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GF570 JKL Components Corporation LAMP INCANDESCENT
CPCL10R0100JB31 Vishay Dale Wirewound Resistors 10watts .01ohms 5%
CPCC10100R0JB31 Vishay Dale Wirewound Resistors 10watts 100ohms 5%
RH01025K00FC02 Vishay Dale Wirewound Resistors 10WATTS 25KOHMS 1%
A3178B JKL Components Corporation FESTOON INCANDESCENT 24V 8W

"10 watt incandescent"

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Abstract: Incandescent Luminaires 1L Dimensions Dimensions in Inches a b c d e f g h j 150 watt, A , VAPORGARDTM Incandescent Luminaires Applications: Vaporgard series incandescent luminaires are used: · , coating on globe for increased shatter protection (G24 globe 200 watt series only) . S808 , locations, shatterproof plastic polycarbonate globes are available for use with the 200 watt series · , to 300 watt, PS-30 medium base lamp · 1/2" to 11/4" hubs · 120V nameplate is standard ­ for NEC Cooper Crouse-Hinds
275-241 VXHA45GPRA Lamp 100w VDA25GP VXHF25GP VXHBF23GP PS-25
Abstract: R40; 300 watt, R40 (medium base) · RCDE-10 ­ 500 watt, PAR64 Ext. Mog End Prong) Ordering , Flood Hor. 300 Watt R40 Spot RCDE-10 500 Watt, PAR64 (500 PAR64/NSP) 500 Watt, PAR64 (500 , Cl. I, Div. 1 and 2, Groups C, D Cl. I, Zone 1 RCDE Series 7L Incandescent Floodlights Applications: RCDE Incandescent Lighting Luminaires are permanently installed to provide general , stations · Other Class I, Groups C and D locations Features: RCDE Incandescent Lighting Luminaires Cooper Crouse-Hinds
PAR38 Luminaire Photometric data PAR38 prong base led par64 44978A RCDE-10 44719B PAR64/MFL PAR64/WFL
Abstract: .10A 10,000 41ENG18-2111 Red Incandescent 28 .04A 7,000 25,000 41N-2112 , .20A 5,000 41NG3-2112 41ENG3-2112 Green Incandescent 14 .10A 10,000 , 5,000 41NG3-2113 41ENG3-2113 Amber Incandescent 14 .10A 10,000 41NG18-2113 , 41NG3-2114 41ENG3-2114 Blue Incandescent 14 .10A 10,000 41NG18-2114 41ENG18-2114 , 41ENG3-2115 White Incandescent 14 .10A 10,000 41NG18-2115 41ENG18-2115 White Lighting Components & Design
L41EN-R24-2111 led 3watt 2114 LED 3Watt yellow 41N-2117 41N21 E20356 LR15284-6 L41EN-A2-2113 L41EN-A2-2313 L41EN-A6-2113 L41EN-A6-2313
Abstract: of 8 to 10 lumens/watt for this LED technology exceeded that of a red filtered incandescent by a , amber filtered incandescent lamps at ~10 to 15 lumens/ watt, AlInGaP LEDs meet the light output , TYPICAL WHITE UNFILTERED INCANDESCENT 15 TYPICAL YELLOW FILTERED INCANDESCENT 10 TS , /watt, as indicated in Figure 11, thus offering the best possibility for replacing incandescent lamps , AllnGaP YELLOW-GREEN LEDs 10 TYPICAL BLUE-GREEN FILTERED INCANDESCENT 5 0 TYPICAL Hewlett-Packard
solar powered traffic signal Solar Traffic LED Flasher safety solar traffic light police flashing led light diagram solar traffic light design led flasher traffic I-014 5964-9176E
Abstract: 14 â  10A 10,000 41NG18-2111 41ENG18-2111 Red Incandescent 28 â 04A 7 , Incandescent 14 â  10A 10,000 41NG18-2112 41ENG18-2112 Green Incandescent 28 â , 41ENG1-2113 Amber Incandescent 6 â'¢20A 5,000 10,000 41NG3-2113 41ENG3-2113 Amber , 10,000 41NG18-2114 41ENG18-2114 Blue Incandescent 28 â 04A 7,000 41N-2115 , 10,000 41NG18-2115 41ENG18-2115 White Incandescent 28 â 04A 7,000 41N-2117 -
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L41EN-A12-2113 L41EN-A12-2313 L41EN-A24-2113 L41EN-A24-2313 L41EN-A125-2113 L41EN-A125-2313
Abstract: filtered incandescent lamps at ~10 to 15 lumens/watt, AlInGaP LEDs meet the light output requirements for , traffic signals. The light output efficiency of 8 to 10 lumens/ watt for this LED technology exceeded , watts for a red incandescent signal). LUMENS PER ELECTRICAL WATT 25 AllnGaP AMBER LEDs 20 TYPICAL WHITE UNFILTERED INCANDESCENT 15 TYPICAL YELLOW FILTERED INCANDESCENT 10 TS , in Figure 2. The light output efficiency is 10 to 12 lumens/watt, as indicated in Figure 11, thus Avago Technologies
