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LM339DBLE Texas Instruments Quad Differential Comparator 14-SSOP 0 to 70
CD74FCT574M96 Texas Instruments BiCMOS FCT Interface Logic Octal Non-Inverting D-Type Flip-Flops with 3-State Outputs 20-SOIC 0 to 70
LINUXDVSDK-OMAP Texas Instruments Linux Digital Video Software Development Kits
SN74F158AN Texas Instruments Quadruple 2-Line To 1-Line Data Selectors/Multiplexers 16-PDIP 0 to 70
TMS320C541PZ2-40 Texas Instruments Digital Signal Processor 100-LQFP
PMP5334 Texas Instruments Boost (5V@2A) for Laser

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Part : FH1V/4-20MA/INPUT Supplier : Yokogawa Electric Manufacturer : Newark element14 Stock : - Best Price : - Price Each : -
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"4-20mA" ic

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Abstract: ISO Series 4-20mA Signal Isolated IC ä¸¤çº¿å¶ 4-20mA 信号éš"离调çå™¨ IC ISO 4-20mA , ¼Œ ç"¨æ¥çº¿æ'§æ§å¶äºŒçº¿å¶ä¾›ç"u回路ï¼é˜²çæ¹å¼ï¼‰ã''产å"å部åŒå«æ‰ç"uæuä¿¡å·è°ƒå¶è§£è°ƒç"uè·¯ã'ä¿¡å·è'¦åéš"离变æ¢ç"uè·¯ç­‰ï¼Œå¾ å°çš"è¾"å¥ç­‰æ•ç"u阻,使该 IC 能å¤ä»ä¼ æ"器è¾"出回路中采é›å°çš" 4-20mA , 线å¶å›žè·¯ä¾›ç"uè¾"出æ¹å¼æ¥é™ä½ç"¨æ·å¸ƒçº¿ææ¬ï¼å¯è'çä¸¤æ ¹ç"u源线),ç®'åŒç"¨æ·è®¾è®¡ã'' 该 IC , ., Ltd. Page 1 of 3 ISO Series 4-20mA Signal Isolated IC æ'æ¯å'数 å' 数 条 ä , =20mA é¢'ç‡å"åº"ï¼å°ä¿¡å·å¸¦å®½ï¼‰ 100 Hz å¸åž'åº"ç"¨ ISO 4-20mA-P 信号éš"离调çå™¨ IC å¸åž'åº"ç"¨æ¥çº¿å Sunyuan Technology
UL94V-0 SIP12 24VDC
Abstract: ISO Series 4-20mA Signal Isolated IC æ‰æºè´è½½ä¸¤çº¿å¶ 4-20mA éš"离æ§å¶å™¨ IC ISO 4-20mA , ç"uæuä¿¡å·ä¸äºŒçº¿å¶ç"uæuç¯ä¾›ç"u回路æ¥æ"¶å£ç"u源å²çªé—®é¢˜ã'' ISO 4-20mA-E 采ç"¨é«˜æ•èƒ½çš"回路窃ç"uæ'æ¯ï¼Œä½¿ IC 无é'ç'¬ç«'ç"u源供ç"uã''è'Œé‡‡ç"¨ä¸¤çº¿å¶å›žè·¯ä¾›ç"uè¾"出æ¹å¼å¯ çæ‰ä¸¤æ ¹ç"u源线,大大ç®'åŒäºç"¨æ·çš"设计,é™ä½ç"¨æ·å¸ƒçº¿ææ¬ã''该 IC å部åŒå«æ‰ç"uæuä¿¡å·è°ƒå¶è§£è°ƒç"uè·¯ã'ä¿¡å· è'¦åéš"离变æ¢ç"u路等ã''å¾å°çš"è¾"å¥ç­‰æ•ç"u阻,使该 IC 能å¤ä»ä¼ æ"å , ., Ltd. Page 1 of 6 ISO Series 4-20mA Signal Isolated IC æ'æ¯å'数 å' 数 条 ä Sunyuan Technology
