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CDB6118-1 Cirrus Logic KIT - WM8768 KIT CDB6118 MB DC
CDKWM8213-S-1 Cirrus Logic KIT - WM8213 KIT CDB6109 MB DC
CDKWM8351-S-1 Cirrus Logic KIT - WM8351 KIT CDB6143 MB DC
CDKWM8725-S-1 Cirrus Logic KIT - WM8725 KIT CDB6059 MB DC
CDKWM8962B-S-1 Cirrus Logic KIT - WM8962B KIT CDB6243 MB DC
CDKWM8350-S-1 Cirrus Logic KIT - WM8350 KIT CDB6143 MB DC

"Direct Replacement" SIEMENS

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Abstract: C-MT4 Relay module Relay module to replace the obsolete Axicom MT4 / Siemens V23104 series of 4 pole telecom relays. nominal coil voltages: 5V, 12V & 24V Direct replacement for the Axicom MT4-C93801, MT4-C93802, MT4-C93803 and Siemens V23104 relays The Cephos C-MT4 module dimensions are: 20.32 x 15.24mm, identical to the original MT4 / V23104 footprints. 4 pole telecom / signal relay, 4 pole , Part No. Original Axicom Part Nos. Original Siemens Part Nos. [obsolete] [obsolete] 5 Axicom
V23104A1003B101 siemens relay dc 12v V23104-A1003-B101 V23104-A1001-B101 220VDC 250VAC V23104A1001B101 V23104A1005B101
Abstract: Quality Technology (QT) HEW LETT PACKARD (HP) MOTOROLA (MO) SIEMENS (SI) TOSHIBA (TO) 1130 1133 1134 , using any SHARP'S device."_ 1135 SIEMENS VS. SHARP SIEMENS Mode , PC713V PC101 PC 100 PC702V PC702V PC702V PC702V P C 356N T P C 356N T S S S *E «M SIEMENS Model No. IL207 , using arty SHARP'S device.*_ SIEMENS Model No. ILD621 ILD66 ILD74 , PC816 PC816I PC 123F PC817 PC817I 1X3814 PC814I 1X3814 PC814I PC851 PC3816 PC816 ·E «M SIEMENS -
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TLP622 Toshiba P521 Photocoupler 621-4G EL 4N35 136 sharp PC101 photocoupler PC101 SHARP PC4N25V PC4N26V PC4N27V PC4N28V PC4N29V PC4N30V
Abstract: Re placement IRFP440 IRFP340 IRFP341 IRFP240 IRFP440 IRFP151 IRFP151 IRFP151 IRFP151 SIEMENS BUZ10 , IRF631 IRF632 IRF633 IRFP340 IRFP440 SIEMENS BUZ347 BUZ348 BUZ349 BUZ350 BUZ351 BUZ353 BUZ350 BUZ351 , IRF833 SIEMENS BUZ42B BUZ42C BUZ43 BUZ382 BUZ60 BUZ60A BUZ60B BUZ60C BUZ60D BUZ71 BUZ71A BUZ72A BUZ73A -
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IRF9613 IRFP333 2SK388 IRF740 "direct replacement" irf9640 REPLACEMENT GUIDE IRF9540 replacement IRF640 irf510 2Sk350 HITACHI rca9213a IRF510 IRF511 IRF512 IRF513 IRF520 IRF521
Abstract: . 1 2. TOSHIBA . 2 3. SIEMENS , . 20 2. CP CLARE . 21 3. SIEMENS , and Reel Specification TP1 / TP4 / TP5 = Tape and Reel Specification Siemens Cross (Exact , Replacement D = No Cross 6 Siemens Cross (Exact Alternate) Package Sales Tip(s) IL251 IL252 , Electrical Function / Not Drop in Electrical/Mechanical Replacement D = No Cross 7 Siemens Cross -
pc111 optocoupler qtc 2531 qtc 2630 qtc 2731 qtc 2530 qtc 2631 PC100 PC110 PC111 PC112 PC113 PC120
Abstract: 2. TOSHIBA . 2 3. SIEMENS , . 20 2. CP CLARE . 26 3. SIEMENS , Siemens Cross Package 4N32 4N33 4N39 6N135 6N136 6N138 6N139 CNY17F H11AA1 H11B1 H11B2 , Replacement D = No Cross 6 Siemens Cross Package IL251 IL252 ILD250 ILD251 ILD252 IL255 , /Mechanical Replacement D = No Cross 7 Siemens Cross Package ILD615-3 ILD615-4 ILQ615 California Eastern Laboratories
qtc 2601 PC123 optocoupler QTC 4N35 relay cross reference QTC 3700 Optocouplers QTC 4502 PC121 PC123 PC123F PC353T PC354 PC355NT
Abstract: (includes standard length interconnect cable) (Siemens # 6RX1240-OAP20 SE&A # A1-108-101-802) Operator , Z06245L Drum surface Winder Type 5 CB24 Communications Board: A1-116-101-051 (Siemens # 6RX1240-0AK01 , . A1618 RS232 to RS485 Converter for Base Port 1: Catalog # RX24502L (Siemens # 6RX1240-0AL01) (See sections 6.9.6 and 10.7) Motor Interface: Catalog # XM22401L (Siemens # 6RX1240-0AL00) (See section 6.9.7 , trouble locating the cause or resolving the situation, Siemens maintains a staff of trained drives -
