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ISL3036EIRZ-T Intersil Corporation 4-Channel And 6-Channel High Speed, Auto-direction Sensing Logic Level Translators; QFN14, uTQFN16; Temp Range: -40° to 85°C
ISL3034EIRUZ-T Intersil Corporation 4-Channel And 6-Channel High Speed, Auto-direction Sensing Logic Level Translators; TQFN16, uTQFN16; Temp Range: -40° to 85°C
ISL3034EIRTZ-T Intersil Corporation 4-Channel And 6-Channel High Speed, Auto-direction Sensing Logic Level Translators; TQFN16, uTQFN16; Temp Range: -40° to 85°C
ISL3034EIRTZ Intersil Corporation 4-Channel And 6-Channel High Speed, Auto-direction Sensing Logic Level Translators; TQFN16, uTQFN16; Temp Range: -40° to 85°C
ISL3036EIRUZ-T7A Intersil Corporation 4-Channel And 6-Channel High Speed, Auto-direction Sensing Logic Level Translators; QFN14, uTQFN16; Temp Range: -40° to 85°C
ISL3036EIRZ-TK Intersil Corporation 4-Channel And 6-Channel High Speed, Auto-direction Sensing Logic Level Translators; QFN14, uTQFN16; Temp Range: -40° to 85°C


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Abstract: . Date Required _/_/_ Shipping Method:_ Partials Accepted: Yes No Float Type , output, and can be combined with GEMS Digital Meter Receiver Stations and compact Level Cubes described , -12. Easy online ordering too! LEVEL SENSORS ­ CONTINUOUS C-10 Lengths to 12 ft! Approvals XM , (52.4) 3.437 (87.3) 2.687 (68.3) 3.625 (92.1) 2 NPT C HIGHEST LEVEL INCHES OF INDICATION B LOWEST LEVEL 4. Input/Output For XM-800 Series, no special output designation is necessary. For XT Gems Sensors
Abstract: INTRODUCTION Float Type Level Switches Contents Single Point Small Size GEMS Level , level, the magnetic field generated from within FLOAT the float actuates a hermetically sealed , level point being monitored. Alloy , Size LEVEL SWITCHES â'" SINGLE POINT Engineered Plastic , . See â'Reed Switch Protectionâ' in Appendix X for information on extending the life of GEMS Level Gems Sensors
J1926-3 DT04-3P ISO6149-3
Abstract: Magnetic Float Level Switch visit our website INTRODUCTION PRINCIPLE The single unit or , on-off output signals to reach liquid level controlling and monitoring purpose. The figures below show , float ball to switch off. FEATURES Multiple points measuring, multiple level points could be for , temperature environment. FC(D) type magnetic float level switches are more cost-effective than other level , : The magnetic level switch can be done as per customer's specified technical data such as the flange FineTek
SUS304 SUS316 D-65428 08-FD-B0-EP
Abstract: Mini Float Level Switch visit our website PRODUCT INTRODUCTION 4 INTRODUCTION 4 WORKING , gravity (SG) less than the liquid that holds the float. (SG float < SG liquid) When the liquid level , ). When the liquid level rises and pushes the float up, the floatâ'™s ring magnet (sealed in the , ensure the float's SG level is less than the liquid. (Water's SG level is 1 while gasoline SG levels , ) MARINE LEVEL SWITCHES FDMRN5A0B f17.2 FDMRN5B0B FDMRN5COB f20 f15 50 50 f30 FineTek
Abstract: No. SS2-SLX100-0100 (Rev.4) Smart Displacement type Level Transmitter Model SLX OVERVIEW , displacement level transmitters for the measurement. The model SLX is able to calculate boundary surface levels, specific gravity as well as liquid level. Buoyancy is transmitted as either a 4 - 20mA DC , indicator makes it easier to monitor liquid level and output. Compatible housing and parts · Field proven , subject to change without notice. APPLICATIONS · Reactor, distillation, drum, recovery level Yamatake
S45C NUT Yamatake float transmitter SLX110 SCS13A liquid level indicator instruments hydrometer
Abstract: FL Series ­ Magnetic Float Level Sensors Rev. 4.02 C US File No. LR90200-27 s Operational Description point level detection ­ liquids These level sensors contain hermetically sealed , level of the liquid, the reed switch is activated by the magnet in the float. s Applications , of the following: s FL Series s Magnetic Float Level Sensors s s s s s s s s , available for light duty applications The FL custom level switches are engineered and manufactured to Scientific Technologies
