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HSP50016JC-52 Intersil Corporation Digital Down Converter; PLCC44; Temp Range: 0° to 70°
ICL7660CPA Intersil Corporation CMOS Voltage Converters; PDIP8, SOIC8; Temp Range: 0° to 70°
ICL7660SIBA Intersil Corporation Super Voltage Converter; PDIP8, SOIC8; Temp Range: See Datasheet
ISL80015IRZ-T7A Intersil Corporation Compact Synchronous Buck Converter; DFN8; Temp Range: See Datasheet

"Audio D/A Converters"

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Abstract: Sales & Distributors q Development Tools Quality & Reliability A/D Converters Audio A/D , Potentiometers q RF/IF Components Audio D/A Converters q ADI Newsletters Analog Dialogue A to Z , Products q Audio A/D Converters Analog Temperature Sensors q Audio CODECs q Battery Chargers q Audio D/A Converters Recovery/Retiming q Charge Pumps q Audio Signal , Analogue To Digital Converter Angular Rate Sensor ATE ICs Audio A/D Converter Audio A/D Converters Audio Analog Devices
ADM1062 lvdt sensor LVDT-SENSOR Synchro to digital convertor LVDT sensor for aerospace resolver sensor lvdt accelerometer sensor AN-780 ADM1069 ADM1067 ADM1068/ADM1069
Abstract: /D & D/A Converters Cirrus Logic offers a broad collection of audio A/D and D/A converters that , Focus Products Audio A/D Converters Volume Control Part Channels Dynamic Range (dB , The CS5343/4 are cost-effective complete A/D converters for automotive audio systems. They perform , www.cirrus.com www.cirrus.com 11 Audio D/A Converters Audio CODECs CS4350 109 dB, 24-bit, 192 khz , converters, digital audio interfaces, Class D amplifiers, timing solutions, analog control products, as well Cirrus Logic
usb mp3 fm modulator CS3318 portable dvd player CS42438 surround 5.1 dts preamp diagram of MP3 player usb and car fm 0207-0508-B-TWC SL71FJ
Abstract: synchronization. D/A converters with low output impedance allow high noise immunity. Trident's "Hi-Resolution PWM , NICAM) No Demodulator D/A or PWM output configuration Trident own audio technologies: IC MSP/MAP , /PDIF outputs (Mux), 3 S/PDIF transceiver 12 D/A converters with 109dBA (typ.) SNR 6 A/D converters with , In Async. DSP Audio Decoding Post Processing Hi-Res PWM or D/A HP Amp Demodulator , MAP-M, MSP-M Audio Decoding, Post Processing, Extensive IO on a Single Chip vice HD3D Sound Trident Microsystems
5651M 10037C
Abstract: technologies and well known 3rd party audio technologies are available. Built-in highquality D/A converters , sampling rate converter 2 A/D converters with 95 dBA dynamic range (typ.) 6 D/A converters with analog , (MAP 460xA) 2 D/A converters with analog volume for headphone/aux out 4 line D/A converters (2 , digital audio processing units in the DSP, as well as analog I/O including highperformance A/D and multibit sigma-delta D/A converters with oversampling digital interpolation filters. Additionally, an Micronas
5.1 channel surround sound IC 5.1ch i2s audio amplifier micronas 5.1 audio processor BEST BASS TREBLE for home theater PMQFP80-11 5.1CH subwoofer IC 6251-653-1PI D-79108 D-79008
Abstract: ANALOG-TO-DIGITAL CONVERTERS CS5326/7/8/9 and CS5336/8/9 Audio A/D Converters Delta-Sigma CS5349 Single Supply, Stereo A/D Converter for Digital Audio. The CS5349 is a complete, 16 , . CS5389 & CS5390 Professional Audio Analog to Digital Converters The CS5389 is Crystal's newest audio A/D , A/D Converters for Digital Audio . 3-5 CD B5326/7/8/9 Evaluation Board for CS5326/7/8/9 . 3-24 CS5336/8/9 16 Bit, Stereo A/D Converter for Digital Audio . . . . 3-39 CDB5336/8/9 Evaluation -
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CS5326 CS5336 CS5339 CS5345 CDB5345 CDB5349 B5389/90 CS5389/90
Abstract: package. CS5336/8/9 Delta-Sigma Audio A/D Converters This new class of device features 64X oversam , Interface Audio Codec The CS4215 is a single 44 pin PLCC package containing 2 16-bit A/D converters, 2 16 , filters, 128X oversampling deltasigma modulators, 1-bit D/A converters., and ana log filtering , programmable for mode and for chan Audio A/D Converter Comparison Table Device Num ber of Bits Dvnam ic R , single chip with 2 16-bit A /l converters, 2 16-bit D/A converters, adjustable in put gain, and -
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CS4303 S9233 S4329 s4328 Digital Audio Receivers CS9233 cs8905 CS3310 CS4329 S4303 CS4330/1/3 CS4330