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CX 2859 SMD rfd15n05 MC14066BCP MOTOROLA icl7611 spice HCF4060BE equivalent data book of 10N60 mosfet 1-800-4HARRIS FAX24-H 1-800-4-HARRIS
Abstract: SIEMENS Tone Ringer (TRI) PSB 652X-Y Bipolar IC Special Features and Ordering Codes of the , Standard Electronic Telephone Set < 0" Siemens Aktiengesellschaft 830 PSB 652X-Y Functional , necessary: PSB 6520-2 PSB 6521-2 2) external Z-diode necessary, no integrated Z-diode: PSB 6523-T Siemens , : Siemens Aktiengesellschaft 832 PSB 652X-Y PSB 6523-T: Colour code: vKti 1 u 8 >AC1 2 7 >DC 3 6 , ) Siemens Aktiengesellschaft 834 PSB 652X-Y Absolute Maximum Ratings Parameter Symbol Common Values PSB -
3TF44 3TF52 3tf42 3TF4222 3TF46 3TF4422 A1-116-110-503 A1-116-110-504 A1-116-110-505 A1-116-110-506 A1-116-110-508 A1-116-110-509
Abstract: WISM Application Note Pin Assignment Compatibility Siemens MC55 / EZURiO WISMC02BI and WISMC04BI Overview This document provides a comparative view of the pin assignments between the Siemens MC55 GSM , between the Siemens MC55 GSM / GPRS Module and the EZURiO Wireless LAN Module as viewed from the , Unused Unused 50 Unused Pin assignment Siemens MC55 GND GND GND GND GND Unused Unused , signals if the module is used as a direct replacement for the Siemens MC55 GSM / GPRS Module. 50 Way -
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A1t smd smd code A1t PSB6521-2 PSB 6520-2 DIODE SMD V05 smd diode A1T Q67000-A8093 Q67000-A8094 Q67000-A8073 F/35V
Abstract: . 3 3. SIEMENS. 7 4. QTC , . 29 3. SIEMENS. 34 4. HEWETT PACKARD , / TPR = Tape and Reel Specification TP1 / TP4 / TP5 = Tape and Reel Specification Siemens Cross , Cross 7 Siemens Cross Package IL251 IL252 ILD250 ILD251 ILD252 IL255 IL256 IL300 , Electrical Function / Not Drop in Electrical/Mechanical Replacement D = No Cross 8 Siemens Cross EZURiO
MCS55 siemens mc55 Ezurio GSM MC55 mc55 gsm MC55
Abstract: © Siemens AG 2007 Overload Relays General data Overview Features Benefits 3RU11 , be used to provide additional protection temperature-dependent protection. Siemens LV 1 · 2007 5/31 © Siemens AG 2007 Overload Relays General data Features Benefits 3RU11 , terminals. 5/32 Siemens LV 1 · 2007 © Siemens AG 2007 Overload Relays General data Features , control supply voltage. Siemens LV 1 · 2007 5/33 © Siemens AG 2007 Overload Relays General -
qtc 2531 optocoupler PC817 SOP-4 PC113 optocoupler pc120 optocoupler pc111 optocoupler datasheet nec 2502 4 pin PS2701-1 PS71XX-1B PS71XX-2B PS71XX-1C PS72XX-1A PS72XX-2A
Abstract: the companies: SIEMENS rises with increasing number of and GROUPE SCHNEIDER. individual wires at , PLC-input/output modules from SIEMENS and MODICON(r) TSX. The expensive single conductor wiring is , 35 PLC Front Adapter MODICON® TSX A 250/A 350 A 500 PLC front adapter SIEMENS S5 90U , for I/O component MODICON TSX/SIEMENS S5 SIMATIC® S5 Digital input MOD A 500 DEP 112 SIM 95U , PLC Front Adapter SIEMENS S5 115U SIEMENS S5 115U 4 x 1 byte 1x4 byte x3 = 2.8 mm tab -
3RB29 3TF68 3rb12 3RB22 3TF69 3RB21 3RB20/3RB21 3RB22/3RB23 S10/S12 3RT19 66-4EA2 56-4EA3
Abstract: Siemens AG, Bereich Bauelemente, Vertrieb, Produkt-Information, Balanstraße 73, D-81541 München For , or the Siemens Companies and Representatives world-wide (see address list). © Siemens AG 1997 , information on the type in question please contact your nearest Siemens Office, Semiconductor Group. The , . Semiconductor Group HL EH PD 1 Siemens AG is an approved CECC manufacturer. 6 Edition A02 -
