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TUSB5052PZ Texas Instruments 5-port Hub with Integrated Bridge to Two Serial Ports 100-LQFP
TUSB5052PZG4 Texas Instruments 5-port Hub with Integrated Bridge to Two Serial Ports 100-LQFP

"4 port" passive hub

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Abstract: Management Software, 8-port Active Hubs, 4-port Internal Hubs, a 4-port Passive Hub, and 2-port Active Links , -port links for connection to a coax network, An 8-port Active Hub designed to utilize installed IBM cabling , TOOLS HUB MOUNTING KITS ETHERNETTM on COAX ETHERNET on TWISTED PAIR OPERATING SYSTEM SOFTWARE An 8 , to hold as many as eight hubs, and a wall bracket for a single hub. A 16-bit high-performance board , -800-SMC-4-YOU. Outside U SA 516-273-3100 Ext, 5396, SMC is a registered trademark; Intelligent Hub and ARCView are -
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4-Port lan hub PC220 I-800-SMC-4-YOU LAN02-I/90
Abstract: ANOTHER k-2000'- ACTIVE HUB I ACTIVE HUB-OPT IFIBER OPT I COAXIAL i 2 < lo O ' r - 1 0 0 ' -. ARCNET PC210S l 1000'MAXIMUM J L. 4Ô00' IP C II I 4000' PASSIVE HUB I i - 100' PC 100 , ARCNET-PC 100,110 controller boards. active hubs and/or 2 100 feet maximum distance between passive hub port and an active hub port or ARCNET-PC 100,110 board. 2 . 3 . 2 ARCNET-PC 200, 210 The , end of the bus is to be termineted active hub port or a 93 Ohm terminator. 4 by either an -
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Abstract: Electrical Code. UK General Approval Statement The CoreBuilder 5000 Integrated System Hub and ONline System , Media Module (6218M-ATP) 1-7 Ring Mapping on the APM When Trunks Are Configured 1-8 Passive Media , Ring 2 Description 2-16 Ring 3 Description 2-16 Devices Internetworked in the Master Hub 2-17 Single , Threshold 4-6 Enabling Static Ring Switching 4-6 Enabling Mismatch Resolution (Passive and Active , Filters 4-9 Enabling Speed Detect (Passive Module Only) 4-10 Setting Module Speed Threshold (Passive 3Com
apm 7120 3com parallel tasking 2 492AAAA NEC 2501 5201F-UTP 3com etherlink ii
Abstract: specification1. USB Host or Powered Hub Bus - Powered Hub (Passive Hub) 4.735V 4.750V 4.640V , . Passive USB Hub or Low-Power Port +5V < 100mA Portable Device System Charge IC Li-Ion Battery Figure 5: System Powered by a Passive Hub or Low-Powered Port Supply. 2 AN-115.2006.06.1.0 AN , Referenced to Hub Figure 3: Worst Case Voltage Drop Topology for a USB Port. 1. To obtain additional , self-powered hub (a port can be set as low as 100mA in the case of a bus or low-power hub). When using a USB Advanced Analogic Technologies
USB Charging Port Power Switch AAT3685 AAT3686 AAT3688 USB connector AAT3685/86/88
Abstract: ADVANCED CERAMICS AND MODULES DATA SHEET IP6002 series USB Quad hub port filter with ESD , Philips Components Preliminary specification USB Quad hub port filter with ESD protection IP6002 , of USB compatible devices such as: · EMI filtering · ESD protection of hub/router components · , single upstream quad downstream port filters for Universal Serial Bus (USB) hub applilcations. The IP6002 provides line termination and ESD protection of sensitive components within the USB hub along Philips Components
IP6001 PDIUSBH11A IP6000 A101-B A108-A
Abstract: PowerDsine 9002GHO Dual-port, Outdoor PoE Passive Hub, 30W, IEEE802.3at Compliant AC Power , : Maximum 95%, Non-condensing Overview PowerDsine 9002GHO Power over Ethernet (PoE) dual- port Passive Hub offers a cost effective, IEEE 802.3at compliant solution for outdoor installations, guaranteeing , standard PoE data terminal. Unlike Midspans/Injectors, Passive PoE Hubs perform data connectivity between all its ports, and also deliver PoE to all ports. Unlike PoE Switches, PoE passive hubs do not have Microsemi
PD-9002GHO RJ-45 UL60950-1 UL60950-22 EN60529 B-117
