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TPS657095YFFT Texas Instruments Embedded Camera Module PMIC 16-DSBGA -40 to 85
TPS657095YFFR Texas Instruments Embedded Camera Module PMIC 16-DSBGA -40 to 85
TMDSIPCAM369X104 Texas Instruments IP Camera Reference Design
DM385-AR0331 Texas Instruments DM385 IP Camera Reference Design
IPCAMERARD Texas Instruments DM385 IP Camera Reference Design
MC-1134PB Texas Instruments MC-1134 CCD camera

"AF camera module"

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Abstract: for the first time in a Sony camera module product. This AF system focuses over a wide range of , This made it possible to create a miniature low-power AF system optimal for a camera module. The , 2M-Pixel CMOS Camera Module with Autofocus Function for Mobile Equipment MCB770 Based on Sony , 2M-pixel CMOS sensor and an AF function that can handle a wide range of camera to subject distances. I 3-element, 3-group glass lens with AF function I CMOS sensor with 2.01M camera block Sony
mobile camera circuit diagram sony cmos sensor Sony CMOS Camera Module camera module af cmos camera CIRCUIT diagram IMX011CQ
Abstract: reflector NJL5904R for camera module auto focus (henceforth AF). Lately, it tends to insert AF function in a handset camera and stepping motors and voice coil motors are being equipped for AF lens operation , and is suitable for positioning detection of AF lens for camera module of handsets. NJL5904R , Camera module with AF function for handsets Positioning detection for DSC shake reduction system PKG , COBP Photo Reflector NJL5904R for position sensor Optimal for AF lens position sensor, 3 times New Japan Radio
INJL5904R infrared photo reflector PIEZO ELECTRIC SENSOR PHOTO SENSOR of application ccd camera module of light photo sensor
Abstract: New 3-Mp AF module best-in-class size and performance VB6851: 3-Mp autofocus mobile camera module STV0986: up to 5-Mp image system processor VS6555: VGA ultra-small mobile camera module The STV0986 is a , optical format super-fast 3-Mpixel autofocus module and an ultra-small VGA second camera. This , -555-S01 MOB-B851-SO1 Small plug-in module containing VB6851 camera module MOB-555-S01 Small plug-in module containing VS6555 camera module Typical application diagram Camera 1 VS6555 3-Mpixel autofocus STMicroelectronics
5-Mpixel autofocus camera module 5 MP camera module 5 MP Auto-Focus Camera with LED Flash Camera AF actuator camera i2c mobile 3mp autofocus actuator MOB-096/B851P01 MOB-986-P01 MOB-B851-S01 STCF03 FLSTV09860208
Abstract: NJL5901R-2/ NJL5902R-2, COBP (Chip On Board Package) photo reflector, suitable for Auto-focus (AF) camera module of cellular telephone. [Background of development] Auto-focus (AF) camera module for cellular , ] (For position detection AF position detection of Camera module Position detection of hands movement , Providing miniaturization of auto-focus camera module for cellular phone, by expansion of small , auto-focus camera module by employing miniature thin surface m ount package The NJL5901R-2 employs the New Japan Radio
Auto-Focus diameter lens phototransistor infrared light sensor NJL5901AR-1 NJL5902R-1 NJL5901R-2/5902R-2
Abstract: Module FLK-TI95 9HZ/FCA Ti95 IR Camera with DMM a3001 FC iFlex Kit FLK-TI95 9HZ/FCC Ti95 IR Camera with , cameras A Fluke infrared camera can save you time and money by finding potential problems before they , IR-Fusion camera. Fluke patented technology provides the user with both a digital and an infrared image in , on the same camera. Built with See it. Save it. Share it. All the facts, right in the field , , AutoBlendâ"¢ PIP, FULL IR, FULL VISIBLE Visible camera PIP (1.2 m (4 ft) to 4.6 m (15 ft), FULL IR FLUKE
FLK-TI125 30HZ/FCB 3000FC 3001FC FLK-TI105 30HZ/FCA
Abstract: VB6871 3-Mpixel AF MDDI camera module Provides optimal solution with Qualcomm baseband devices , integrated autofocus mechanism Super-fast AF performance, focus convergence times of < 600 ms Small module , interface provides EMI compatibility advantage over parallel interface solutions Camera module may be , with Qualcomm's state-of-the-art on-chip ISP technology, an excellent DSC (digital still camera) image quality can be achieved. This super-fast AF solution, coupled with low EMI footprint, offers significant STMicroelectronics
