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PMP2388 Texas Instruments Flyback, Buck for DSL
PMP2388.3 Texas Instruments Flyback, Buck for DSL (50V @ 50mA)
PMP2388.5 Texas Instruments Flyback, Buck for DSL (1.2V @ 350mA)
PMP2388.4 Texas Instruments Flyback, Buck for DSL (3.3V @ 440mA)

"Digital Subscriber Lines"

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Abstract: . Exchanges can carry more subscriber lines by using digital signals, rather than analog signals, on existing copper lines. Digital transmission techniques are already well known for their noise immunity, signal , throughput without requiring new lines. The interface between a local exchange and the subscriber is called , subscriber loops use analog line cards. Remote terminals and exchanges use digital line cards to interface , received from each subscriber to a digital signal. These digital signals are combined and sent to other -
compander MC145532 MSM7580 MSM7581
Abstract: sites, PBXs, and Optical Network Units (ONUs). ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) A twisted , Service Unit) Datacommunications equipment used to connect to digital access lines in framing segments of , discrete band. DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) Basic Rate ISDN service provided on a single twisted copper pair. DSLAM (Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer ) A device which concentrates ADSL subscriber lines onto a single ATM line Midcom,Inc DS0 (Digital Signal 0 ) 64 kbps digital data signal often Midcom
Abstract: subscriber lines served by D4 signaling to enhance ESMA use and help reduce application costs , D4-Based Services The ESMA-ICB feature enables Foreign Exchange Station (FXS) subscriber lines on D4 , support of subscriber lines served by D4 channel banks into the ESMA and eliminating the need to , Channel banks supporting FXS subscriber lines can directly connect over the channel bank's DS-1 links to , .* ESMA Integrated Channel Banks Nortel' Integrated Channel Banks on the Expanded Subscriber s Carrier Nortel
DMS-500 LLT00008 Nortel DMS 500 SMA00012 NORTEL nortel 4w e&m DS512 4w E&M NCS008 1-800-NT-TRAIN
Abstract: 16 analog subscriber lines. It is a fully digital IC, consisting of seven DSPs. The MuPP uses CMOS , ) Resistance/ Isolation/Capacitance/ Current measurement of the subscriber line Digital loops to test linecard , ground. This allows balanced ringing signals of up to 85 VRMS or to drive very long subscriber lines , voltage in order to reduce the power consumption on shorter subscriber lines. Both battery switches are , subscriber lines are set to Power Down High Impedance with no supervision. From here, each channel can be Infineon Technologies
C16X IOM2 P-MQFP-80-1
Abstract: subscriber line card subsystem At the center of this unique configuration is the digital line interface , groups and the central controller The Subscriber Line Card in a Distributed Control Switching System The Subscriber Line Card in a Distributed Control Switching System An example 64 lines per , line card This card would serve from four to thirty-two subscriber lines although a maximum of , CODEC and filter devices to interface the parallel bus subscriber interface port of the DLIC the National Semiconductor
AN-316 TP3110 TP3056 TP3120 ME32 C1995
Abstract: Subscriber linecards are designed to interface the analog subscriber line to a PCM highway in a Digital Central Office or a Digital Loop Carrier (DLC) channel bank or remote concentrator systems Subscriber Line Interface Module (SLIMTM ) devices are complete Electronic Subscriber Line Interface Circuit , Telephone Service) lines for Central Office or DLC subscriber line cards When used in conjunction with a , many lines per card and typically can reduce the card to card spacing within a switch rack or frame National Semiconductor
TP3054 SB-100 fusistor TP3210 5vdc relay Deutsch Relays 74LS125 DATASHEET DS2E-5V
Abstract: Complement and improve loop maintenance workflows. N ew digital subscriber line (DSL) technologies , high-speed digital services. Existing copper twisted-pair telephone lines are becoming access 8 million , rate on lines that cannot support the rate requested by the subscriber. 3. How Does NSA , digital subscriber line access multiplexers (DSLAMs) and DLC systems. Loop testing can be applied in , SDSL ­ SLIM ­ T1 ­ TCP ­ TN ­ TV ­ WFA ­ xDSL ­ Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line AnyMedia Lucent Technologies
