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MASWSS0166TR-3000 MACOM SPDT, 3000MHz Max, 1 Func, 0.7dB Insertion Loss-Max, GAAS
MSWSE-040-10 MACOM Pin Diode, 300V V(BR), Silicon, 2 X 1.30 MM, ROHS COMPLIANT, QFN-2
MA4P404-132 MACOM PIN Diode
SFD25H MACOM Frequency Doubler, 5MHz Min, 2400MHz Max, 13.8dB Conversion Loss-Max, HERMETIC SEALED, SURFACE MOUNT PACKAGE-6
MAAM-011186-TR1000 MACOM Wide Band Medium Power
MADR-009269-0001TR MACOM Interface Circuit

"Associated Components Technology" transformer* m

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Abstract: 79 NEW PRODUCT SURFACE MOUNT LOW PROFILE AUDIO TRANSFORMER SERIES SEF SPECIFICATIONS FEATURES - PART NUMBER Super compact size Good for high speed modems Meets FCC requirements Can , SEF-3 600 900 1.5 SEF-1CT 600CT 600CT 1.4 SEF-2CT > 100 M @ 500 VDC 60dB , SCHEMATIC 4 5 Associated Components Technology Phone 800 / 234-2645 Fax 714 / 265-4810 Associated Components Technology Associated Components Technology
audio transformer 600 surface mount
Abstract: 83 NEW PRODUCT SURFACE MOUNT HIGH SPEED PULSE TRANSFORMER SERIES STP FEATURES - Excellent effective power transmission Fast rise time High ET constant assures transmission capacity , Packaging 2.54 7 max -45°C to +105°C 100 M min (100 VDC ) 500 VDC min ±100PPM / °C Max 50 mA , 500 500 500 500 500 500 Associated Components Technology Phone 800 / 234-2645 Fax 714 , C A A A B B B B Associated Components Technology Associated Components Technology
STP-40 STP-80 STP-100-2 STP-40CT STP-20CT STP-100-2CT 1002CT STP-120-3CT-1 hall IC 945 stp 6 pin
Abstract: need for a package, interconnect board plus discrete components complicated the assembly of the hybrid , connections, and firing in a reducing atmosphere which limited the range of co-firable film components which , film components are formed themselves from refractory mixed metal oxides which require oxidizing , components such as resistors, capacitors and inductors. This ability to be processed in an oxidizing , Semi IC's & MCM-D THIN/THICK FILMS HTCC INTERCONNECT PACKAGE COMPONENTS LOW TEMPERATURE National Semiconductor
SRF 1063 JESD-A101 W. HUGHES TEST POINTS Passive filters used in wireless lans capacitor huang analog telecommunications 1992 car
Abstract: , interconnect board plus discrete components complicated the assembly of the hybrid microcircuit and increased , reducing atmosphere which limited the range of co-firable film components which could be included. The , * * requires processing in a non-oxidizing atmosphere The best film components are formed themselves from , a variety of in situ film components such as resistors, capacitors and inductors. This ability to be , COMPONENTS LOW TEMPERATURE COFIRED TECHNOLOGY Figure 1 Comparison of MCM technologies Low-Temperature National Semiconductor
htcc 102 capacitor Hughes Microelectronics
Abstract: HYPER-XMTTM HXTH01260 BRIDGE CONVERTER TRANSFORMER · · · · · · Designed for Bridge , transformer primary. External circuit connections must provide appropriate isolation for these terminals , HXTH01260 BRIDGE CONVERTER TRANSFORMER ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATIONS (@ +25ºC): DCR: Primary (1-6) = 0.055 Max Secondary (S-F) = 0.70 m Max OCL: Primary (1-6) = 1.5mH Min @ 150kHz SRF: 500 kHz Min LEAKAGE , commercializing 4.5 advanced technology for electromagnetic components. The company's technology is relied Tabtronics
155uH hxth HXTH01260R 400VDC
Abstract: Requires Stable Signal Conditioning Components. Thermistorsand -100°Cto w5%/°C for ± 0.1 °C Standard  , output requires stable signal conditioning components and makes system accuracy difficult to achieve , make "end-to-end" system accuracies better than 0.5°C difficult to achieve. 0 2.5 E 5 § 7.5 < m 10 , Application Note 28 R2 R3 100ÃÏ 255k FULL-SCALE TRIM 1% Vin K LT1025 Vo GND R- 1 X ? m "R4 -^A . M , can serve as part of a filter. Effects of the added components on overall accuracy should be evaluated -