Abstract: Detailed Shortform A/D Converters Page 1 Page 2 3 < 1 MSPS Encoders no T/H, DC , Logarithmic D/A's Page 62 Digital Volume Controls, Mixers Page 63 Sample Rate Converters & PCI Controller Page 64 Stereo A/D's Page 65 Stereo Codecs Page 128 Audio , Co-Processor ("Safe Net"^tm) 74 Singles, Duals, Quads Comparators Page D/A Converters Page 75 , Multi-Channel A/D Converters Page 106 Embedded Solutions: AC Motor Control: DSP BASED Page 107 -
audio power amplifiers with transistors Sample Rate Converters DIODE ED 99 Instrumentation Amplifiers syncro single CHIP ac motor speed control 20MSPS REV-10
Abstract: ProLogicII (optional) D/A converters with low output impedance allow high noise immunity. Trident , on-chip D/A converters or the "Hi- Resolution PWM" modulators can be directly connected to analog , S/PDIF receivers 5 S/PDIF outputs (Mux), 3 S/PDIF transceiver 12 D/A converters with , A/D converters with 97dBA (typ.) SNR Naming System and Versions 2 I2S outputs , Japanese EIA-J stereo Stereo A/D Audio Decoding BTSC audio with DBX noise reduction and SAP Trident Microsystems
MELOD program analog delay line phono preamp i2s to eiaj DTS sound processor ic digital graphic equalizer ic 10037D
Abstract: . 27 CS5396/97: 120 dB, 96 kHz Audio A/D Converters , 2000 Product Guide FLOW CHART Flow Chart Consumer/Professional Audio A/D Converters CS5330A , , control including volume The CS5394 and CS5396 are the highest performance audio A/D converters. The , emerging double sample rate 96 kHz standard. Audio D/A Converters Cirrus Logic's Crystal audio D/A , -bit, audio D/A converters offering 101 dB and 105 dB dynamic range, respectively. The 24-bit CS4390 offers Cirrus Logic
polaroid is 426 owners manual fault codes for ericsson bts ericsson bts Technical specification Audio Transmitters AN120 Dolby Digital Phase Anglers CL-CR3470/CR3475 CL-CR3480 CL-CR3710 CL-PS6700 CL-PS7111 CL-PS7500FE
Abstract: High Resolution D/A to Converters High Performance Compander for Wireless Audio Systems High , Converters Improve Function Generators with Matched D/A Converters Improved PCB Layouts for VideoRAM-DACs , Transformer and a Low Resistant Shunt EVALCONTROL A/D Controller for General Purpose A/D's, 2nd generation , with Reduced Vdd Supply AD7703 AD7701/AD7703 Sigma DeltA/D Converters AD7710 AD7710 Sigma-Delta/D , Coefficients of the AD771x Family of Sigma Delta A/D's ADM232L ADM2xx Family for RS-232 Communications -
DAC08 PCI-16F84 high accuracy riaa pci 16F84 DAC08 Applications Collection balanced riaa phono mc preamp AD7549 AD7243 OP221 AD7537 AD7755
Abstract: PWM. On-chip analog I/Os include Line, Phono, and Microphone inputs, as well as D/A converters for , MAP-M at a high-performance level. The on-chip high-quality D/A converters provide high-performance to , bit/192 kHz multibit -D/A converters with analog volume A/D converters Analog stereo line inputs and , MAP-M S/PDIF in I2S in Mux S/PDIF Audio Processing "Hi-Res. PWM" or D/A S/PDIF Mux , converters with analog volume A/D converters Analog stereo line inputs and outputs Complete line in/out Micronas
Micronas visual i2c parametric equalizer ic visual i2c phono preamplifier circuit diagram srs wow RIAA to PHONO USB 2000/XP
Abstract: synchronization. The on-chip high-end D/A converters or "HiResolution PWM" modulators can directly be connected to analog (linear) or digital (class-D) amplifiers. D/A converters with low output impedance allow , Dolby Virtual Speaker (optional) High-end multibit -D/A converters with 108 dBA (typ.) dynamic range High-end A/D converters with 90 dBA (typ.) dynamic range Analog stereo line inputs and , Outputs I2S AGC A/D Demodulator Stereo Decoder RDS Sampling Rate Converters SIF Micronas
MICRONAS MAP-M Micronas Semiconductor Lip Sync Delay ICs micronas msp-m MICRONAS 46x1M 6251-689-2PI
Abstract: DATA ACQUISITION SEMINAR Digital-to-Analog Conversion Overview Digital Audio Data DAC A , Digital-to-Analog Conversion A Audio Data High-Order Analog Filter Analog Output (dB) A B , frequency information into the audio passband. Digital-to-Analog Converters Crystal World Tour , Crystal Architecture A Audio Data B Digital Interpolator B' Delta Sigma Modulator C , of the switchedcapacitor noise within the audio passband. Digital-to-Analog Converters Crystal -
CDB4303 S4327 AES17-1991 AES171991 S4331 S/PDIF to analog convertor CS8411/12