JIS10K DN80PN10 JIS10K3B DN50PN10 JIS10 JIS10K2B 304SS 316SS
Abstract: UQZ Magnetic Ball Float Liquid Level Transmitter Summary UQZ series magnetic ball float liquid level transmitters have the magnetic ball float as their measuring element. Through magnetic coupling , can fulfil automatically checking, controlling and recording. It is suitable for liquid level , , power, light industry and pharmaceutical industrial field. It is ideal liquid level instruments for , level transmitter is composed of liquid level sensor and current converter the two parts. The ball Dandong Top Electronics Instrument
liquid float level sensor ball float level sensor liquid density sensor float type level sensor liquid level transmitter resistance to Current Converter 4-20mA JB/T82 GYB98281 GYB02469 UQZ-01-2000 UQZ-01 UQZ-02
Abstract: Single Point Level Switches LS-6/LS-7 Small Size - Engineered Plastics, Side Mount LS-7 Series - Compact side mounts are the solution to many small tanks. These low-cost units are ideal for high volume , stainless steel switches. LEVEL SWITCHES LS-6 Horizontal Mounting through a 1/2" diameter hole in the , NPT 160450 160460 188800 ­ 21 LEVEL SWITCHES www.gems-sensors.co.uk LEVEL SWITCHES SINGLE , Mounting (NC only) LEVEL SWITCHES www.gems-sensors.co.uk 610mm EXTENDED 41.3 135 Ø15.9 610mm Gems Sensors
Abstract: plastics construction offers broad compatibility in water, oils and chemicals. LEVEL SWITCHES ­ SINGLE , No. E45168, and are CSA ListedFile No. 30200. For NSF approved level switches contact Gems , the liquid level. By rotating the switch 180°, the switch operation can be Normally Open or Normally , switch is mounted so that the float lowers with the liquid level, the switch is N.O. A-6 Type 12 , with the liquid level, the switch is N.C. MAGNET FLOAT PIVOTS STAY ABOVE WATER N.C Gems Sensors
gems ls-7 HNBR E45168 CSA file 30200 1211C 20VA rotating switch 23 point
Abstract: KA Series ­ Cable Suspended Float Level Sensors C US point level detection ­ liquids , only one float. This results in a simple device that can be used in many different level sensing , control weight is fixed at a point along the cable. As the liquid level rises and falls, the weight on , action causes the unique cable suspended liquid miniature switches to open and/or level sensors , the cable and/or altering the length of the cable. Level 4 The hermetically sealed switch Scientific Technologies
LR90200-26 wiring diagram for float switch wiring diagram for dual pump control liquid point level sensor float switch liquid level control system model
Abstract: ratings are for resistive load only PPS Grey -10 / +85 +14 / +185 0.8 Lower Switch Level , Switch Level RSF66A25B75 RSF66A25B100 RSF66A25B125 RSF66A25B150 RSF66A25B175 Two Float version , Nylon Nut MAKE ON RISE Lower switch Total level length High Fluid Level BREAK ON RISE Types , Switch Yellow-Red Bottom Switch Blue-Green Upper Switch 23mm (0.9") High & low level Switch Low Fluid Level MAKE ON RISE BREAK ON RISE · WRAS approved · Many variants are UL Crydom
RSF50 RSF54 SSF26 crydom magnetics switch float RSF66 COBHAM float switch LEVEL cobham level switch RSF60 RSF51/52 RSF53 RSF56 RSF51Z100J
Abstract: Data sheet DS/MS50-EN Rev. W MS50 Buoyancy level switch KTEK products Measurement made easy , Total Level Capability ï'­ï'  Trip Point Adjustable Without Removing Vessel From Service ï'­ï , Liquid Level Sensor Ambient Operating -58ºF/ -55ºC to 150ºF/ 66ºC for Total or Temperature Range Interface Level Minimum Operating Metallic Units: -50ºF/ -45ºC Process Temperature Thermoplastic Units , -0003-1. Custom floats are available. 3. Interface level floats require custom weighting and generally require a ABB
Abstract: Level measurement Level Sensors / Transmitters to measure of liquids media Applications ï , KSR Level Sensors/Transmitters are used to measure and transmit the level of liquids in conjunction , a voltage proportional to the height of the level. The resistance measuring chain is closely , mA output, HART, Profibus, PA und Foundation Fieldbus. KSR KUEBLER AG ♠Data sheet Level Sensors , calibration only, no re-calibration necessary.  Display proportional to the height of the level or the KSR KUEBLER