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33K100 74c74 Omega k type thermocouple range 33K-100 A7s TRANSISTOR Non-Linear Circuits Handbook AN28-20
Abstract: 1 Total Cost of Ownership using Solid State Relays co m By: Doug Sherman, Field Sales , Engineer/Marketing Director Crydom, Inc. nt co m po ne Power switching solutions are , m 2 s. co Fig. 1 - Product life cycle showing important costs for switching solutions lin e co m po ne nt Fig. 1 shows three costs associated with a switching solution , m Rather than focusing only on initial cost, the approach presented here is more toward Crydom
Abstract: .11 Table 1. Implementation of Software Components , TNETD2000P chipset. Figure 2. Internal PCI ADSL Adapter Block Diagram Interleave Memory External M , C Receiver & Input Filter Transformer Over Voltage Protection RJ -11 Line Driver , where various software components are implemented. Table 1. Implementation of Software Components , processor. Microsoft provides the PPP protocol stack components. On host processor. Microsoft provides the Texas Instruments
schematic adsl modem board adsl splitter dslam circuit diagram adsl splitter circuit diagram schematic diagram of phone adapter ADSL Modem circuit diagram TNETD2011 SPAA006A TNETD2000PTM
Abstract: information, see page 22. TAPE AND REEL PACKAGING )(). SURFACE MOUNT DEVICE /Tl S M D ¡J|. 0 , :609-429-7800 · Fax:609-429-6814 E-Mail: sales@ em ct.com · W e b Site: w w w .EM C T .co m NEW PRODUCTS , MOUNT BALUN A 50ft to 25Q transformer (balun), our unique surface mount balun is specifically designed , cable. To protect temperature sensitive components from heat generated by the load, it may be mounted in a remote heat sink. The cable load replaces other expensive components normally used in these -
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Abstract: drive to VMOS devices Q1 and Q2, which chop Q3's output into T1, a step-up transformer. In this design , rails while simultaneously supplying current gain. E 600 lu ( 3 550 oc 500 m o 450 < v 400 , . Substituting higher power devices for Q1 and Q2 along with a larger transformer allows more output power , transformer cannot pass DC polarity information. Obtaining bipolar output from a transformer based voltage , LTC1043 section gates oscillator pulses to the appropriate SCR trigger transformer at the output. For -
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1000v to 2000v vac inverter circuit 12bh7a 12V DC to 120V AC full bridge inverter 74C04 scr controlled servo amplifier transformer inverter ips 12v
Abstract: HYPER-XMTTM HXTF00140 FORWARD CONVERTER TRANSFORMER · · · · · · · Designed for forward , specific applications. HYPER-XMTTM HXTF00140 FORWARD CONVERTER TRANSFORMER ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATIONS (@ +25°C): DCR: Primary (1 ­ 2) = 0.070 Max Secondary (3 ­ 4) = 0.50 m Max OCL: Primary = 70 , advanced technology for electromagnetic components. 0.352 1.55 97.11 The company's technology , customers. Tabtronics has 25 years experience in direct manufacture of electromagnetic components, and Tabtronics
HXTF00140R max 9694
Abstract: Equipment Rooms `o' Separation: Liquid Oil Fill Transformers `q' Separation: Semi-Solid Sand Fill Instrumentation `m' Separation: Solid Encapsulation Instrumentation `n' , given explosive gas atmosphere." Thus, a circuit must contain safety components that prevent spark or , responsibility of the circuit designer to incorporate these protective components into the design while still , agency certification if it contains passive components, does not generate or store significant energy Linear Technology
LT4356 IEC-79 IEC60079-11 IRLR2906 IEC79-11 INTRINSIC SAFE CIRCUIT LT4356 DC1018