Abstract: YUAN 4-20mA Current Ioop Isolated ISO ç³»å— ISO 4-20mA 3KVAC éš"离 特ç'¹ï¼š ã'' ã'' ã'' ã'' ã'' ã'' ã'' ã'' ã'' 4-20mA ç"uæuç¯éš"离 IC SIP12 è"šå°è£ åº"ç"¨ï , ç"uæuç¯éš"离è¯ç‰‡æ˜¯å•ç‰‡ä¸¤çº¿å¶éš"离æ¥å£è¯ç‰‡ï¼Œè¯¥ IC å部åŒå«æ‰ç"uæuä¿¡å·è°ƒå¶è§£è°ƒç"uè·¯ã'ä¿¡ 号è'¦åéš"离变æ¢ç"u路等ã''å¾å°çš"è¾"å¥ç­‰æ•ç"u阻,使该 IC çš"è¾"å¥ç"uå'è¾¾å°è¶å®½èŒƒå›´ï¼7.5â'"32V),以满足ç"¨ , 4-20mA ç"uæuç¯éš"离 IC SIP12 è"šå°è£ 引è"šæè¿° Pin 引è"š 引è"šåèƒ½è¯´æ˜ 1 Sunyuan Technology
Abstract: ç"uæuç¯è·¯éš"离éç"u器 IC 两线å¶æ— æºåž'回路é¦ç"u 4-20mA 信号éš"离éç"u器:ISOS 4-20mA-F ç³»å , —®é¢˜ï¼Œè¾¾å°æ ‡å‡ä¿¡å· 4~20mA ç²¾å‡éš"离传é'ã''产å"æ‰ PCB 板ä¸å®‰è£çš" IC 封è£ã'DIN35 标å‡å¯¼ 轨å , ., Ltd. Page 2 of 8 Micro 2-wire 4-20mA Loop Powered Isolation Distributor IC     IC ,     3ã'ç"±äºå‰æ•ä¸‰æžç®¡ Ic æ'大ç"uæuçš"限å¶ï¼Œå¶æ‰©æuå'Œé©±å¨è´è½½èƒ½å›æ‰é , ,å按 A+B åè¿›å¥é›¶ç'¹è®¾ç½®ï¼Œç•Œé¢æ˜¾ç¤ºå½"å‰çš"设定å'¼ ,此时æ' åä¸'ä½æ Sunyuan Technology
Abstract: Acquisition IC 两线无源 I / V 转æ¢éš"离变é'å™¨ 两线å¶æ— æºåž' 4-20mA , ¯¥ IC 采ç"¨ä¸¤çº¿å¶è¾"å¥å›žè·¯ä¾›ç"uæ¹å¼ï¼Œç'¬æ‰é«˜æ•ä¿¡å·å›žè·¯çªƒç"uæ'æ¯ï¼Œæ— é¡»å¤ , ³•ç"u路,ç¼"å²å¤"çè¾"出ç"u路等ã''å¾å°çš"è¾"å¥ç­‰æ•ç"u阻,使该 IC 能å¤ä»ä¼ æ"器信号 è¾"出回路中采é›ç"uæuä¿¡å·ï¼Œå¹¶èƒ½è¾¾å°è¾"å , Series Analog Signal Acquisition IC 产å"æ'大额定å'¼ ï¼é•¿æå¨æ'大额å , Series Analog Signal Acquisition IC 产å"é'‰åž'举ä¾' ä¾' 1: è¾"å¥ä¿¡å·ï¼š4-20 mA Sunyuan Technology
