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EFM8UB10F16G-B-QFN28 Silicon Laboratories Inc Microcontroller
EFM8BB22F16G-C-QFN28 Silicon Laboratories Inc Microcontroller, 8-Bit, FLASH, 50MHz, CMOS, ROHS COMPLIANT, MO-220, QFN-28
EFM8UB10F16G-C-QFN28R Silicon Laboratories Inc Microcontroller
EFM8UB10F16G-C-QFN28 Silicon Laboratories Inc Microcontroller
EFM8BB22F16G-B-QFN28R Silicon Laboratories Inc Microcontroller, 8-Bit, FLASH, 50MHz, CMOS, ROHS COMPLIANT, MO-220, QFN-28

"Fingerprint Sensor" QFN28

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Abstract: t5557 RFID ) Automotive Standard Products (Continued) Driver ICs Package Availability SO14 Now QFN28 Now , Baud QFN28 Now ATA5282 Ultra Low Power 125-kHz 3-Dimensional LF Wake-up Receiver with RSSI , Rates Up to 8K Baud QFN28 Now ATA5282 Ultra Low-power 125-kHz 3-Dimensional LF Wake-up Atmel
T5757 Stepper motor control using AT89S52 hand dryer circuit using 8051 gsm modem interface AT89s51 mv silicon mp3 player usb sd card GSM module Interface with At89s52 U2270B U4289BM U2538B U4311B-FS U2730B U4468B
Abstract: QFN64 QFN64 QFN64 PLCC28 PLCC28 QFN32 QFN64 QFN28 VQFP48 QFN48 1 DC/DC Converter Atmel
AT90SC320288RCT AT77C105 AT98SC ATMEL touch controller IC AT98SC032 Gemalto card reader
Abstract: at24c512 SMD atr0890 ATSAM2193 AT90SC7272C Package ATA6821 SO14 ATA6830 QFN28 Description Availability Single-channel BCDMOS , Sampling LF Components Part Number Package Description ATA5277 QFN28 Programmable , QFN28 Programmable Antenna Driver for 1A Peak Current (Regulated), LF Baud Rates Up to 8K Baud Atmel
AVR atmega8515 led matrix fingerprint scanner circuit AT78C5010 STK502 voltage regulator STK502 voltage regulator ic TDA1083 am/fm circuit radio U5021M U6032B U6043B U6046B U6083B U6084B
Abstract: Package QFN28 Description Availability Intelligent Stepper Motor Driver, Typical Application Atmel
sandisk micro sd sandisk micro sd card pin configuration vhdl code for rs232 receiver STK 435 power amplifier Microcontroller AT89S52 vhdl code for ofdm CH-1705 ARM946E-STM ARM920TTM MIPS64TM 3271B