DSLAM configuration Stinger nokia repair solution amas Training TV repair stinger rt 1-888-4-LUCENT
Abstract: subscriber lines. The MuPP integrates functions like programmable DC feeding, voice processing, metering. It , ) to the Multi-Channel Processor for Pots (MuPP) is carried out via digital interfaces on the linecard , analog line circuit provides the country dependent voltage and current for the analog subscriber , frequency and ring amplitude are country dependent) Supervision: Subscriber loop supervision to detect , wire subscriber line cable Testing: Test the subscriber loop to detect any failures or any loop Siemens
PEB3465 PEB 4165 T PEB31666
Abstract: flexible enough to support both analog and digital subscriber lines. These components are based on the , , and control buses to serve analog and/or digital subscriber lines, or analog trunks, interchangeably , features to the normal BORSCHT functions for the analog line circuit. Make analog and digital subscriber , document. Future members of the family will provide digital subscriber capability for both private and , analog line circuit as is cost effective. Support an all-serial backplane bus architecture for digital -
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29C51 29C52
Abstract: is then applied to the subscriber line. Since all of the processing is done in the digital domain , (COs) and Digital-Loop Carrier systems (DLCs). The B-MuSLIC (Broadband Multichannel Subscriber , Broadband Ringing SLIC) - Single-channel Broadband Subscriber Line Circuit â'¢ B-QAP (PEB 3554) ADSL.Iite , 7 05.99 Broadband Multichannel Subscriber Line-Interface Circuits for Splitterless G.Lite , B-QAP provides 4 channels of A/D and D/A conversion and filtering. The B-MuPP is a digital signal -
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P-MQFP-100-2 P-TQFP-144
Abstract: -generation network terminator Fig. 2 A digital central office with digital and analog lines each IOM-2 interface can connect up to eight subscriber lines, two IDECs are used per interface. A total of eight ICs process the D-channel information of all 32 subscriber lines served by one digital line card. U , recovery, and q low power consumption. Since each chipset can serve up to four subscriber lines, two , -2 interfaces, eight quad IEC chip sets can be connected to provide service to 32 subscriber lines. ISDN Siemens
siemens isdn nt1 PEB24911 Siemens NT1 ISDN 8191h PEB3265 32 channel Relay controller IC
Abstract: DSLAM Digital Subcriber Line Access Multiplexer Application Brief #5 Introduction The Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer (DSLAM) is a communications device that transmits and receives digital signals from multiple Digital Subscriber Lines (xDSL) over copper subscriber loops. The , data backbone network. DSLAMs are being deployed by telcos and ISPs to provide high-bandwidth Digital Subscriber Line services such as ADSL, HDSL, VDSL and SDSL. Increasing commercial and residential demand Integrated Device Technology
77V500 77V550 77V012 77V011 77V1254 77V1054 DSLAM 77V400
Abstract: transmission circuit while an additional rack, the Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexor (DSLAM , Digital Voice A 8-16 lines Memory ALiDD B-QAP Controller Digital Data l l l , functions (ITDF) -Resistance/ isolation/ capacitance/ current measurement of the subscriber line -Digital , solution is expected to accelerate the deployment of broadband subscriber line services to the consumer , Data Subscriber Line) technology, highspeed data rates using the public telephone network are possible Siemens
adsl splitter dslam circuit diagram home wiring PEB4165 PEB31665 telephone ring generator circuit VDSL splitter solution