Abstract: MIC 20.000MHZ Command Payload FCS MSDU MHR 2 MAC Sublayer 1 4 or 10 2 k m n Sequence , Sleep and Wake-up modes. The 100 kHz internal oscillator requires no external components and Microchip Technology
MRF24J40 DS39776 MPLAB ICE suppression cap x2 8203 PICC-18 PIC32 ox230 DS39776C DS39776C-
Abstract: 2 k m n Sequence Number Adressing Fields Superframe Specification GTS , Oscillator The 100 kHz internal oscillator requires no external components and provides one of two Sleep Microchip Technology
Abstract: as15-s NC7S7125PSX DS39776A Command Payload MSDU MFR 2 MAC Sublayer 1 4 or 10 2 k m n Frame Control , internal oscillator requires no external components and provides one of two Sleep clock (SLPCLK Microchip Technology
DS39776B MRF24J40/ML NC7SZ125P5X rf beacon AES-128 DS39776B-page DS39776B-
Abstract: transformer 5.2.3 Supply via two transformers Connection of several servo drives to form a drive , components. The "General safety instructions" and "Special safety instructions for AX5000" sections are also , AX5000 series are designed for installation as components in electrical systems or machines and may be operated only as integrated system or machine components. WARNING Caution ­ Risk of injury , liability All the components are supplied in particular hardware and software configurations appropriate BECKHOFF
AX5103 AX5901 AX5201-AX5206 AX5911 AX5106 AX5203 AX-5000-0000-0200
Abstract: on-chip transformers at 2.4 GHz [8]. Another interesting low-voltage example is the 2.4-GHz power device , on-chip passive components such as inductors, capacitors and varactors are required for RF IC , increasing the bias current or by using higher-Q components in the LC resonator circuit. Note, however , wide range of high-Q passive components will be critical to achieving low power dissipation in RF and , also the simulation of interconnect wires, transmission lines, transformers, and packages IBM
microwave transceiver microwave transceiver 3.5 GHz loop gain of Colpitts VCO design 5ghz 0.18 um CMOS Spiral Inductor technology loop gain of Colpitts VCO design 4 ghz Drive Base BJT
Abstract: transformers. Although other floating drive schemes are available, this drive technique is most common when , hightech field. Not surprisingly, the price pressure on highvolume semiconductors components is , Density (m W cm 2) 2 6 RDS(on) Aactive 8 Trench 0 1980 '82 '84 '86 '88 , air conditioning, this device performance advantage translates into fewer components and into the , inductance can cause voltage spikes to be reflected back onto the primary (battery) side of the transformer Temic Semiconductors
car airbag trench mosfet firing circuit 62726 squib Si4410
Abstract: APPLICATIONS · Sw itches/Relays/M U X's - Autom atic Test Equipment - Ultrasound - Harness Reduction - Fiber , CIRCUITS * Complementary transistors, with m atching P-channel and N-channel, both for low voltage signal , contain all these components. With H IV IC technology, the electrode drive and control can be accomplished , dramatically re duce the number of components and printed circuit boards, resulting in increased speed, reduced , expensive hybrid circuitry with numerous external components. H IV IC technology permits the integration of -
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rad hard h-bridge dc motor
Abstract: Inductors SMD pulse transformers for LAN applications March 11, 2010 TDK-EPC, a group company of TDK Corporation, has developed a series of TDK pulse transformers in SMD design for LAN use. The new product enables customers to employ automated placement of all components on the circuit board and using , an insertion loss of not more than 1.5 dB, the new ALT4532-001T series of pulse transformers , transformer is used in combination with a common-mode filter to eliminate differential noise. Together, their TDK-EPC
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