Abstract: '" Integrated high-quality D/A converters â'" Integrated A/D converters â'" Microphone amplifier â'" Flexible , analog functions required in a portable recorder. The high-quality D/A converters are connected directly , Package) The MAS 3587F is a single-chip MPEG layer 3 audio encoder/decoder designed for use in portable , 3587F integrates power management functions and two DC/DC converters for single cell power supply. A , analog functions required in an advanced portable audio recorder. Features: â'" Single-chip MPEG 1/2 Micronas
PLQFP64 LFBGA81 6251-542-1SI
Abstract: True RMS to DC Converters Analog and Digital Audio Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page 75 78 81 74 79 79 80 81 77 76 Audio Amplifiers & Buffers Audio D/A's, Linear and Sigma Delta , Digital Volume Controls Logarithmic D/A's Sample Rate Converters Stereo A/D's, Stereo Codecs , , Comparators Page 24 Singles, Duals, Quads D/A Converters Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page 26 , Converters Page Page Page 83 84 84 Subsystems: A/D's & DSP's with Vector Transformation, PWM, and Digital I Analog Devices
Direct Digital Synthesis
Abstract: rate is directly related to the sampling rate of the converter. Sign magnitude D/A converters, like , range. However, the RC continuous time analog filter used in the output stage of D/A converters, as well as the input anti-alias filter used at the input of A/D converters, have a fixed frequency , response of the internal output filter for our D/A converters. Figure 5 shows the overall and passband frequency response of the internal anti-aliasing filter for our A/D converters. SAMPLING FREQUENCY (kHz Burr-Brown
PCM1702 Burr-Brown adc converters AB-034 PCM1725 PCM1723 PCM1720
Abstract: 12 Bit D to Converters and Control the Lot. AN101 Cross Plot Generator Allows Quick A/D , Converters, AN-TBD Evauluation board for the AD7730 Strain Gauge Transudcer A/D AN221 Power Down , TrimDAC AN313 Getting the Most from High Resolution D to Converters, AN404 Considerations for , the AD7111Aand AD7112 "LOGDAC"s, AN208 Understanding Logrithmic D/A's AN364 Enhancing the , APPLICATION NOTE TITLE AN322 Improve Function Generators with Matched D to Converters AN320A Analog Devices
SAA7220 SSM2110 ad7730 pcb circuit example pcb ad7730 TMS32050 AD7730 program ad7730 example 4-20ma interface WITH ADC AN402 AN219 CS4231 AD1845 AN387 AN207
Abstract: Engineer-2 (Trimming A/D's and D/A's) Ask the Applications Engineer-3 (V/F Converters) AN352 AN360 , SigmDeltA/D Converters AN228 AN229 Evaluation Board for the AD7884 16 Bit A/D Converter Evaluation , ofThermocouple Temperature Measurement with the AD594/AD595, Test Video A/D Converters under Dynamic Conditions , High Precision Comparator AN354 AN353 Ask the Applications Engineer-1 (Mux'd A/D & LOG kT/q , . Cross Plot Generator Allows Quick A/D Converter Evaluation AN23 AN327 D/Converter Generates Analog Devices
AN532 digital frequency synthesizer AN214 audio amplifier AN214 amplifier wein bridge oscillator AN231 silicon Spice model AD9850 AN325 8051M AN529 AN531 AN209 AN407
Abstract: directly related to the sampling rate of the converter. Sign magnitude D/A converters, like the PCM1704 , continuous time analog filter used in the output stage of D/A converters, as well as the input anti-alias filter used at the input of A/D converters, have a fixed frequency response that does not track with , filter for our D/A converters. Figure 5 shows the overall and passband frequency response of the internal anti-aliasing filter for our A/D converters. SAMPLING FREQUENCY (kHz)(1,2) PRODUCT MIN Burr-Brown
PCM1716 transistor intercom circuit burr-brown ab-148 digital circuit with RC lowpass stopped clock operation PCM3001 PCM1728 PCM1717 PCM3002 PCM3003 PCM3006
Abstract: Audio Power Amplifiers Page 2-10 Digital Audio Receivers Page 2-8 A to D Converters Page 2-3 , Transmitters Page 2-8 MicroPower Management controllers D to A Converters Page 2-5 Audio Op Amps , PLL1700 PLL1705 PLL1706 PLL1707 PLL1708 Audio Converters-A to D Converters Device Name Sorted , -Bit Monolithic Audio ADC Multi-Bit Enhanced Noise Shaping 20-Bit A/D Conversion System Multi-Bit Enhanced Noise , Audio Converters-D to A Converters Selection Guides Audio Products Amplifiers & Comparators Texas Instruments
14-SOIC PCM3008 PCM3000 pcm1750 PCM-1725 MSP430 TPA0232 TPA0233 TPA0242 TPA0243 TPA0252 TPA0312
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