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X4003M8IZ Intersil Corporation CPU Supervisor; MSOP8, SOIC8; Temp Range: See Datasheet
X4003S8Z Intersil Corporation CPU Supervisor; MSOP8, SOIC8; Temp Range: See Datasheet

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Abstract: circuit (Capacitance Charger) I/F Noise Protection of backflow High Speed Charge Xenon Lamp Renesas Electronics
RKS101KG Xenon Flash xenon flash lamp RKS101K REJ01G0013-0 REJ01G0013-0200
Abstract: voltage) Capacitor for electrical discharge I/F High Speed Charge Xenon Lamp Flash circuit (Capacitance Renesas Technology
average voltage measurment REJ01G0013-0100
Abstract: professional applications. Although the xenon lamps dominate the standard camera market, they are not , associated with the xenon flash make such a concept not suitable for the cellular phone equipments. The , illuminate a photographic scene. This paper depicts the basics of the xenon concept and details a typical White LED flash application. +260 V XENON TUBE 3 TRIGGER C2 100 nF/ 300 V A low , + C2 4.7 mF/ 300 V 2 GND Figure 2. Basic Xenon Flash The net advantage of such a ON Semiconductor
xenon Schematic Power Supply xenon linear flash lamps Lamps FLASH TUBE xenon schematic diagram xenon power supply circuit diagram ballast xenon xenon light source circuit diagram AND8135/D
Abstract: Compact 2 W xenon flash lamp modules L12336 series 20 W xenon flash lamp L1193x/L1194x/L1195x/L1196x , -00-39070/-43079/-70130 75 W / 150 W high brightness xenon lamp UV APPLIED PRODUCTS Hamamatsu
Abstract: (EXIF 2.21 DCF 2.0 compliant) - Flashlight (Xenon/LED) synchronization Ñ High-performance image NXP Semiconductors
PNX4103 RAMless TM327 tm3270 CMOS Sensor to H.264 CCIR656 128-M LFBGA260
Abstract: Speed Sub LVDS Data/Clock Interface â'¢ I2C bus interface â'¢ Xenon and LED-type flash interface â , â'¢ I2C bus interface . Internai PLL â'¢ Xenon and LED-type flash interface â'¢ Dual camera mode , pattern generation â  Xenon and LED type flash support â  Standby mode for power saving â  I2C bus , compensation Host Interface & Others 112C bus interface â  Internal PLL â  Xenon and LED-type Flash interface -
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S3C2413 S3C2412 S3C2443 S6B33D1 S6B33B6 S6D0164 LCD TV Samsung regulator S3C6400 S5M8602/S3C4F31 ARM926EJ-S
Abstract: . 27 Devlp. NEW NEW Devlp. 75 W / 150 W high brightness xenon lamp Compact S2D2 light source L10671D Compact 2 W xenon flash lamp modules L12336 series Excimer lamp light source FLAT EXCIMER L11751 Hamamatsu
Abstract: Package MP3361 Xenon Flash 2.5 6 60 300 1.2 1.0 (Typ) 300V, 1A, Highly Integrated Xenon Photo Flash Charger and IGBT Driver MSOP10 MP3360 Xenon Flash 2.5 6 60 300 1.7 0.4 60V, Programmable Peak Current, Highly Integrated Xenon Photo Flash Charger and IGBT Driver for Mobile Phones QFN10 (2x2) MP3356 Xenon Flash 2.8 6 50 300 1.7 1.5 MP3351 Xenon Flash 3 6 60 300 2 0.3 60V, 2A Integrated Photo Flash Monolithic Power Systems
10A triac control PWM battery Charger mp2315 B-604 10F-D 1H2014
Abstract: SH72546 R5E72546RKBG /F, 3DGEngine BGA440 SH7263 200MHz, CAN 2ch, LCDC BGA256 Xenon Bulb (L) Radar SH776x , speed CAN LIN Levelizer (R) Levelizer (L) Main MCU M16C/Tiny R8C/Tiny Xenon Bulb (R , important due to the trend toward DC-DC Converter H-Bridge (Inverter) Xenon Bulb (R) Xenon Renesas Technology