Abstract: Power Supply Graphic Memory Controller Hub GMCH 815-B0 Pentium III Socket 370 LOGIC SDRAM SODIMM Socket 133 MHz AGTL/133 MHz LPC Hub COM2 Primary IDE ATA/100 Comm. I/O Controller Hub CICH COM1 Secondary IDE ATA/100 PCI 32-bit/33 MHz Ethernet , the communication IO controller HUB CICH/82810E. Functional Block Diagram Speed Kontron , speed L2 on-die cache, passive cooling Watchdog, software configurable, 125 msec to 256 sec Kontron
CP304 DVI-29 RJ45 to usb convert pin diagram of pentium III PROCESSOR 82815 CP-RIO3-01 VGA 15 PIN CABLE CONNECTION DIAGRAM 512MB D-87600
Abstract: Controller Hub US15W Supports DDR2 SODIMM up to 2 GB Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 500, DirectX 9Ex H , 1.1GHz, Z530 1.6GHz 400/533MHz Intel® System Controller Hub US15W AWARDTM 4 Mbit Flash BIOS DDR2 400/533 , Controller Hub US15W 1 Channel PIDE Intel 82551QM HD Audio Interface Hardware monitor 8 GPIO , Solution Passive Passive Operation Temp. 0 ~ 60 °C 0 ~ 60 °C See Note1 1 See Note1 1 Note 1 - SDVO Port Advantech
CH7317 F75111 pex8112 8-Port USB hub Watchdog timmer Intel Atom SOM-6760 16/PCI/IDE 400/533MH 256MB 10/100M
Abstract: Active hub to active hub Active hub to M4-series controller Active hub to passive hub Passive hub to , ARCNET network using RG62A/U coaxial cable and BNC-style connectors. Both active and passive ARCNET , , M4DUALARC, M4SARCF, and M4SARCFR ARCNET interface cards, plus the appropriate PC and active hub equipment Opto 22
opto 22 321-OPTO321-OPTOSupport ARCNET ARCNET HUB Controller led project with name plate M4RTU controller opto 321-OPTO 321-OPTO321-OPTOS
Abstract: , passive polyfuse designs: Printer with Hub q cannot be switched off by USB controllers q cannot , "Plug and Play" feature and standard environment HUB CONTROLLER and will also enable the PC to , Micrel USB Component Opportunities PC Workstation Monitor with Hub For expediency, some , plug-and-play protected FET power switches are high-performance replacements for passive polyfuse parts , surface-mount packages available USB SELF-POWERED HUB Self Powered Hub Micrel: Committed to Our USB Micrel Semiconductor
MIC5207 MIC2526 POLYFUSE 5v polyfuse report polyfuse MIC5203 MIC29301
Abstract: Module Extended Temperature Range: -25 °C to 70 °C Intel ICH6M I/O Hub PICMG COM Express Compliant , and ICH6M I/O Hub Integrated video, PCI, IDE, PCI-Express, SATA, USB, LPC, GPIO Single 200-pin SODIMM , Compliance AC ` 97 Intel High Definition Audio via ICH6M I/O Hub Type Features External Dual Independent , -bit PCIExpress CE-PHSA : Passive Heatsink & Assembly CE-PHS17A : Low Profile Passive CE-TIM : Thermal Interface , : Passive Heatsink & Assembly CE-PHS17A : Low Profile Passive CE-TIM : Thermal Interface Material, required RadiSys
winbond w83627hf-aw Phoenix Technologies ce738a-e-512 DVI to vga cable radisys W83627HF-AW CE738AE 915GM CE738A-E CE738A- CE738A-E-512 CR202-PCIE16
Abstract: directly soldered thin BGA package it enables sufficient space for a passive heatsink within 4HP. 333 MHz Primary IDE ATA/100 with CompactFlash only ATA/33 I/O Controller Hub 4 ICH4 Fast , speed of 333MHz up to 1GByte DDR-SDRAM with ECC can be accessed. Graphic Memory Controller Hub GMCH 855-GME HUB Speed The CP306 CompactPCI system controller board combines the performance , Controller Hub ICH4. Realized as a 3U single slot processor card it contributes to high density packaging Kontron
cp306 kontron CP306-EXT-IOIDE CP-RIO3-03 CP306-RIO PICMG 2.0 LPC uart AGTL/400
Abstract: Hub Fibre Channel Controller FC Dual GbE Controller GbE GbE ··· FC SATA / SAS , Memory Memory I/O Hub Fibre Channel Controller FC Dual GbE Controller GbE GbE ··· , CPU x86 CPU Memory Memory I/O Hub I/O Hub Memory Memory x86 CPU ··· I/O Hub x86 CPU Memory Memory Memory Memory Endpoint Processor 1 x86 CPU x86 CPU Memory Memory I/O Hub Memory Memory Endpoint Processor 2 x86 CPU x86 CPU Memory Integrated Device Technology
AN-546 i686 PCIe Endpoint PCIE SWITCH IDT SAS controller