6ES7 321-1BL00-0AA0 WIRING DIAGRAM Wiring Diagram s7-300 siemens Wiring Diagram s7-300 analog module 6ES7 321-1BL00-0AA0 6ES5 460-4UA13 6es5 465-7LA13 NYP-24
Abstract: 8970B and 4109 units are high reliability, glass encapsulated replacements for the Motorola, Siemens, and , phase modulators. 0505 443 00G13Eb 331 â  ALP Features â  Direct Replacement for Motorola, Siemens Infineon Technologies
HP6626 a02 Transistor rf RF transistors with s-parameters stripline power combiner splitter transistor RF S-parameters RF Transistor s-parameter Hall Siemens
Abstract: Silicon Hyperabrupt Tuning Diodes DKV4100 Series Features Direct Replacement for Motorola, Siemens, and ITT BB105 and M V 1 09 Types Highest Q Possible Reproducible C vs. V Characteristics Available in All Standard Packages Types D K V 4105 Series D K V 4109 Series Description Alpha uses ion implantation to provide this series of hyperabrupt tuning diodes with closely controlled char , encapsulated replacements for the Motorola, Siemens, and ITT BB105 and M V 109 types. Alpha's devices use low -
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DKV4105 MV109 DKV4109 CV-4109 CKV2105 diode bb105 BB105 siemens Direct Replacement MOTOROLA 00G13E
Abstract: e d i a li n g ) S p eech C irc u it PSB 4 5 0 0 /0 1 C l" Ring b ° Siemens , necessary, no integrated Z-diode: PSB 6523-T Siemens Aktiengesellschaft 831 PSB 652X-Y The ICs , b) Tone Frequencies (individual) PSB 6520-2: X f 1T 1.38 PSB 6521-2: Siemens , 6521-2 PSB 6523-T group 1) Siemens Aktiengesellschaft 834 PSB 652X-Y Absolute Maximum , ¡ fithJA Siemens Aktiengesellschaft 835 PSB 652X-Y Electrical Characteristics rA = -2 0 -
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V4105 V4109 CKV2109
Abstract: thereof. Siemens ET B1 · 2005 10/7 - -
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6 pin SMD CODE PJT 6 pin SMD CODE Psb 65212 652x
Abstract: soldering: (pins and package are dipped into the tin bath) Siemens Aktiengesellschaft 17 General , guidelines for their handling should nevertheless be observed. Siemens Aktiengesellschaft 18 , aluminum - is not advisable because of the danger of low-resistance device discharge. Siemens , be soldered or desoldered manually, soldering irons with thyristor control cannot be used. Siemens , material should exhibit low volume conductivity: 105Q/cm < p < 1010Q/cm. 1. Siemens Aktiengesellschaft -
ammeter AC digital voltmeter and ammeter analog voltmeter analog AC Ammeter analog ammeter digital ammeter
Abstract: Automotive Electrical Systems Dr. Alfons Graf, Siemens AG, HL PS TM, 81617 Munich, Tel. +49 89/636-22805 Hr. Josef Gantioler, Siemens AG, HL PS E, 81617 Munich Hr. Claus Preuschoff, Siemens AG, HL PS TM 2 , semiconductors with appropriate dielectric strength. Siemens has taken up the challenge from the outset and is , presents three technology variants with which Siemens intends to cover this future market as well as , , Siemens has therefore decided to develop suitable products and technologies for this market. 3. Chip -
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81711-B31 B-1060
Abstract: VDE0879-3 , Omron, Automation Direct (Koyo), Siemens, Mitsubishi & many more · Approvals: UL 1604 listed for use in Siemens
siemens automotive relay dc 12v Control of Starter-generator gasoline direct injection BTS560P siemens functional profet BTS660P TO263 HDT98E
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