MSM6801A Qualcomm MSM6290 msm6290 qsd8x50 Qualcomm block diagram of qualcomm camera MSM6290 FLVB68710608
Abstract: 5-Mpixel AF multi-chip camera module with high-performance ISP Provides a fully-integrated , smartphone and mobile phone applications. Unparalleled performance from a camera module With an embedded image signal processor, this module encompasses all typical features required from a high-end camera , 5-Mpixel CMOS color digital camera that combines a very small physical footprint with autofocus , mm) Embedded full feature image signal processor (ISP) Fully-integrated autofocus (AF) mechanism STMicroelectronics
smartphone camera module block diagram of a smartphone cMOS Camera Module processor image signal processor flashgun CMOS phone Camera Module FLUB69400209
Abstract: DATASHEET AXIS M11 Network Camera Series Compact and affordable high-resolution cameras for , . AXIS M11 Network Camera Series offers excellent image quality, where progressive scan provides crisp , supplies power to the camera via the network, eliminating the need for power cables and reducing , Network Camera Series Camera Models AXIS M1103: fixed focal lens: SVGA resolution AXIS M1104: fixed , Video Hosting System (AVHS) with One-Click Interface Camera connection Intelligent video Video motion Axis Communications
M1113 M1114 T93E05 T8414 P8221 42497/EN/R4/1209
Abstract: MITSUMI 3.2Mega AF Ultra compact 3.2Mega AF camera module CMQ-89BX OUTLINE VCM Ultra miniaturization is achieved by our unique VCM actuator design technology. Contribute for increasing the degree of design flexibility of the cellular phone as well as for making it smaller and , 4P 10cmInfinite 8.5 W ×21.3 D H ×4.9 mm MITSUMI 3.2Mega AF Ultra compact 3.2Mega AF camera module DIMENSIONS 14.4 8.5 13 8.5 4.9 9.5 5.3 Unit mm - -
mitsumi Vcm mitsumi Vcm 13 camera module 3 mobile phone "Camera Module" 3 mobile Camera Module
Abstract: mm (6.3â') AXIS P5512-E 93 mm (3.7â') 16 mm (0.7â') Camera module 119 mm (4.7â , : AXIS P8221 Network I/O Audio Module AXIS Camera Station and video management software from Axisâ , against dust and dripping water. The camera can operate even when the sprinkler system is activated. The , and corrosion. AXIS P5512-E can operate in temperatures from -20 °C to 50 °C (-4 °F to 122 °F) . , functions such as video motion detection, audio detection and applications supported by AXIS Camera Axis Communications
P5512/-E P5512 47302/EN/R2/1209
Abstract: ') 178 mm (7.0â') 183 mm (7.2â') AXIS P5522 Wall mount Camera module 195 mm (7.7â') 211 , Module AXIS Camera Station and video management software from Axisâ'™ Application Development , ensures protection against dust and dripping water, enabling the camera to operate even when the , dust, rain and snow and can operate in temperatures from -20 °C to 50 °C (-4 °F to 122 °F). Easy , Camera Application Platform can be used as alarm triggers to activate recording and send notifications Axis Communications
P5522/-E P5522-E T8123 RJ-45 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX IP66-
Abstract: DATASHEET AXIS P5534-E PTZ Dome Network Camera Outdoor-ready HDTV camera with 18x zoom. > HDTV , Dome Network Camera offers outstanding HDTV-quality video and 18x zoom, enabling surveillance of a , , HDTV color fidelity and a 16:9 format. The day and night camera can deliver multiple H.264 and Motion JPEG streams simultaneously. The PTZ dome camera provides 18x optical and 12x digital zoom with , camera's Advanced Gatekeeper functionality enables it to automatically move to a preset position when Axis Communications
ICES-003 T8310 42093/EN/R3/1211
Abstract: VB6850 3.2 Megapixel QXGA camera module with auto focus Data Brief Features 3.2 Megapixel , focus camera module with embedded passives Integral EMC shielding and EMI reduction techniques , camera module targeting mobile applications. Manufactured using ST 0.13 um CMOS imaging process, it , the auto-focus actuator drivers, are integrated inside the camera module, apart from two CCI pull-up , Controller or Baseband CCI Slave 3 Megapixel auto-focus camera module EXTCLK XSHUTDOWN STMicroelectronics
3.2 Megapixel QXGA camera module autofocus camera module raw smia95 CAMERA SMIA 85 autofocus lens control system in camera Mobile Camera Module 2048H