R2A25416SP SH7777 Renesas SH72546 Renesas SH72543 SH72544 car ECU training REJ01F0001-0300
Abstract: DESCRIPTION S-300(X) Xenon Bulb Strobe Light-12VDC S-300P(X) Xenon Bulb Strobe with Piezo Siren -
transmitter and receiver MINI CAMERA cell phone camera module infrared based security alarm wireless video camera construction LASER based Four ZONE security system optical input to rca output circuit S-MRR-850-T S-MRR-1300-T S-SRR-1300-T S-MRR-850 S-MRR-1300 S-SRR-1300
Abstract: Function 163 Gate Function When excitation light such as from a laser or xenon flash lamp enters a Hamamatsu
photomultiplier circuit pmt photon counting circuit 0801EA RS-232C 0814EA 0815EA
Abstract: Brightness Sensor ICs Real-time Video Engine ICs Xenon Tube Driver LVDS Serial Differentia. Transmission ICs , distance for reduced power Xenon Tube Driver BH(- i( i LU 200mV low swing mode LVDS Serial Differential Transmission ICs BU8260KVT / BU7986KIJT BU7982KV/.BU7(J88, -
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BD9886FV BD9886 INVERTER bd9886fv bd9884fv b0350 bd-9b 50N5880E
Abstract: SAE J2411 sae j2178 SAE J2190 l9790 400V in Xenon Gas discharge headlight) would have a similar partitioning. Figure 7. Automotive light STMicroelectronics
RS -24V SDS RELAY RS -12V SDS RELAY sds relay rs 12v RS 12V SDS RELAY Wiring Diagram ford c max obd2 ST7/ST10/U435 J1850 ST725 ST92F120 ST10F167
Abstract: voltage capability (i.e. up to 400V in Xenon Gas discharge headlight) would have a similar partitioning STMicroelectronics
L 9790 sae j1850 pwm ford J2190 chrysler sci Wiring Diagram ford s max U435
Abstract: NEWS 02 2008 SOLID STATE PRODUCTS PAGE 9 New Si PIN photodiodes S10783 and S10784 SOLID STATE PRODUCTS Red LED for POF Data Communications PAGE 10 ELECTRON TUBE PRODUCTS 75W Xenon Lamp Series PAGE 28 SYSTEMS PRODUCTS Cooled CCD Camera ORCA-R2 PAGE , Photosensor Modules 39 High speed Digital CCD Camera 11 Red LED for Optical Link 28 75W Xenon Lamp , 28 75W Xenon Lamp Series 38 Cooled CCD Camera ORCA-R2 Content NEW 33 MCP Hamamatsu
C10507-11 SE-17141 RU-127015 D-82211 DE128228814
Abstract: MCR100L element generates 1000V or more. IC 300V Fluorescent chamber 10M Xenon tube IC ROHM
PMR03 LTR10 resistor 1K 1.5w 2010 package MVR32 xenon inverter circuits MCR006 MCR01 MCR01ZZP TRR01 UCR10 MCR004 MNR12
Abstract: Voltage element generates 1000V or more. IC 300V Fluorescent chamber 10M Xenon tube Intel
finder type 81.11 emmc 4.41 firmware operation Z2760 2002/95/EC
Abstract: EDGE - DO NOT PRINT DESCRIPTION Inductive Boost LED Driver, WDFN-10 Xenon Flash Capacitor ROHM
chip resistor rohm 3216 chip resistor rohm 1608 0.125w carbon resistor Thick Film Chip Resistor Network 103 chip resistor Rohm TCXO 3225 2007-S MCR18 MCR10 PMR100 MNR34 MNR18
Abstract: Mounting area reduced due to smaller device dimensions For Xenon Flash IGBT,FRD,IGBT Drivers Li-ion , one-third Xenon Flash Circuit Solution IR 0.10 SOD323 800 0.2 3.2/4.0 max(A) 50 , ) (A) Voltage(A) typ/max(V) IC(A) VGE(V) (pF) TIG032TS TSSOP8 400 TIG058E8 Xenon tube ON Semiconductor
NCS2560 single phase thyristor controller ic 2 x 20w amplifier Peak and Hold PWM MOSFET Predriver sc70-5 mosfet driver 2N7002-SOT23 NCS2001A NCS2530A NCS2561 NCS2561A NCS2563
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