Abstract: -wire I/V signal Converter IC 两线无源 I / V 转æ¢éš"离变é'å™¨ IC 两线å¶æ— æºåž' 4-20mA , •Œæ'小ä½"积ï¼12 è"šå•å—ç›´æ' IC å°è£ SIP12 Pin)ä½ææ¬æ— æºåž'两 çº¿å¶ 4-20mA 转ç"uå'信号éš"离转æ¢å™¨ IC,它可以å°è¾"å¥æ‰æº 4-20mA çš"ç"uæuä¿¡å·éš"离转æ¢æç"uå'信号è¾"出ã''该 IC , ™ä½ç°åºå¸ƒçº¿ææ¬ã''该模块å部åŒå«æ‰ç"uæuä¿¡å·è°ƒå¶è§£è°ƒç"uè·¯ã'ä¿¡å·è'¦åéš"离变æ¢ç"uè·¯ã'ç"u源é'变ç"uè·¯ã'å‡ 法ç"u路,ç¼"å²å¤"çè¾"出ç"u路等ã''å¾å°çš"è¾"å¥ç­‰æ•ç"u阻,使该 IC , 板ä¸å®‰è£çš" IC 封è£ã'DIN35 标 å‡å¯¼è½¨å®‰è£å'Œ PIM 面板åuŒå¥å¼å®‰è£æ¹å¼ã''DIN 导轨式å Sunyuan Technology
Abstract: ¦» 特ç'¹ï¼š ä¸¤çº¿å¶ 4-20mA éš"离调çå™¨ IC SIP12 å°è£ åº"ç"¨ï¼š ã'' · 无须å , '' 该 IC å部åŒå«æ‰ç"uæuä¿¡å·è°ƒå¶è§£è°ƒç"uè·¯ã'ä¿¡å·è'¦åéš"离变æ¢ç"u路等ã''å¾å°çš"è¾"å¥ç­‰æ•ç"u阻,使该 IC èƒ½å¤ ä»ä¼ æ"器回路中采é›å°çš"信号ç"uå'è¾¾å°è¶å®½èŒƒå›´ï¼7.5â'"32V),以满足ç"¨æ·æ— é'å¤æ¥è¾å©ç"u源è'Œå®žç°ä¿¡å·è¿ 距离ã'æ— å¤±çä¼ è¾"çš"é'要ã''该 IC è¾"出是é'对 24VDC , ¶ 4-20mA éš"离调çå™¨ IC SIP12 å°è£ å¤å½¢å°ºå¯¸åå¼•è"šæè¿° Pin 引è"š 引è"šå能说æ Sunyuan Technology
Abstract: SY Series Analog Signal Acquisition IC å·®å信号采é›ä½ææ¬å˜é'å™¨ ä¸¤çº¿å¶ 4-20mA å , ·®å信号采é›è°ƒçè¯ç‰‡ï¼Œ å±žäº SY 4-20mA ç³»å—çš"产å"ã'' 该 IC å部åŒå«æ‰å·®å信号采é›ã'è°ƒçå'Œå˜æ¢ç"uè·¯ã''标å‡è¾"å¥ç­‰æ•ç"u阻,使该 IC 能å¤ä»ä¼ æ"器回路中采é›å°å·® å信号,以满足ç"¨æ·çš"å , mV KHz Page 1 of 5 SY Series Analog Signal Acquisition IC 产å"é'‰åž' SY C- Aâ¡ - Pâ¡ - , Acquisition IC åº"ç"¨äºŒï¼šä¸¤çº¿å¶ 4-20mA è¾"å¥ï¼Œæ­£è´ç"u源供ç"u,ç"uå'è¾"出æ¹å¼ã Sunyuan Technology
A/0-20 A/0-10
Abstract: Two-wire 0-5V/0-10V To 4-20mA Converter IC å¾®åž'ä½ææ¬ä¸¤çº¿æ— æº V/I 转æ¢éç"uéš"离变é'å™¨ IC 无源åž'两线å¶ç"uå'信号转 4-20mA éš"离变é'å™¨ï¼šISOS V-4-20mA ç³»å— äº§å"ç‰¹ç , 标å‡ä¿¡å·çš"ç²¾å‡éš"离转æ¢ï¼Œè¯¥ IC è¾"出是é'对 24VDC å'Œåæ ·ç"u阻ï¼æ称è´è½½ç"u阻)相串è"çš"二线å¶ä¾›ç"u , æå¶ä»ä»ªè¡¨å«æ‰æ‰æº è´è½½çš"模æ'量è¾"å¥ç«¯å£ç›¸åŒ¹éã''产å"æ‰ PCB 板ä¸å®‰è£çš" IC 封è£ã'DIN35 ,           Micro Two-wire 0-5V/0-10V To 4-20mA Converter IC é'šç"¨å'数 精度ã'çº¿æ'§åº¦è¯¯å Sunyuan Technology
