"BC860A" SOT-89

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Abstract: BFQ149 BFT92 BFT92AW BFT93 BFT93AW PMBTH81 SOT-223 SOT-223 SOT-89 SOT-23 SOT-323 SOT-23 SOT-323 SOT-23 15 -
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BFS17W BFS25A BFS505 BFS520 BFS540 BFT25
Abstract: BF620 SOT-89 â'" 300 20 50/- 25/20 0.6 30/5 60 F. BF720 SOT-223 â'" 300 50 50/- 25/20 0.6 30/5 60 R -
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PMBT5089 BC849B BC849C PMBT5088 BCF32 BCF33 PMBT5086 PMBT5087 BCF81 SQT-23
Abstract: BCW81 BCW 89 BCX17 BCX18 BCX19 BCX20 BCX51 EG MARKING CODE 1Mp 1Jp 1Kp 1Lp 3Mp 3Jp 3Kp 3Lp D95 D96 , BS3 B2p 03 03 p03 t03 11 23 p11 t23 05 05 p05 t05 01 01 p01 01t 07 07 PACKAGE SOT23 SOT89 S 0T 89 , -88 SC-88 SOT89 SOT89 S0T89 SOT89 SOT89 S 0T 89 S 0T 8 9 SOT89 SOT89 SOT89 SOT89 SOT89 SOT89 SOT223 S 0T , BCV27 BCV47 PÜMT1 2PA1576Q 2PA1576R 2PA1576S PUMZ1 BFS20 BCW 69 BCW 70 BCW 89 PUMH11 BCW71 BCW 72 BCW81 -
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BCF70 smd code marking TV sot23 SMD MARKING CODE RIA marking code P1R smd code marking sot23 SMD transistors marking code 2.F CE MARKING SOT-23 BC850B BC850C PMBT6429 PMBT6428 BC859A BC859B
Abstract: /0.5 150 BCW 89 80 60 100 300 120/260 2/5 0.3 10/0.5 150 FMMT3905 -
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BC860A 2F PNP SOT23 MARKING 2F SOT23 4A SMD CODE SOT23 marking code 4f sot23 marking codes SOT iSS 4G SOT-23 BC859C BCF29 BCF30 BC860B BC860C
Abstract: different devices, depending on the device encapsulation (SOT-23, SOT-89 etc.). European (Philips) Devices Types in SOT-23, SOT-89 and SOT-143 encapsulations are marked as below. The actual type number and data code are shown on the packing. SOT-89 types usually have the type number marked in full on , -23 those followed by + apply to SOT-89 devices and tn W B y # to SOT-323 devices. 1A 1BR 1E 1ER 1F 1FR 1G -
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p04 sot223 P1M marking code sot 223 marking code 3Fp PDTC* MARKING CODE marking code P1F marking 3b SOT89 2PA17 2PA1774R 2PA1774S 2PB709AQ 2PB709AR 2PB709AS
Abstract: SURFACEMOUNT TRANSISTORS AND DIODES A p io n eer in Surface M ount p roducts, P hilips invented th e SOT-23 in d u stry sta n d ard SM package. Offering full e x p e rtise and innovation in S urface M ount technology, Philips has in tro d u c ed th e n ew est m edium -pow er one-w att SM package, th e SOT-223 and has th e b ro ad est p ro d u ct range in SOT-89, SOT-143, an d MELF diode packages. O ur Surface M ount devices, as w ith all o u r d isc re te sem i co n d u cto rs, are te ste d and -
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7S20S33 BC856A BC856B FMMT3906 T-A70 FMMT5087
Abstract: selected STMicroelectronics sales offices fax: France +33 1 55489569; Germany +49 89 4605454; Italy +39 02 , Transistors are now being introduced in the small SMD plastic packages such as SOT-223, SOT-89, SOT23 , STMicroelectronics sales offices fax: France +33 1 55489569; Germany +49 89 4605454; Italy +39 02 8250449; Japan +81 -
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2SB0151K sot-23 MARKING CODE ZA b0808 BCB17-16 marking za sot89 SOT 86 MARKING E4 n33 SOT-23 BZV49 BC846A BC846AR BC847A BC847AR BC847B
Abstract: SOT-89 SMDIP 16 mm > 15 7 lb 3 \ cn -"ID ) O O O O O Qi l O i l Cj a\ )ö 3 g l , -23 SOT-143 SOT-89 SOT-223 SOD-80 MELF SMDIP ORDERING INFO: For devices taped and reeled on 7" reels , ,000 250 1,000 Bulk Packed Packaging Base Package SOT-23 SOT-143 SOT-89 SOT-223 SOD-80 MELF SMDIP , -I 9 - 1 1 I+0.95+ 1 8 - I ?" T I 8 SOT-89 SOT-223 X_ - » , ANODE) SOT-89 SCHOTTKY RECTIFIER SOT-89 TRANSISTOR SOT-89 TRIAC SOT-89 ZENER DIODE PIN 1 NO -
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BCW89 FMMTA70 BCW69 BCW70 BC857A BC857B FMMT415 VHF Transistors
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