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ISL6251AHAZ Intersil Corporation Low Cost Multi-Chemistry Battery Charger Controller; QSOP24; Temp Range: -10° to 100°C
HC5503PRCBZ Intersil Corporation Low Cost SLIC For Large Telecom Switches; SOIC24; Temp Range: 0° to 70°
ISL6251HAZ-T Intersil Corporation Low Cost Multi-Chemistry Battery Charger Controller; QFN28, QSOP24; Temp Range: -10° to 100°C
ISL6251AHAZ-T Intersil Corporation Low Cost Multi-Chemistry Battery Charger Controller; QSOP24; Temp Range: -10° to 100°C
ISL6251HAZ Intersil Corporation Low Cost Multi-Chemistry Battery Charger Controller; QFN28, QSOP24; Temp Range: -10° to 100°C
ISL6251AHRZ-T Intersil Corporation Low Cost Multi-Chemistry Battery Charger Controller; QFN28, QSOP24; Temp Range: -10° to 100°C

"cost is becoming increasingly prohibitive"

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Abstract: process technologies change, ASICs are becoming increasingly cost prohibitive, due to skyrocketing NRE charges. As ASIC costs rise, programmable logic devices (CPLDs and FPGAs) are becoming less expensive on a cost per logic element basis. In addition to cost issues, system designers must deal with ever , cost. Most ispLeverCORE modules are parameterized. That is, the core can be quickly reconfigured to , telematics and driveby-wire systems is spurring rapid growth in automotive electronic content. To keep pace Lattice Semiconductor
POWR1208 drive-by-wire ispMACH 4000 development circuit POWR604 TQFP 144 PACKAGE lattice 1-800-LATTICE I0164B
Abstract: With today's rapidly changing market requirements, a quick time to market is becoming a top priority , . 7 Combining Quick Time to Market with Low Cost , increasing demand for smaller, lower power and lower cost products with each subsequent generation adds , and ASSPs were the optimal solutions for high volume, low power, cost sensitive consumer products , design are power consumption, time to market, form factor and component cost. The ispMACH 4000ZE Lattice Semiconductor
4064ZE 64-marocells 4032ZE 4000Z
Abstract: locations. The cost of such an arrangement on a buy model would be prohibitive. · Unpredictable , increasingly metamorphose from electronic brochures into actual application platforms as companies move functionality and transactions onto the Web. Web sites, and their Web applications, are therefore becoming the , and monitoring solutions will increasingly become modular in order to flexibly accommodate the , Group Report is published for the sole use of Yankee Group Planning Service subscribers. It may not be Yankee Group
Abstract: Cost Designing and implementing complex ASICs is becoming increasingly expensive and sometimes , highdensity programmable logic device 70% Reduction in Die Size (PLD) to an ASIC is a difficult one , HardCopy HardCopy devices provide many cost advantages: devices, customers can leverage Altera's solutions from s Significantly lower unit cost due to a die size shrink of up prototype to production , customerspecific configuration and routing implemented using metal interconnect. The result is a much smaller and Altera
EP20K1500E HC20K1500 EP20K1000C EP20K1000E EP20K400C EP20K400E EP20K600C M-GB-HARDCOPY-01
Abstract: also the least flexible and most expensive solution, and their cost is becoming increasingly , cost, processing and flexibility requirements of third-generation wireless infrastructure. In doing so , reevaluate the architectures' respective positions on the totem poles of cost, power consumption , reengineering and tweaking that can only be economically tackled through software. But Ericsson is banking on , example, uses a design that, like Ericsson's, is based on ADI's TS-201. `Second look' But powerhouse -
Ericsson Base Station IBM "embedded dram" Alcatel Evolium CDMA and qualcomm Ericsson base station receiver IBM tigersharc ARO4919-2-5/04
Abstract: , where a full IT console tool is cost and resource prohibitive, TruManage technology offers the ability , environment, is becoming a This technology enables remote and secure necessity. Various management , infrastructure design, stability, and remote A reliable and secure IT infrastructure is management and control, now require an essential for every business. This challenge is elevated level of system flexibility to fulfill these multifaceted as organizations contend with increasingly demanding Broadcom
