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AS6C4008A-55STIN Alliance Memory Inc SRAM
AS6C1616-70BIN Alliance Memory Inc SRAM
AS6C1616-55BIN Alliance Memory Inc SRAM
AS4C32M16D2A-25BAN Alliance Memory Inc Synchronous DRAM
AS4C4M16SA-6BAN Alliance Memory Inc Synchronous DRAM
AS4C1M16S-6TIN Alliance Memory Inc Synchronous DRAM

"bubble memory"

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Abstract: iny A PRIMER ON MAGNETIC BUBBLE MEMORY Magnetic bubble memory is a solid-state technology with , computers. Yet m any potential users remain unsure of the nature of a bubble memory. This primer is intended to introduce these users to the technology. What a Magnetic Bubble Memory Is A magnetic bubble , created from electrical signals by a bubble generator within the memory, and reconverted to electrical , medium, whereas in the magnetic bubble memory the medium is stationary and the bits move. Advantages -
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intel 7110 MAGNETICA bubble memory Intel BUBBLE
Abstract: in te i rauyiMioiMÄW BPK 72A 1MBIT BUBBLE MEMORY PROTOTYPE KIT BPK 72A-1 BPK 72A-4 BPK 72A-5* Assembled and Tested 1MBit Bubble Memory Prototype Kit on 4" x 4" PC Board Complete with Powerfail Data , /286 and Other Microprocessors Software Driver for Bubble Memory Kit Diskette for Intel MDS* System 0 , prototype kit is a completely assembled and tested 1Mbit bubble memory evaluation tool. It is ideal for the design engineer that wants the opportunity to fast evaluate how a bubble memory solu tion improves and -
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BPK-72 Bubble Memory IMB-72 7110a-1 7254 coil driver INTEL 7254 Intel 8080 IMB72
Abstract: intef BPK 5V75 4MBIT BUBBLE MEMORY PROTOTYPE KIT BPK 5V75-4 Assembled and Tested 4M B it Bubble , Microprocessors Software Driver for Bubble Memory Kit on Diskette for Intel Micro com puter Developm ent System , the o p p o rtu n ity to q u ickly evaluate how a bubble memory so lu tio n im proves and adds value , Bubble Memory Kit s o ft ware driver is also included on a d iske tte for the Intel M icrocom puter , kit are described in more detail on the BPK 5V74 Bubble Memory Subsystem data sheet. The Bubble Mem -
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intel 7114 bubble 7224 memory bubble intel 186 transistors 7224 intel 7114
Abstract: . 6-192 AP-164 MEMORY ACTIVITY LEVELS AND POWER DISSIPATION The bubble m em ory already reduces , bubble m em ory arid its support ICs. Figure 1. Bubble Memory System Block Diagram AP-164 Table 1. Bubble Memory Power Requirements Configuration BPK70 1 2 Capacity (Bytes) 128K 256K Power iWatts , DUTY C Y C L E B U B B L E IS A C TIVE Figure 2. A Comparison of Bubble Memory Activity to the Amount of Average Power Dissipated by the Bubble Memory System The lowest value on each plot is the -
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BPK-70 intel 8284A clock generator 74SC245 P-164
Abstract: ¡n tg l [P^ILORSIOMÀW BPK 70 1MBIT BUBBLE MEMORY SUBSYSTEM BPK 70-1 BPK 70-4 BPK 70-5 0 °C to , Bubble Memory Subsystem Interfaces to Host Microprocessor Via 7220 Bubble Memory Controller Maximum Data , Parallel and Time Multiplexed Contains Bubble Memory and all ICs for Production with 1Mbit Bubble , 48 ms Bubble Memory in 20-pin Leadless Package Using Socket The BPK 70 Bubble Memory Subsystem is a modular building block used to design bubble memory systems. In a complete bubble memory -
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IC AN 7220 8080 intel microprocessor pin diagram BPK72 BPK-70 Bubble Memory OF IC 7905 intel 8085 manual 70-1/BPK
Abstract: Mem/ech 7220 CONTROLLER FOR 1 MBIT BPK 70 AZ BUBBLE MEMORY SUBSYSTEM 7220-1 0°C To 75 , Subsystems The 7220 is a complete 1 Mbit Bubble Memory Controller (BMC) that provides the interface between the microprocessor host and the 1 Mbit Bubble Memory Subsystem. All communication between the host processor and the bubble memory is performed through the controller. The BMC interfaces easily to any Intel , memory software driver to integrate the bubble memory into his system. This interfacing with the BMC is -
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70AZ-1 70AZ-5 dma 8257 Memtech 7220 DMA Controller 8257 ic 8257 block diagram