Abstract: . 17 5.1.2 Placement of Passive Components . , in the network. The ability to cascade allows hub manufacturers to produce different sized repeaters , Intel® Repeaters IRB Design and Layout Guide Figure 1. IRB Block Diagram Digital IRB Signals Hub , MMSTR IN Digital IRB Signals Hub Board 2 Analog IRB Signals '245 9880 ChipID = 0 ISOLATE , MMSTR OUT MMSTR IN Digital IRB Signals Hub Board n Analog IRB Signals MMSTR OUT / IN Intel
AN112 LXT980 IR10E 8-Port Fast Ethernet Repeater LXT9880 LXT9860 LXT983 IR100DV IR100DAT IR100CLK
Abstract: Controller Hub Passive Heatsinks THS-GFC-B Low Profile Heatsink for Express-GFC with threaded , Controller Hub Features Type 6 AMD Fusionâ"¢ G-Series Processor AMD A50M Controller Hub Up to 8GB , A50M Control Hub 1MB for G-T56N and G-T40N 512KB for G-T52R and G-T44R AMI APTIO UEFI in 16 Mbit SPI , processor at 1.0 GHz and A50M Controller Hub THSH-GFC-B High Profile Heatsink for Express-GFC with , processor at 1.5 GHz and A50M Controller Hub Express-GFC-T44R Compact COM Express Type 6 module with Adlink Technology
1333MH G-T16R PD720200A SLB9635 ADT7490
Abstract: -port USB HUB unit. The USB2-4H is a USB 2.0 HUB that expands 1 USB port into 4 USB ports. The unit is , in the harshest environments. Product Highlights 4-port externally powered USB HUB High performance USB HUB complying with MIL-STD-810F, MIL-STD-461F, MIL-STD-1275B Sealed casing and connectors , Plug-n-Play Supply Current 4-port externally powered USB HUB Hi-Speed USB 2.0 up to 480 Mbps and full , Material Case Sealing Case Painting ~180 gram 88.1 mm 43.6 mm 36.5 mm No moving parts, Passive Innovative Turnkey Solutions
Abstract: your device, host, or hub. Low, full, and hi-speed tests require compliance with signal quality , the flexibility to run different tests concurrently when you have more than one host, hub, or , demand a measurement system that will not interfere with your device/host/hub operation by loading the , Option 004 Adds (four) 1161A passive probes to the 54846B oscilloscope 1 E2697A High-impedance adapter with one 10073C passive probe for 54853A/54A/55A only (1156A can be used in lieu of Agilent Technologies
E2645A N2854A N2855A E2683A 5989-0236EN
Abstract: . 20 3.6 List of passive components , connected to the "Root Hub" (usually found right on the PC's motherboard) and is responsible for all data , , they can not initiate data traffic by themselves. The Root Hub can have one or more so called , USB device connected directly to one of the Root Hub's downstream ports. Figure 1-1 below gives the simplest USB topology possible. It contains a `Host Processor' , the `Root Hub' and a single USB device Philips Semiconductors
blm32a07 l033 regulator BLM32A07 self volt in ic of laptop motherboard LK115033 74HCT1373D UDA1331H DML97001 BLM32A07
Abstract: LAN9512/LAN9512i USB 2.0 Hub and 10/100 Ethernet Controller PRODUCT FEATURES Data Brief , and Ethernet) - Built-in Power-On-Reset (POR) circuit (Eliminates requirement for external passive , 3.3v I/O supply USB Hub Miscellaneous features - Fully compliant with Universal Serial Bus , Optional EEPROM - Optional 24MHz reference clock output for partner hub - IEEE 1149.1 (JTAG) Boundary , 2.0 Hub and 10/100 Ethernet Controller Order Numbers: LAN9512-JZX for 64-pin, QFN lead-free RoHS Standard MicroSystems
LAN9512 LAN9512I-JZX LAN9512i usb hub circuit diagram hub ethernet tap IEC61249-2-21 LAN9512/LAN9512 10BASE-T 100BASE-TX 64-QFN
Abstract: LAN9512/LAN9512i USB 2.0 Hub and 10/100 Ethernet Controller PRODUCT FEATURES Data Brief , passive or active reset) Target Applications Desktop PCs Notebook PCs Printers Game Consoles , operation Internal 1.8v core supply regulator External 3.3v I/O supply USB Hub Miscellaneous , 24MHz reference clock output for partner hub â'" IEEE 1149.1 (JTAG) Boundary Scan Software â'" â , (IEC61000-4-2) SMSC LAN9512/LAN9512i Revision 1.2 (02-29-12) PRODUCT PREVIEW USB 2.0 Hub and 10 Standard MicroSystems
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