DIN 32676 PP55R PP80R PF55R PF80R TF80R TF90R
Abstract: and provides normally closed switch contact, opening as the liquid level rises. They are manufactured , SPECIFICATIONS Material Colour Temp. Range °C °F Min. Fluid S.G. Must Close Level (S.G.=1) Must Open Level (S.G.=1) RSF16 Polyphenylene Sulphide (PPS) Grey -10/ +120* +14 / +248* 0.75 33mm 22mm , 16.5mm (0.65") dia Hole in Tank O 24 Must open level 52 Must close level 69 max. 33.5 , level condition has to be monitored, in a system where the liquid is usually maintained at a high level Crydom
RSF14Y100RF crydom magnetics switch float rsf76 RSF43 rsf43y100 RSF26Y050TG SSF212P RSF20 RSF10 RSF14 RSF16Y100RF RSF16Y050TG RSF33Y100RC
Abstract: . LEVEL SWITCHES ­ SINGLE POINT Polysulfone Float Polypropylene Float (Hollow) Polypropylene , NSF approved level switches contact Gems. Switch SPST: 20 VA, 120-240 VAC. Units are shipped N.O , = ctuation Level A 1/2 (see chart below) HEX .390 REF. (9.9mm) .14 (2.6mm) 1 (25.4 mm) 1 , +121°C) 1/8 NPT Teflon Jacketed Lead Wires 173250 1 Buna PVDF LEVEL SWITCHES ­ , ) Atmospheric 150 psi (10.3 bar) 3/4 DIA (19 mm) L1= Actuation Level (see chart above) Order by Gems Sensors
171517 LS-3 162745 Gems
Abstract: UHC magnetic float liquid level indicator UQC magnetic ball float liquid level indicator Summary UHC series magnetic float liquid level indicators and UQC series magnetic ball float liquid level indicators are new designed generation liquid level indicator according to magnetic coupling principle. They present the level indication directly and clearly because of the advanced technology and the proper structure and are suitable for liquid level measurement in petroleum, chemical, power Dandong Top Electronics Instrument
steam jacket magnetic transducer interface INTRINSIC SAFE CIRCUIT DN40 DN40 PN16Mpa GYB98282 DN150
Abstract: = Switch actuation level, nominal (based on a liquid specific gravity of 1.0). 1/2" HEX Polysulfone , Part No. 46999 Bottle Level Part No. 76707 For Low Level For external mounting on tanks too , actuation level, nominal (based on a specific gravity of 1.0). Consult factory for other available , Note: LS-3 Series Bottle Level Switch is also available with any of the float materials shown on Gems Sensors
BSP 1 thread BRASS
Abstract: Instruction Bulletin No. 78803 (Rev AC) LS-7 Series (Plastic) Compact, Side-Mounted Level , and temperature limitations shown throughout this catalog for our level and flow sensors. These , . Wrench Flat Tightening (Plastic to Metal): When threading a plastic level switch into a metal , level. By rotating the switch 180°, the switch operation can be Normally Open or Normally Closed , (Type 10) Float Assembly The switch is mounted so that the float lowers with the liquid level Gems Sensors
EN60730 ryton R-4 wiring diagram for 2 WIRE float switch GEMS EN60730 76141 97/23/EC
Abstract: Switches ­ Simple and Economical Quality and Standards Pepperl+Fuchs offers a wide range of level , level control devices offers a solution for all your measurement requirements. Float switches are one of the most reliable and economical methods for monitoring simple level control applications , meters - resists fuel and greasy liquids CSM Pepperl+Fuchs Level Control Products - resists Pepperl+Fuchs
IEC 60947-5-6 namur standard 60947-5-6 LIMIT SWITCH namur application Pepperl Fuchs kfd2 68307 AC/150
Abstract: voltages enable the best voltage level for maximum battery life. Choose 13.8V when in doubt or in Power , Absorption voltage level. The charging voltage changes with the battery voltage. If the initial battery , battery voltage rises to the selected Absorption voltage level, the charging switches to Constant voltage , charging profile for both. Two batteries are charged simultaneously and the battery with the lowest level gets most share of the current in the Bulk charge stage until it is up to the same voltage level of -
SBC-2100 SBC-2110 SBC-2120 12a g1 battery fuse charger sbc 8 13.8V over discharge protection circuit ATS-5100
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