Abstract: Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line CO Central Office CPE Customer Premises Equipment DSLAM Digital Subscriber Line Access Multipliexer VDSL Very High bit rate Digital Subscriber Line ISDN Integrated services Digital Network to 3 By Delta Electronics, INC. Rev:00 4. Block Diagram DSLAM 1~24 ports x 24 lines LPF on card Card 1 (to VDSL) POTS 1~24 ports (to service) LINE 1~24 ports (to CPE) DSLAM 1~24 ports x 24 lines LPF on card Card 16 (to VDSL Delta Electronics
TIP 27 RJ-21 50 pin Telco connector adsl splitter circuit diagram tip 45 vdsl splitter circuit diagram line card dslam CO150C384AA-R2 RJ-21 900KH
Abstract: analog lines. Siemens Semiconductors is a leader in mixed-signal analog/digital circuitry and supplies , capabilities for 16 analog subscriber lines. The MuPP integrates functions like programmable DC feeding, voice , channel Subscriber Line Interface Concept) provides the highest chip integration, coupled with software , configuration data (coefficients) to the Multi-Channel Processor for POTS (MuPP) is carried out via digital , /3311 fr.htm The MuSLIC chipset integrates: 1. 16 channel digital signal processor (MuPP / PEB31666). Siemens
Siemens Semiconductors siemens analog telephone MuSLIC semiconductors D-81617
Abstract: clear, 64 Kbps subscriber lines to fast growing urban and rural areas. This method of deployment is , digital network (ISDN), 64 Kbps Internet access and plain old telephone service (POTS) over a single , interoperability technology. The M28950 is backward compatible with Mindspeed's industry-leading symmetric digital subscriber line (SDSL) transceivers, offering customers a smooth and costeffective transition from their , installed-outside plant subscriber loops. In essence, a VPG system acts as a concentration access point Mindspeed Technologies
slip ring M28927 circuits M28945 SDSL AFE M28927 SHDSL chips NX64KH M28950-BRF-001-A M03-0881
Abstract: measurement for autoadaptive systems. Abstract The new SGS-THOMSON SLIC (Subscriber Line Interface , fully digital (ISDN) one in PABX systems design. In particular in this new systems generation analog and digital line cards will coexist. The SLICs for this new systems should satisfy the following requirements: - do not degrade the transmission performances of the digital part (ex: noise due to relay , the subscriber line. Single chip solutions based on present H.V. Technology are possible only STMicroelectronics
L3092 L3000N electromagnetic pulse generator kit 4wire 2wire 4wire SLIC L3092 pabx systems Neon Lamp 110/220V L3000N/L3092
Abstract: on the S' and U' interfaces, the devices are: Am79C30 Digital Subscriber Controller (DSC) Am79C31 Digital Exchange Controller (DEC) Am79C32 ISDC Data Controller (IDC) Am79C33 Transceiver Echo Cancellor , INTEGRATED SERVICES DIGITAL NETWORK (ISDN) The six ICs on the following pages provide the bases for building terminal equipment and digital Private Automatic Branch Exchanges (PABXs) compatible to , integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN). The chip set consists of four CMOS devices used to communicate -
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AM7938 79C30 79C31 79C32 79C33
Abstract: ERICSSON $ Advance Information October 1998 PBA 310 03/4 Dual Subscriber Interface Circuit (DSIC) Description The Ericsson module, DSIC (Dual Subscriber Interface Circuit) PBA 310 03/4, provides a low cost complete line interface between two separate analogue subscriber lines and a PCM , the subscriber line (two-wire) Channel A -TIP lead from the subscriber line (two-wire) Second battery , board Loop/Ring detector output from channel A - active low Digital control input 0 for both channels -
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S-164 1522-PBA
Abstract: AMD - Am79Q02/021/031 Quad Subscriber Line Audio-Processing Circuits Product Brief Product Brief Am79Q02/021/031 (PCM only) and AM79Q06/061/062/063 (PCM/GCI) Quad Subscriber Line Audio-Processing Circuits Quad Subscriber Line Audio-Processing Circuits Whether you are competing in multiple markets , Subscriber Line Audio-processing Circuit) and the Am79Q06/061/062/063 QSLACTM line of quad subscriber line , , compression, and expansion functions required to interface a telephone's analog voice signals to the digital Advanced Micro Devices
79Q02/021/031 79Q06/061/062/063 AM79Q02/06/063
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