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IPCAMERARD Texas Instruments DM385 IP Camera Reference Design
CS5371A-ISZR Cirrus Logic 24-Bit Geophysical, Single/Dual-Channel Delta-Sigma Modulators
CS5372A-ISZR Cirrus Logic 24-Bit Geophysical, Single/Dual-Channel Delta-Sigma Modulators
CS5373A-ISZR Cirrus Logic Low-power, High-performance Delta-Sigma Modulator with Test DAC
CPB181022-CM2Z-FB Cirrus Logic MODULE COBRANET 1810 CM2 FB
CPB496122-CM2Z-MT Cirrus Logic MODULE COBRANET 4961 CM2 MT

"camera module" 60fps

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Abstract: The maximum frame rate with full resolution is 15fps, and 60fps for view finder is available. · , -2, 2lanes : 1.3Gbps (650Mbps / lane) Frame rate: 15fps @full resolution 60fps @1/2 binning Power supply Toshiba
TCM9820MD RAW10 SMIA85 8M cmos camera Toshiba cmos image sensor TOSHIBA CAMERA MODULE DPCM10
Abstract: Live from your smartphone ! Aug. 2010 j Samsung S5K4E5 Small Pixel High Sensitivity for Slimmest Smartphone 5Mpixel 1/4" lAum BSI Pixel Image Sensor provides; â'¢ High speed Video features 30fps (1) full resolution and 60fps (jpHD â'¢Suitable solution for low-power camera module targeting slimmest smartphone Samsung S5K4E5 5 Megapixel 1/4" BSI CMOS Image Sensor Key Features & Benefits 3 . 11 Target Applications - , support: 1080p 30fps/ 720p 60fps Product Images lOOIux-Image quality comparison Analog gain x 5.1,15fps -
OCR Scan
s5k4e5 smartphone camera sensor samsung CMOS image sensor smartphone camera module BSI CMOS image sensor S5K4E5 CMOS
Abstract: decode) 720p: 60fps Expansion board 772-2974 Connection to Raspberry Pi 15 Pin Raspberry Pi
bcm2835 BCM2835
Abstract: AS0160 MT9M114 1.3MP/ 720pHD 1/6-Inch SOC Image Sensor Die, CSP Industry First 720p/HD/30fps SOC Camera 1 Superior Low Light Sensitiviy in both HD and VGA Video Modes AS0160 Aptina technology offers extreme high performance video performance in low light and high light conditions. 2 3 4 High Speed Vido Capabilities Operates at 30fps at full resolution and 60fps at VGA mode. Small Form Factor Applications â'¢ â'¢ â'¢ â'¢ â'¢ Embedded Aptina Imaging
565RGB 555RGB 444RGB BT656
Abstract: mode @ 30fps Slow motion playback possible due to high frame rate VGA (60fps) and QVGA (120fps) modes STMicroelectronics
VB6962 MIPI csi-2 CMOS Camera Module CSI MIPI datasheet 5-Mpixel autofocus camera module MIPI csi VB6952 FLVB69620209
Abstract: pix/s OpenVG 1.1, 200M pix/s LCD Resolution WXGA (1280x800) 60fps SXGA+ (1400x1050)60fps SXGA+ (1400x1050)60fps UXGA (1600x1200) 60fps Display Interface LCD, Parallel LCD, Parallel , Video Out Component HD720 60fps N/A N/A VGA HD1080p60 Camera I/F Parallel N/A N Freescale Semiconductor
sony IMX 161 blackberry phone camera module i.mx258 IMX6 security reference Toshiba emmc
Abstract: DMAC x6 H-UDI CPG WDT TMU x3 BSC VPU5F H.264 D1@60fps 720p@30fps 2DG JPEG Renesas Technology
SH7724 R8A77240D500BG JS28F512 sil164 DA9052 TW9910 R8A77240 500MH 900MIPS MS7724 REU01B0039-0100
Abstract: Bayer up to 60fps PLL (3-80 Mhz) 10-bit A/D Converter Automatic dark calibration Power management Atmel
defective pixel correction test cmos QCIF sensor CMOS Bayer CH-1705 2182B-IMAGE-02/04
Abstract: Rate Up to 30fps at full resolution Up to 60fps at preview Up to 30fps at HD720p GNDIO GND MagnaChip Semiconductor