0-5v to 4-20mA converter 0-10K
Abstract: ¦» 特ç'¹ï¼š ä¸¤çº¿å¶ 4-20mA éš"离éç"u器 IC SIP12 å°è£ åº"ç"¨ï¼š 给传æ"å , ¶ 4-20mA 信号éš"离éç"uå™¨ï¼Œå±žäº SUNYUAN ISO 4-20mA ç³»å—çš"产å"ã'' 该 IC å部åŒå«æ‰ç"uæuä¿¡å·è°ƒå¶è§£è°ƒç"uè·¯ã'ä¿¡å·è'¦åéš"离变æ¢ç"uè·¯,还æ‰ä¸'个高æ•ç‡çš" DC-DC ç"u路等ã''该 IC 为两线å¶ä¼ æ"器éç"u 16V~21.5V,æ¹ä¾¿äºä¸'些两线å¶ä¼ æ"器çš"信号æu'量ã'è¿ä¼ ã'éš"离等å能ã''该 IC è¾"出是 é'对 24VDC , 4-20mA-F 3KVDC éš"离 ä¸¤çº¿å¶ 4-20mA éš"离éç"u器 IC SIP12 å°è£ å¤å½¢å°ºå¯¸åå¼•è"šæè Sunyuan Technology
Abstract: ç"uæuç¯è·¯éš"离调çå™¨ IC 两线å¶æ— æºåž' 4-20mA ç"uæuç¯è·¯éš"离调çå™¨ï¼šISOS 4-20mA-E ç³»å— äº§å"ç‰¹ç , ' ä¼ è¾"å'Œé‡‡é›æ§å¶ã'' 产å"æ‰ PCB 板ä¸å®‰è£çš" IC 封è£ã' DIN35 标å‡å¯¼è½¨å®‰è£å'Œ PIM 面板åuŒå¥å¼å , CO., Ltd. Page 2 of 8 Micro 2-wire 4-20mA Current Loop Conditioner IC     IC , ±•å能两块多å能板,产å"å部åŒå«æ‰ç"uæuä¿¡å·è°ƒå¶è§£è°ƒç"uè·¯ã'ä¿¡å·è'¦åéš"离变æ¢ç"uè·¯ã'æ˜¾ç¤º å'Œæ¥è­¦æ§å¶ç"u路等ã''å¾å°çš"è¾"å¥ç­‰æ•ç"u阻,使该 IC 能å¤ä»ä¼ æ"å ,     3ã'ç"±äºå‰æ•ä¸‰æžç®¡ Ic æ'大ç"uæuçš"限å¶ï¼Œå¶æ‰©æuå'Œé©±å¨è´è½½èƒ½å›æ‰é Sunyuan Technology
Abstract: Isolated Interface IC å¾®åž'ä½ææ¬ 4-20mA ç"uæuç¯è·¯éš"离器 IC 4-20mA (0-20mA , 0-20mA ç"uæuç¯è·¯éš"离传é'ï¼Œ 产å"æ‰ PCB 板ä¸å®‰è£çš" IC 封è£ã'DIN35 标å‡å¯¼è½¨å®‰è£å'Œ , ¼‰Current Loop Isolated Interface IC é'šç"¨å'数 精度ã'çº¿æ'§åº¦è¯¯å·®ç­‰çº§ - 0.1,0.2 çº , ¼‰Current Loop Isolated Interface IC IC 封è£äº§å"å¤å½¢å°ºå¯¸åå¸åž'åº"ç"¨å›¾ 多路 DIN35 导轨å , ¼‰Current Loop Isolated Interface IC PIM 面板åuŒå¥å®‰è£æ¹å¼ 4-20mA éš"离åž' 智能变é'è¡¨ç®'ä»' Sunyuan Technology
Abstract: ISO Series 4-20mA Signal Isolated IC ä¸¤çº¿å¶ 4-20mA 信号éš"离éç"u器 IC ISO 4-20mA-F å , -F,是ä¸'ç§ä¸¤çº¿å¶æ— æºä¼  æ"器 4-20mA 信号éš"离éç"uå™¨ï¼Œå±žäº ISO 4-20mA ç³»å—çš"产å"ã''该 IC å部åŒå«æ‰ç"uæuä¿¡å·è°ƒå¶è§£è°ƒç"uè·¯ã'ä¿¡å·è'¦åéš" 离变æ¢ç"uè·¯å'Œä¸'个高æ•ç‡çš" DC-DC ç"u路等ã''该 IC 可以æ PLCã'DCSã'PCC , ™ºèƒ½ä»ªè¡¨ï¼Œæ¹ä¾¿äºä¸'些两线å¶æ— æºä¼ æ"器çš"信号æu'量ã'è¿ä¼ ã'éš"离等å能ã''该 IC è¾"出是é'对 24VDC å , æå¶ä»ä»ªè¡¨çš"模æ'量è¾"å¥è¾"出æ¥å£ç›¸åŒ¹éã'' å部çš"陶ç"·åºæ¿ã'å°å·ç"u阻工艺åæ°æ'æ¯éš"离æªæ½ä½¿ IC Sunyuan Technology
