength for a period between 8 to , to test and verify the sensitivity setting of the projected beam smoke detectors. When this , projected beam smoke detector(s) shall be UL-Listed for these applications. Voltage and RF transient Gamewell-FCI
G2153 CS-2153 IF600 FFE2000 FFE0201-01
Abstract: , remote test capable, for use with the HFS-D duct smoke detectors HFS-T Fixed temperature thermal , region. â'¢ Point status eliminates calibrated smoke test requirements for NFPA 72. â'¢ Auto learn , Photoelectric duct smoke detector Photoelectric smoke detector, remote test capable, for use with the ASD-PL2FR duct smoke detectors ATD-L2F Fixed temperature thermal detector AMM-2F Mini monitor Module , , Velociti Series detectors and modules. The IdentiFlex 100 also features a powerful built-in, dual line Gamewell-FCI
Abstract: and return duct smoke detectors. Output terminals are provided for a remote alarm indicator , The SL-DAA Series Smoke Duct Detector is the latest analog addressable innovation for early detection , smoke detectors. Our traditional installer/maintenance-friendly approach has been closely followed and , Engineers and Architects specifications. â'¢ Air duct smoke detectors shall be Air Products and Controls Inc. SL-DAA Series. For ionization detectors the model number is SL-DAA-N. â'¢ For photoelectric Gamewell-FCI
Abstract: features necessary for ionization or photoelectric type smoke detectors with few external components. To , power ionization and photoelectric smoke detector ICs for smoke detector and security applications , implemented for use in smoke and security applications. In the event of an alarm condition, the internal horn , smoke detector units to be connected, such that one alarm signal will send the alarm to all units. For flexibility in the smoke detector designs, the RE46C112/114 stand-alone ionization smoke detectors are Microchip Technology
smoke detector Smoke Sensor ICs PHOTOELECTRIC SMOKE DETECTOR ionization smoke sensor DS22149A
Abstract: XP95-PD/-PDR, XP95-ID/-IDR Description Analog Addressable Duct Smoke Detectors The Gamewell-FCI analog addressable duct smoke detectors provide early detection of smoke and products with , detection. Duct smoke detectors are also available with auxiliary relay contacts. The relay requires two , smoke detectors can use either interchangeable photoelectric or ionization sensor heads. The external , switch is provided on the front of the sensor. XP95 Series Features â'¢ XP95 Duct Smoke Detectors Gamewell-FCI
CS-2049 XP95-ID XP95-PD XP95-IDR XP95-PDR GW70896-02
Abstract: Use thermal detectors for protection of property. For further information, go to systemsensor.com for manual I56-407-00, Applications Manual for System Smoke Detectors, which provides detailed information , SS-T Series Features Intelligent Addressable Plug-In Thermal (Heat) Detectors Description Gamewellâ'™s SmartScanTM intelligent plug-in smoke detectors with integral communication provide features , 7.62 m) spacing. with the SS-T detectors. Consult with AHJ. STI 9601: Low-profile, flush-mount smoke Gamewell-FCI
B501BH B501BHT B224RB B224BI CS-2460
Abstract: smoke detectors from a convenient location. For 4-wire detectors, the RTS151KEY test station features a multicolored LED that alternates between steady green and red. For 2-wire detectors, the LED illuminates red , detectors and accessories are UL® Listed. The following duct smoke detector accessories are available. â , accessories are used with the InnovairFlex 4-wire conventional duct smoke detectors. SIGNALING  , InnovairFlex 4-wire conventional duct smoke detectors. These accessories include a key switch that can be used Gamewell-FCI
APA151 RA100Z/RA100ZA RTS151 APA451 S2522 S4011
Abstract: , based on heat and smoke levels. Avoid installing these detectors in locations that are susceptible to , SS-APT Features â'¢ Automatically adjusts sensitivity levels without the need for operator intervention or programming. Sensitivity increases with heat. Acclimateâ"¢ Multi-Sensor Smoke Detector , designed for use with any 600 series SmartScanTM SLC panel. 6937pho1.jpg The Acclimateâ"¢ detector uses , designed to increase immunity to false alarms. Unlike traditional intelligent detectors, the Acclimateâ Gamewell-FCI
Abstract: HVAC supply and return duct smoke detectors. Output terminals are provided for a wide range of remote , SL-2000 Series Duct Smoke Detectors Hi-Temp, Low-Flow and No-Tools Description The SL-2000 Series Smoke Duct Detector is the latest innovation for early detection of smoke and products of , following items list the Engineers and Architects specifications. â'¢ Air duct smoke detectors shall be Air Products and Controls Inc. SL-2000 Series. For ionization detectors the model number is SL-2000-N. â Gamewell-FCI
55000-225APO SL-2000-P 55000-328APO 115VAC WP-2000 TG-2000
Abstract: automatically adjust each analog smoke sensor approximately once each week for changes in sensitivity due to , considered equal. d. Individual overcurrent protection shall be provided for the following: smoke detector , the need for generating smoke. This method shall test all sensor circuitry and a â'Failed Testâ , sensors without the need for generating smoke. This test method shall test all sensor circuitry and a , the need for generating smoke. This method shall test all sensor circuitry and a â'Failed Testâ Gamewell-FCI
Abstract: rectangular duct work. The InnovairFlexâ"¢ Series are the only duct smoke detectors flexible enough to fit , designed for greater flexibility and reliable smoke detection to simplify installation and maintenance , remote test accessories WARNING: Duct smoke detectors have specific limitations. DUCT SMOKE DETECTORS ARE: NOT a substitute for an open area smoke detector, NOT a substitute for early warning detection , www.gamewell-fci.com Wiring for 2-Wire Duct Smoke Detector Figure 4 illustrates the system wiring diagram for the 2 Gamewell-FCI
56-3050-001R DST10 RTS151/RTS151KEY DH400OE-1 M02-04-00 P48-21-00
Abstract: standard analog timing circuits and multipliers to specialized CMOS smoke detectors. These products , Linear Four-Quadrant Multipliers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Smoke Detectors (CMOS) . . . . . . . . . . , versions. 4.10­2 Motorola Master Selection Guide Smoke Detectors (CMOS) These smoke detector ICs , comply with UL specifications. Table 1. Smoke Detectors (CMOS) Recommended R d d Power Source , Other Analog Circuits In Brief . . . A variety of other analog circuits are provided for Motorola
MC14467 UL217 Motorola Smoke Detector MC1455P1 MC1455BP1 Smoke Detector ICs MC1494P Motorola Master Selection Guide P1/646 MC14578 P/648 MC14470 MC145010 MC14468
Abstract: models, including remote test accessories. WARNING:Duct smoke detectors have specific limitations. DUCT SMOKE DETECTORS ARE: NOT a substitute for an open area smoke detector, NOT a substitute for , -2RF, if relays are required for the fan control. InnovairFlex-DNR/DNRW The DNRW duct smoke detector , to NFPA 72 and 90A for additional duct smoke detector 2911 application information. Features â , Smoke Detector Figure 4 System Wiring Diagram for DNR RA100Z Figure 5 DNR to RA100Z DNR TO Gamewell-FCI
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