Abstract: Bubble Memory is quickly emerging as the preferred high density storage medium for a variety of microprocessor applications. Considering their size and reliability, Bubble Memory allows the designer to utilize , non-volatility. In addition to a one megabit Bubble Memory, Intel magnetics also manufactures a complete family of integratedsuppcirt circuits that simplify the task of designing with Bubble Memory. The family of , Memory Controller (BMC). The remaining support circuits are controlled by the Bubble Memory Controller -
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interfacing of 8257 devices with 8085 IC 7430 IC-7430 7430E ic8284 IC7406 AP-150
Abstract: mêm7ëch 7225 CONTROLLER FOR 4-MEGABIT BPK 74 BUBBLE MEMORY SUBSYSTEM D7225-1 0°C to + 70 , -Megabit Bubble Memory Subsystems Interfaces to Intel 80 Series and Other Standard Microprocessors and MicroControllers Controls up to Eight Bubble Memory Subsystems 128 Byte FIFO for Data Buffering Three Modes of , -Megabit Bubble Memory Subsystem. All communication between the host processor and the bubble memory is performed , . The design engineer writes a bubble memory software driver to integrate the bubble memory into his -
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D7225-6 TCDF 1900 7225 bubble d7225 kz3C 8257 functional diagram SA/1187/5K/RJ/DT
Abstract: 7224 CONTROLLER FOR 4MBIT BPK 5V74 BUBBLE MEMORY SUBSYSTEM Provides Interface between Host Microprocessor and 4 Mbit Bubble Memory Subsystems Interlaces to 8080/85/86/88/186/286 and Other Standard Microprocessors Controls up to Eight Bubble Memory Subsystems 18 Easy-to-Use Commands . Three Modes of Data , is a complete 4 Mbit Bubble Memory Controller (BMC) that provides the interface between the microprocessor host and the 4 Mbit Bubble Memory Subsystem. All communication between the host processor and the -
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STR S 6307 str 6307 uP 6308 AD STR 6309 STR 6307 POWER str s 6309
Abstract: Current Sink Outputs Designed to Directly Drive Bubble Memory â  Direct Interface to Bubble Memory , and Bootswap pulses. The high current sinking outputs directly drive the bubble memory. It also directly interfaces to the Intel Magnetics Bubble Memory Controller (7220) and Formatter/Sense amplifier , Block Diagram of Single Bubble Memory System â'" 128K Bytes 3-26 7230 LOGIC DIAGRAM PIN DESCRIPTION , bubble memory. GEN.B (Pin 19) An output providing the current pulse for writing data into the "B" quads -
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S6590 TA 7230 P intel 8085 intel 8088 memory INTEL 7230 7230 AFN-01357A
Abstract: single-chip LSI Bubble Memory Controller (BMC) that implements a bubble memory storage subsystem (with up to , in addition to the bubble memory chip and provides one megabit (128 kbytes) of non-volatile read , bubble memory components, development kits and assembled boards. The BPK 72 (Bubble Memory Prototype Kit , all the hardware and documentation necessary to prototype a one-megabit bubble memory system. After , . The BPK 70 one-megabit bubble storage subsystem is a fully interchangable component bubble memory -
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Abstract: Reset for Maximum Protection of Bubble Memory â  TTL Compatible Inputs Only One Power Supply Required , Bubble Memory Controller (BMC) and directly drives either Quad VMOS transistor packs or Quad Bipolar transistor packs which are connected to the coils of the bubble memory. The 7250 is a high voltage, high , STOHAGESUBSViiTEM J ADDITIONAL BPK70'S Block Diagram of Single Bubble Memory Sy stem â'" 128K Bytes 3-41 7250 , inactive so that bubble memory is protected in the event of power supply failure. X + IN, .X-.IN (Pins 3,4 -
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VMOS Transistor block diagram of intel 8255 chip vmos INTEL 7250 CPU12 AFN-01359A 16-LEAD
Abstract: than the bubble memory can. The BMC's DMA and interrupt logic handle data transfers* In addition, an , the key function,'because this device provides the bubble memory's only interface with the outside , -272 Communicate with a bubble memory as with a peripheral controller generate all the support-circuit timing , plifier (FSA) interfaces indepen dently to each half of the bubble memory. Its Integrated sense am plifier , Intel's 7110 magnetic-bubble memory device. 6-230 intef AR-272 Fig 2-Interfacing a bubble -
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intel 8257 interrupt controller