Abstract: transparent cover Metal inner camera module with encapsulated electronics Casing color: white NCS S 1002 , DATASHEET AXIS M32 Network Camera Series Discreet and affordable fixed domes for professional , of camera tampering attempts like blocking or spray-painting. Technical specifications â'" AXIS M32 Network Camera Series Camera Models AXIS M3203: SVGA resolution, tamper-resistant casing , 0.9 - 100000 lux, F1.7 Shutter time 1/24500 s to 1/6 s Camera angle adjustment Pan/Tilt Axis Communications
M3204 M3204-V M3203/-V M3203-V M3203/M3204 M3203-V/M3204-V
Abstract: Simplifies camera module integration Adapts different camera modules to a system without modifying host , an advanced 2-camera imaging system in battery-powered applications such as mobile phones. They support a wide range of SMIA and MIPI compatible camera modules. Every aspect of imaging system control , STV0987 are housed in small BGA packages, and are also available in die form for integration in camera , and shading compensation Pixel defect correction and noise reduction Embedded AF, AE, AWB and STMicroelectronics
bt.656 to MIPI All mobile ic code image MIPI CSI-2 Parallel MIPI csi-2 Mpixel ITU-R BT.656 to jpeg FLSTV09860209
Abstract: further so you get consistently in-focus images, Every. Single. Time. Every infrared camera user knows , "¢ gives you instant access to critical dataâ'"unlike any other camera on the market to keep your , °F to +2192 °F) -20 °C to +650 °C (-4 °F to +1202 °F) ± 2 °C or 2 % (at 25 °C nominal , pixels 76,800 Infrared spectral band Visual (visible light) camera Standard infrared lens type Field , span Yes Yes 2.0 °C (3.6 °F) 3.0 °C (5.4 °F) Yes Yes Yes High-temperature , low-temperature FLUKE
K-TI400 60HZ/FCA 60HZ/FCC 4347232F
Abstract: NIKON DIGITAL SLR CAMERA D100 Digital SLR Camera The Nikon digital SLR experience. Fulfillment , Fill-Flash and manual control. GN 51 at ISO 200 Three color modes Five-Area Autofocus with Dynamic AF , release button, Command and Sub Command Dials, AF start button and a 10-pin remote terminal. D100 Digital SLR Camera Nikon is pleased to announce the new Nikon D100 digital SLR camera; developed to meet the growing needs of the advanced digital SLR market, this new camera provides compact and Nikon
AS-15 ISO1222 nikon CCD nikon nikko Multi-CAM900 nikon sensor electronic lcd viewfinder 512MB/1GB MBD100 MB-D100 MH-18/19
Abstract: -megapixel camera solution on a single chip, aimed at offering cost efficiencies that serve the highvolume autofocus (AF) camera phone market. The system-on-achip (SOC) sensor features OmniVision's 1.4 micron , low-light sensitivity, while enabling ultra compact camera module designs of 8.5 mm x 8.5 mm with less than 5 mm z-height. The OV5640 provides the full functionality of a complete camera, including anti-shake technology, AF control, and MIPI while being easier to tune then two-chip solutions, making it OmniVision Technologies
OV05640-G04A OV56 OV05640-A71A camera, OV5640 zoom ov5640 CSP3 mipi controller
Abstract: ' Arctic Temperature Control allows the camera to not only function at -40 °C (-40 °F) but also start , Temperature Control enables camera start-up at temperatures as low as -40 °C (-40 °F); humidity 15 - 100 , DATASHEET AXIS Q6032-E PTZ Dome Network Camera Advanced, outdoor-ready PTZ dome for demanding , Ethernet AXIS Q6032-E PTZ Dome Network Camera is an outdoor-ready, high-performance PTZ dome designed , precise pan/tilt response. The camera can also tilt 20° above the horizon for an extended tilt range of Axis Communications
T8124 50012/EN/R1/1301
Abstract: MITSUMI Ultra compact 3.2Mega AF camera module CMQ-89BX OUTLINE Ultra miniaturization is achieved by our unique VCM actuator design technology. Contribute for increasing the degree of design flexibility of the cellular phone as well as for making it smaller and slimmer. FEATURES 1. Excellent resistance against drop impact 2. Low power consumption thanks for adoption of CMOS image sensor 3. Low , (W) 21.3 (D) 4.9 (H) mm MITSUMI Ultra compact 3.2Mega AF camera module DIMENSIONS 14.4 -
CMOS Camera Module vcm sensor CAMERA AF mitsumi actuator camera RAW8
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