bcm5761 bcm5761e netxtreme
Abstract: applications. But, as process technologies change, ASICs are becoming increasingly cost prohibitive, due to skyrocketing NRE charges. As ASIC costs rise, programmable logic devices (CPLDs and FPGAs) are becoming less expensive on a cost per logic element basis. Lattice's AEC-Q100 qualified programmable logic solutions offer faster time-to-market, greater flexibility and lower cost during both design and manufacturing , Requirements (CSR) · Version 4 PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) Documentation Lowest Cost for Lattice Semiconductor
LC4128 la4128v ispLEVER iso LA4064 FTBGA Lattice ispmach LC4064V ISO9000 ISO9001 I0164G
Abstract: Ethernet XAUI protocol is becoming increasingly popular in backplane applications, where four aligned , serial I/O for chip-to-chip interfacing is becoming increasingly adopted. Many applications, such as , . Recently the PCI based backplane has been adopted within the embedded arena. PCI is becoming popular due , data rates, it is increasingly difficult to support the latest network protocols. A parallel signalling , . The lane width is not prohibitive as a negotiation stage is held between the master and the Altera
OC-768 64B66B 1000H 8B10B ansi encoder 8B10B asic 8B10B in serial communication fiber TRANSCEIVER CIRCUIT DIAGRAM rs232 OC-48 OC-192
Abstract: reduction is becoming increasingly important and likely will be enabled in part by the standardization , is necessary to interface with DDR SDRAM memory, which is rapidly becoming the lowest cost high , ? Once the domain of high-end communications equipment, SERDES technologies are becoming increasingly , original PCI interface, which is now over a decade old. In cost sensitive edge and access equipment , High-Speed Parallel Interfaces For Low Cost FPGAs Designers of low cost systems find it increasingly Lattice Semiconductor
ffts used in software defined radio
Abstract: prohibitive at approximately US$2.50. Today, that cost has been reduced to approximately US$0.70. Furthermore , White Paper FPGA Integration Increases Flexibility, Reduces Cost in Consumer Applications Introduction Consumer electronics (CE) product developers are increasingly turning to programmable logic-based , . This trend is caused by the recent proliferation of low-cost programmable logic offerings such as , leader in digital video solutions, leveraged programmable logic flexibility to address cost and board Altera
Altera MAX V Video pinnacle
Abstract: (cost of copying a boot device for an SRAM FPGA) to prohibitive (evading surveillance to remove and , difficult to determine, trying to determine the state of millions is prohibitive. · Direct Physical , Security in Nonvolatile Flash and Antifuse FPGAs 1. Introduction Higher mask cost and increasing minimum lot sizes, two economic trends of the semiconductor industry, are making FPGAs increasingly more cost effective compared to the competing ASIC solutions. As a result of these two trends, the market Actel
how to make ic copier ANTIFUSE schematic 80386
Abstract: this, that alternatives to Tantalum chip technology are becoming increasingly attractive to , capacitors is their relative cost, when compared to Tantalum solutions. The former is less expensive because , advantage is applicable to low capacitance value (C , ELECTRONICS -June 2000 Tantalum chips are in demand and a shortage is expected to continue for up to a , increasingly evident. The last shortage of surface mount chip tantalum electrolytic capacitors was in 1996 -
Alternative capacitor manufacturers Capacitor, tantalum electrolytic cd 75232 tantalum capacity
Abstract: . Renewable Energy is becoming a key issue in highreliability and zero-maintenance applications. 9 , reductions continue to improve device economics. Eco-Friendliness is increasingly important as safety and , circuit complexity, device volume and cost. Chemical batteries and supercapacitors are becoming , Paceâ'¦â'¦â'¦â'¦â'¦â'¦â'¦ 3 Legacy Energy Storage Solutions Becoming Obsoleteâ'¦â'¦â'¦â'¦â'¦â'¦â'¦â'¦â'¦â'¦â'¦. 4 The , electronics industry has done an amazing job of maintaining a high rate of capability increase and cost Cymbet
