"BC214C" equivalent

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Abstract: (Also includes Selection Charts and Equivalent Information , .£2.300 each PACE M icro Logic Designers Guide to programmed equivalent TTL fun ctions (IPC16A927) . . -
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AC digital voltmeter using 7107 AC141K 2N3866 s2p siemens transistor manual pl-519 bc154 Master Cross Reference Guide 2114L 6116P3 6116LP3 AY-3-1270 AY-3-1350 AY-3-8910
Abstract: multi-emitter transistor Brochage BCW91 BFw-11 terminals transistor A2222 H3C1-07 table) 5. 6. EUROPEAN European equivalent / (.) near equivalent 7, 8. AMERICAN American equivalent (.) near equivalent 9. JAPANESE Japanese equivalent 10. USE 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 -
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brochage des circuits integres LB 124 transistor equivalente equivalent of transistor bc212 bc 214 SESCOSEM transistor equivalente transistor BC 141 pj 929 diode picture 3154-S
Abstract: manufactures it or an equivalent type Explanation 2 If you know: the electrical and mechanical requirements , Section 19. Logos are in Section 20. or d. An equivalent type: Survey the type numbers with similar , .25Z150 numbers. An equivalent decimal pre- 1/4Z150 cedes the fraction when the remainder 3/4M12Z of type -
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FBU FAGOR 4g RCA transistor 40312 SGS C407 SF126 Avantek amplifier sft AC127 AC152 T0226 T0237