Abstract: 转ç"uå'ä¿¡å·è½¬æ¢ IC,可以å°æ‰æº 4-20mA 信号转æ¢æç"uå'信号è¾"出ã''该 IC , ™ä½ç"¨æ·å¸ƒçº¿ææ¬ã''该模块å部åŒå«æ‰ç"uæuä¿¡å·å˜æ¢ç"uè·¯ã'ç"u源é'变ç"uè·¯ã'å‡æ³•ç"u 路,ç¼"å²å¤"çè¾"出ç"u路等ã''å¾å°çš"è¾"å¥ç­‰æ•ç"u阻,使该 IC 能å¤ä»ä¼ æ"å , ®¢æ·é'æ±'ç "å¶çš"ä½ææ¬ã' 小ä½"积 I/V 转æ¢å™¨ SY 4-20mA-O , 正是为解å³å·¥ä¸šç°åºä¸è¿°é—®é¢˜è'Œè®¾è®¡ã'' IC , 6 7 备注:è¾"å¥ç«¯ç¬¬ 2 è"š(Iin-),ä¸èƒ½å'Œè¾"出端 4-6 è"šï¼GND)相连æ¥ã'' IC Sunyuan Technology
Abstract: ISO Series Analog signal Isolation Transmitter ä½ç§»ç"u阻信号变é'å™¨ IC ç"uä½å , ­‰ è¾"出标å‡ä¿¡å·ï¼š0-2.5V/0-5V/0-10V/0-20mA/4-20mA 等 IC 模块ã'ç"u子尺ååuŒã'é˜²æ°´ç›'å'Œ DIN35 导轨å , ™¨é‡‡ç"¨è¾"å¥æ»¤æ³¢ã' è¾"å¥ä¿æ¤ç"u路, 高精度稳å'åºå‡ IC ç"u源ç"u路, æ"¾å¤§è½¬æ¢ç"uè·¯ï , ®¡ä¸ºä½ææ¬ã'å°ä½"积çš"æ ‡å‡ SIP12 Pin 阻燃 IC 封è£ï¼Œå部åŒå«ç"uæuä¿¡å·è°ƒå¶ç"u路,ç"u磁éš"离变æ¢ç"uè , ›¾ 二ã'éš"离åž'ç"u阻信号éš"离变é'å™¨ IC IC 封è£çš"ç"u阻信号éš"离æ"¾å¤§å™¨ ISO R-P-O-A ç³»å—产å"å¯å Sunyuan Technology
Abstract: ,å按 A+B åè¿›å¥é›¶ç'¹è®¾ç½®ï¼Œç•Œé¢æ˜¾ç¤ºå½"å‰çš"设定å'¼ ,此 时æ'åä¸'ä½æ , ¼‰ 继续按A进å¥æ»¡é‡ç¨'设置界面 , ,按 class="hl">,界面显示å½"å‰çš"设定å'¼ ï¼æ³¨ï , Series Analog signal Isolation Transmitter Panel Meter 产å"è®¾å®šé'‰åž'举ä¾' å½"è¶å‡º IC , å¦'è¶å‡º IC æu'量çš"极限 AD ä½ï¼4-20mA 标定) 4mA 显 0,20mA 显 2000,è¾"å¥ 3.01mA 时显示 , Ic æ'大ç"uæuçš"限å¶ï¼Œå¶æ‰©æuå'Œé©±å¨è´è½½èƒ½å›æ‰é™ï¼Œç"¨æ·å¦'é'更大é Sunyuan Technology
36VDC 100HZ
Abstract: ¶ 4-20mA 模æ'信号采é›è°ƒçå™¨è¯ç‰‡ï¼Œå±žäº SY 4-20mA ç³»å—çš"产å"ã''该 IC å部 åŒå«æ‰ä¿¡å·é‡‡é›ã'è°ƒçå'Œè'¦åå˜æ¢ç"uè·¯ã''å¾å°çš"è¾"å¥ç­‰æ•ç"u阻,使该 IC 能å¤ä»ä¼ æ"器回路中采é›å°çš"ä¿¡å·è¾¾å° è¶å®½èŒƒå›´ï¼7.5 ~ 32V)ç"uå'å'¼ï¼Œä»¥æ»¡è¶³ç"¨æ·æ— é¡»å¤æ¥è¾å©ç"u源è'Œå®žç°ä¿¡å·è¿è·ç¦»ã'æ— å¤±çä¼ è¾"çš"é'要ã''该 IC è¾" 出是é'对 24VDC Sunyuan Technology