Abstract: designs based on different home networking technologies is resource and cost prohibitive. This approach , cost components available. Full information about Xilinx cores is available on-line from the IP Center , consumer products increasingly becoming networked, the home gateway requires the capability to network , another. It is not cost effective for manufacturers to support multiple receivers and build individual , cost. While reprogrammability reduces the customer's time-to-market and enables flexibility, the Xilinx
TUTORIALS xilinx FFT 16 QAM modulation verilog code Xilinx usb2 cable Schematic Xilinx usb cable Schematic xilinx mp3 vhdl decoder qpsk implementation using verilog WP137
Abstract: does not stop at consumer gadgets. Many commercial necessities are increasingly becoming portable , static power dissipation is desirable, but not always at any cost. The power system needs to be as , core feature of MAX II is very useful in any cost- and power-sensitive portable system. The MultiVolt , cost of a MOSFET device can be less than $0.10 in high volume, and is always lower in cost than the , considerations addressed here have a much larger impact on portable appliance cost. Cost is nearly always more Altera
EPM570T100 rfid based toll tax altera 10 k series cpld ispmach4256 bluetooth advantages and disadvantages rfid based toll tax applications 800-EPLD
Abstract: , as well as content from storage media such as DVDs. This is becoming a major problem for the , much higher throughput than is possible with digital signal processors of equivalent cost. This is a , . The result is that consumer product developers cannot rely solely on fixed-function ASSPs to deliver the frequency of innovation demanded by their customers. Increasingly, these developers are turning , , which meet the performance, I/O, signal processing, memory, and cost efficiency requirements of this Altera
Abstract: gate arrays, can prove to be both technically impractical and cost prohibitive. As we've seen in the , Networking Our appetite for high-speed access is almost insatiable. Market analysts estimate there will be , technologies (more than 100 times as fast), but it is also a conduit better suited for some of the newer , service is delivered to the home using a variety of different technologies, including cable, DSL , , cost constraints have dictated the use of custom logic circuits, such as gate arrays, to implement Xilinx
Abstract: gate array company is complicated, not well suited technologically, and doesnt offer much cost , are increasingly using FPGAs where they previously used ASICs. The advantages of off-the-shelf , to some form of ASIC, such as a gate array or standard cell, for cost reduction? 8 , Semiconductor took a $60M loss last quarter due to the difficulties they continue to experience. It is not due , for both small ASIC vendor. The problem is caused instead by the difficulty of accurately Xilinx
conclusion of programmable array logic DII Group FLEX8000 FPGAs Orbit Semiconductor
Abstract: cases it is cost prohibitive or difficult to find a power supply to accept the full range of input , devices (>100Kunits/yr. for instance), cost is of paramount importance, but in many cases a device will , where efficiency is a slightly higher priority than absolute lowest cost, switched capacitor regulators , . Switched Capacitor power conversion starts to offer physical volume, radiated EMI, efficiency and cost , available. I. Old Constraints, New Answers Cost, size and efficiency: The constraints for portable National Semiconductor
Abstract: help save lives on the road, automated `emergency call' or eCall is becoming a required vehicle option , recently, a prohibitive issue has been the cost of installing telematics systems in cars capable of , information to local services in the event of a collision. NXP supports this by offering a flexible, cost , able to arrive at the scene of the accident quicker. This is especially true in accidents that occur , does it work? According to the eCall memorandum of understanding, in-vehicle eCall is an emergency NXP Semiconductors
NXP ATOP atop ecall gps modem Antenna OBU NXP NFC
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