Abstract: '¢ 2D Graphics Accelerator Accelerates cluster needles at 60fps Rendering of true-type fonts with , for large color displays Delivers 60fps animation w/ very low CPU load 2D GPU for line-drawing -
MPC5645 MPC5606 132MB
Abstract: 5.6 square Pixel type 3T Maximum frame rate 60fps (full resolution) Input clock range , Sensitivity Max frame rate 60fps At full resolution Input clock range 20 ­ 54 MHz Options , 2 Wire Boot Loader Interface At 54MHz and 60fps, at full resolution and speed. Minimum barrier , dimensions, 27MHz provides 30fps full resolution 1024x512 operation, and 54MHz provides 60fps full , framerate for each application will be half the output framerate. E.g. by running the imager at 60FPS, each -
MLX75411-75412 optical sensor VISIBLE LIGHT MATRIX MLX75411 MLX75412 pdf on Pedestrian Detection MLX75412VTF-M
Abstract: displays â'¢ â'¢ Delivers 60fps animation with very low CPU load TM 7 Ideal for cluster Freescale Semiconductor
XPC560SKIT AN3330 AN4037 MPC56 AN4187 MPC5606S
Abstract: requirements of the serial bus, for a VGA resolution (640x480) with 18bpp (262kcolor) and 60fps, the required STMicroelectronics
TDE1708DFT STV300NH02L BUL741 M24M01 ST2G3236 micron so8n FOOTPRINT DFN 4X4 st7fliteu09b6 current fed push pull topology
Abstract: Minimum: 64 Âus Maximum: ~ 126 s 1 to 60 fps QVGA (1/4) QQVGA (1/16) Up to 24 MHz (60fps) 2.5 , VGA 100kâ"¦ @ 13MHz main clock for up to 30fps VGA 50kâ"¦ @ 24MHz main clock for up to 60fps VGA IC Media
32 pin vga digital image sensor image sensor digital vga ICM030E ICM030ENA PLCC11
Abstract: square 3T 60fps (full resolution) 20 ­ 54 MHz 1.0s ­ 16.7 ms · · · · · 2 Wire Serial Slave 12 , 60fps 20 ­ 54 MHz 1s ­ 16.7 ms 2 Wire Boot Loader Interface 2 Wire Serial Slave Optimized for , : Crystal input, Oscillator At 54MHz and 60fps, at full resolution and speed. Minimum barrier time 1.22us Melexis
Color Filter Array CFA Hsync Vsync analog to digital convert VISIBLE LIGHT MATRIX SENSOR
Abstract: that the sensor is read at 60fps. Each frame read out of the sensor is used to Figure 12 Cypress Semiconductor
ACM100 GT17VSN-6DP-HU cypress IM103 airbag CMOS IR camera module 60fps defective pixel correction
Abstract: 86 TM TM 88 â'¢ Screen Pixel Clock @60fps: â' WQVGA â' WVGA â' XGA â Freescale Semiconductor
24MB/ MPC5645S 64MB/ 160MB/ LK043T1DG02
Abstract: sensors simultaneously â'¢ Full 60fps in streaming mode needs no external frame buffer â'¢ Fast Auto , Headboard LF-PNV-EVN LF-9MT024NV-EVN IP Over Coax DDR2 1080p/60fps HDR video, HDMI For use Lattice Semiconductor
LC4256 I0211K
Abstract: â'¢ Full 60fps in streaming mode needs no external frame buffer â'¢ Fast Auto Exposure Instantly , Sensor Nanvesta Headboard LF-PNV-EVN LF-9MT024NV-EVN IP Over Coax DDR2 1080p/60fps HDR Lattice Semiconductor
Abstract: , assuming a constant 60fps refresh rate. Table 1 shows the theoretical bus load, based on a fixed LCDC DMA , , HCLK = 133MHz) QVGA (320 x 240) 8bpp 320 x 240 x 8bpp x 60fps = 37 Mbits/s 37 Mbits/s / 2128 Mbits/s = 1.7% QVGA (320 x 240) 16bpp 320 x 240 x 16bpp x 60fps = 74 Mbits/s 74 Mbits/s / 2128 Mbits/s = 3.5% QVGA (320 x 240) 18bpp (unpacked) 320 x 240 x 32bpp x 60fps = 148 Mbits/s 148 Mbits/s / 2128 Mbits/s = 6.9% VGA (640 x 480) 8bpp 640 x 480 x 8bpp x 60fps = Freescale Semiconductor
AN2868 MC9328MX21 nec display NL6448BC33-53 NEC lcd 17 VGA CABLE CONNECTION DIAGRAM lcd backlight inverter 7 pin diagram VGA to vga CABLE CONNECTION DIAGRAM
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