Abstract: ISO Series 4-20mA Signal Isolated IC 工业ç°åºä¼ æ"器ä¸ä»ªå™¨ä»ªè¡¨ã'PLCã'DCS 等æ§å¶ç³»ç»ç»å¸¸ç"±äºç³»ç»å¹²æ‰°ã'æ‰æºä¿¡å·ã'æ— æºä¿¡ 号ã'æ‰æºè´è½½ã'æ— æºè´è½½çš"信号å²çªå'Œé˜»æ—匹é问题è'Œæ— æ³•æ­£å¸¸å·¥ä½ã''正确é'‰æ'©éš"离æ"¾å¤§å™¨å˜é'å™¨ 能æ‰æ , 1 of 3 ISO Series 4-20mA Signal Isolated IC 图 3:两线å¶æ— æºä¼ æ"器 , Technology CO., Ltd. Page 2 of 3 ISO Series 4-20mA Signal Isolated IC 图 6ï Sunyuan Technology
Abstract: . The industrial current interface IC AM462 acts as a voltage-to-current converter whose use for the , source must then be assembled or a suitable IC (such as AM462) used which at best can be directly , . voltage-to-current converter AM462) at the IC input. This offset also has an error percentage of Iout in the output , frequency of the follow-on IC which in the case of AM462 is given as ca. 50kHz. As AM462 is a purely analog IC, the output signal resolution which can be achieved is wholly dependent on the temporal Analog Microelectronics
AN1014 AM400 AM402 AM422 AM442 AM460 Voltage-to-Current 4-20mA Voltage to Current Converter 4-20mA Voltage-to-Current Converter 4-20mA AM-462 cost
Abstract: ®¾ç½®ï¼‰ 按 A+B 显示零ç'¹è®¾ç½®ç•Œé¢ ,å按 A+B åè¿›å¥é›¶ç'¹è®¾ç½®ï¼Œç , è¾"å¥æ—¶è®¾ç½®ï¼‰ 继续按A进å¥æ»¡é‡ç¨'设置界面 , ,按 class="hl">,ç , ç"uæuä¿¡å·é‡‡æ ·å·²ä½ä¸ºæ ‡å‡ä¿å­˜ã''å按 A é"®ï¼Œè¿"回æu'量ç¶æ'ã'' 产å"è®¾å®šé'‰åž'举ä¾' å½"è¶å‡º IC æu'量çš"极限 AD ä½åæ是显示å'¼å¤§äº 9999ã'ä½äº-1999 无小数ç'¹æ—¶ï¼Œåšè¿‡é‡ç¨'显示ã'' å¦'è¶å‡º IC æu'量çš"极限 AD ä½ï , '2Hâ' æ¥å‰æ•ä¸‰æžç®¡é›ç"u极,â'1Lâ'ã' â'2Lâ' æ¥å'å°"极ã'' 3ã'ç"±äºå‰æ•ä¸‰æžç®¡ Ic Sunyuan Technology
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