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NCP103BMX330TCG ON Semiconductor CMOS Low Dropout (LDO) Regulator, 150 mA 3.3V, Non-Active Discharge, 3000-REEL
NCP121AMX185TCG ON Semiconductor Ultra-Low Dropout High Accuracy Voltage Regulator with Bias Rail, 150 mA 1.85V Output Active Discharge, 3000-REEL
NTMFS5C450NLT3G ON Semiconductor Power MOSFET 40 V, 2.8 mohm, 110 A, Single N-Channel Power MOSFET 40 V, 2.8 mohm, 110 A, Single N-Channel, 5000-REEL
NVMFS5C612NLWFT3G ON Semiconductor Power MOSFET 60V 235A 1.5 mOhm Single N-Channel SO8-FL Logic Level 5000 / Tape & Reel (Pb−Free, Wettable Flanks), 5000-REEL
NCV7691D10R2G ON Semiconductor Current Controller for Automotive LED Lamps, 3000-REEL
BDX54BG ON Semiconductor 8.0 A, 80 V, 65 W PNP Darlington Bipolar Power Transistor, TO-220 3 LEAD STANDARD, 50-TUBE

"DIDA" motorola

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Abstract: MOTOROLA SEMICONDUCTOR TECHNICAL Order this document by MTB1306/D DATA Advance , using the minimum recommended 1 TI @ Motorola, Inc. 1997 1 260 pad size. This , without notice. E-FET and HDTMOS are trademark `cm 0.8 ReJA 1 - Apk of Motorola. Inc , mhos - - 2 Motorola TMOS Power MOSFET Transistor Device Data MTB1306 WPICAL , Variation with Temperature Motorola TMOS Power MOSFET Transistor Device Data 150 5.0 10 15 Motorola
FET MOSFET transistor "" AN569 dida bridge OW1-2447 602-2H609 OG7741848
Abstract: layout tips is the Motorola MECL System Design Handbook. Overshoot and ringing are the result of poorly -
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CLC018 1N4148 CLC016 CLC018AJVJQ MC10E1652