Abstract: irrtei ARTICLE REPRINT AR-243 Thin-film detectors, X-ray lithography deliver 4-Mbit bubble chip Next-generation bubble memory chip is even smaller than the compatible, 1-Mbit device; set of , thin-film permalloy de tectors, bubble memory chips have climbed to the 4-Mbit level. Using X-ray , is totally transparent to the system user, claims Mike Eisele, bubble memory product manager. Thus in , predriver, and the 7254 coil drivers. Bubble memory capacity has been quadrupling about every four to five -
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ms 7254 ver 3.0 motorola bubble memory controller
Abstract: inteT 7220 BUBBLE MEMORY CONTROLLER 8080/8085/8088/8086 Microprocessor Interface , The Intel® 7220 is a complete Bubble Memory Controller (BMC) designed to provide all the interface , MEMORY UNIT (MBM) BPK70 BUBBLE STORASE SUBSYSTEM_| Block Diagram of a 128K Byte Bubble Storage System 3-11 7220 MWMKDI OMFÛfàlMriM HARDWARE DESCRIPTION The 7220 Bubble Memory Controller is packaged in , until a stopping point in a field rotation is reached (If the BMC is causing the bubble memory drive -
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8086 8257 DMA controller interfacing interfacing of 8257 with 8086 interfacing of 8237 with 8086 IC AN 7220 b interfacing of 8237 with 8085 8086 8257 DMA controller 017S6A
Abstract: ® Advance Information GENERAL DESCRIPTION The MC34046S and MC34047S Single Bubble Memory , for the generate, swap, replicate and map-loop operations in a magnetic bubble memory device. The , current pulses generated. Each Operation Driver can drive one bubble memory. Basic control/ timing signals are input to the Operation Driver from the bubble memory controller. Each circuit contains a voltage , -inch wide dual in-line packages. FEATURES â'¢ Single Bubble Memory Drive Capability â -
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MBM2256 MC34047 bubble memories voltageboost MBM2011
Abstract: Bubble Memory â  One 7904 Socket for 7110 TO 8080 8085 8086 8088 0 7220 BUBBLE MEMORY CONTROLLER (BMC) it 7250 COIL PRE DRIVER 2x7254 DRIVER TRANSISTORS 7110 ONE MEGABIT BUBBLE MEMORY UNIT (MBM , intel BPK70 1 MBIT BUBBLE STORAGE SUB-SYSTEM â  Contains Components for Production of â  One 7250 Coil Pre-Driver 1 MBit Bubble Storage Sub-System â  One 7230 Current Pulse Generator â , -0 BPK70-1 BPK70-2 0-50°C 1 MBit Bubble Storage Sub-System 0-70°C 1 MBit Bubble Storage Sub-System 10-50 -
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8086 vmos to 8086 8088 8085 intel 7904 7110 BPK70-0 AFN-01785A
Abstract: Memories. Two 7254 packages are required for each bubble memory device. In atypical application D1 and D4 of a 7254 would be connected to an X input of the bubble memory and D2and D3 would be connected to a , ¡ °3 TO 8080 8085 O 7220 BUBBLE MEMORY CONTROLLER (BMC) A Vi rV 7242 FORMATTER/ SENSE AMP (FSA , 7110 ONE MEGABIT BUBBLE MEMORY UNIT IMBM) BPK70 BUBBLE STORAGE SUBSYSTEM | TO ADDITIONAL Block Diagram of Single Bubble Memory System â'" 128K Bytes 3-45 7254 ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS* Temperature -
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vmos fet intel 7110 bubble DIODE S4 3a HP21SA
Abstract: intel 7110 1 MEGABIT BUBBLE MEMORY 7110 0-50°C 7110-1 0-70°C 7110-2 10-50°C â  1,048 , , solid-state memory utilizing the magnetic bubble technology. The usable data storage capacity is 1,048,576 , Magnetics bubble memory is 1,310,720 bits. The 7110 has a true binary organization to simplify system , bubble memory system is restarted when power is restored via the support electronics under software , bubble memory chip to protect the data from externally induced magnetic fields. The 7110 operating data -
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200G 7110-1 intel an 7110 coil gold detector
Abstract: O M F Ü K ß f lÄ T T O Ü K I BPK 5V74 4MBIT BUBBLE MEMORY SUBSYSTEM BPK 5V74-4 10°C To 55°C 4 Mbit (512K Bytes) Non-Volatile, Solid-state, Read/Write Bubble Memory Subsystem Interfaces to Host Microprocessor Via Additional Bubble Memory Controller Contains Bubble Memory and ICs for Production with 4Mbit Bubble Memory Modularity Provides Expansion Up to Eight Subsystems Per Controller Maximum Data , Parallel and Time Multiplexed Average Random Access Time of 88 ms Bubble Memory in Leaded Package -
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7234 intel IN75463 7114 intel TA 7264
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