police flasher 1996 led incandescent lumens police flashing led light solar panel of 10 watt 10 watt L.E.D LIGHTS LED traffic light signs technical data
Abstract: , Class I, Div. 1, Groups C, D 24V DC 26200056 Incandescent status lamp, two stack 40 watt , Div. 1, Groups C, D 26200066 Incandescent status lamp, three stack 40 watt beacons , 's requirements Available as Xenon, incandescent and fluorescent beacons/strobes. The SM87 SL range is , , fluorescent, incandescent* · NEMA 4X & 6, IP66 & 67 · Certified temperature ­67°F to +131°F* ­55°C to +55°C , SM87 SL Xenon, Incandescent & Fluorescent Status Lights-Explosionproof Certification UL Listed Cooper Crouse-Hinds
E187894 EN50018 03ATEX0222X SM87SL3 MEDC medc SM87 xenon strobe lamp SM87SL2 EN50014 14AWG 10AWG
Abstract: COMPANY, INC. â  IR3024I, 24 volts DC with 25 watt incandescent lamp. â  IR3120I, 120 volts AC with 25 watt incandescent lamp, UL listed. â  IR3024H, 24 volts DC with 18 watt halogen lamp. â  IR3120H, 120 volts AC with 23 watt halogen lamp, UL listed. â  O-ring gasket between dome and base , a choice of incandescent or halogen lighting available in either 24 VDC and 120 VAC. â  Halogen , . Halogen Incandescent IR3024I 24 VDC 1.0a 90 2570 25 w IR3120I 120 VAC .25a Gamewell-FCI
24VDC/25 24VDC/18 120VAC/23 34-0428050-6B 120VAC/25 050701-IR3PB-10438B
Abstract: CONVERTIBLETM - 13-WATT The convertible replaces any incandescent light with a cool running safe fluorescent , -1 LIGHT HEAVY DUTY REEL 13-Watt X-1 Light with 13 amp convenience outlet 10 amp circuit breaker 20 , ECONOMY REEL 13-Watt light with 10 amp convenience outlet Limited lifetime warranty on X-1 light , X-2 LIGHT 26 Watts from Two 13-Watt Bulbs 13 amp convenience outlet Lifetime warranty on light housing 25 ft. 16/3 SJTOW Cord - oil and water resistant Made in U.S.A. 2 H A N D 10025 - 13-WATT -
23T50 90R50 30IRCB CS48 13-WATT 20025CW AT195 NEF-13CW NEF-13RS NEF-15T8CW
Abstract: , Screw on Guards are Zinc Die-Cast · 100W max incandescent series is UL approved for 27W max SBCFL (equivalent to 100W incandescent) · Heat Resistant Clear Globe Available on 100 watt series · 200W max incandescent series is UL approved for 42W max SBCFL (equivalent to 200W incandescent) · Wire Guard , 204-205.qxp 7/22/2010 2:57 PM Page 205 Vapor Proof Lighting Incandescent , 206-207.qxp 7/22/2010 2:58 PM Page 206 Vapor Proof Vapor Proof Lighting Incandescent Cooper Crouse-Hinds
CSA-C22 TP7600 TP7800 TP7801 TP7805 TP7660 wire UL1598 lexan 121 TP7479 lexan UL1598 E15625 TP7601
Abstract: thermally protected. LAMP INCLUDED. LAMP TYPE: Low Voltage: MR-16 bi-pin base, 75 Watt max., PAR-36 screw terminal base, 75 Watt max. Incandescent: T-4 quartz halogen mini-can or B15d base, 100 Watt max. Fluorescent: Triple tube CFL 4-pin base, 32 Watt max. HID: T-4 or T-6 bi-pin base, 70 Watt max.,PAR-20 or , distribution using MH or incandescent lamps. ©2005 Hydrel 10/19/05 M9410_M9430 Internal 11 IHL Honeycomb , , T4 mini-can base Incandescent or Fluorescent lamps only. ©2005 Hydrel 10/19/05 M9410_M9430 ISS Hydrel
32TRT 35CMT6 70CMT6 ELECTRONIC BALLAST 12v electronic ballast for tube light 36 HID ELECTRONIC BALLAST 12v electronic transformer halogen 12v 36 watts electronic Fluorescent BALLAST M9410/M9430SERIES M9410/M9430 PAR30 P3075I 18TRT 26TRT
Abstract: Savings: Over 90% Compared to 25 Watt Incandescents Higher Efficacy: LEDs Are 10 Times More Efficient than Incandescent Lighting Low Maintenance: Much Longer Life Lowers Costs by , 1.2-Watt Replacement for 12Watt Incandescent Bulbs No Hazardous Emissions: Chandelier Décor , ® 2.4 Watt LED Chandelier Bulb / E26 Base DEC02-B11E25-xxW-120AW Clear or Frosted B11 , Continuous Burn at a Fraction of Incandescent Power Costs FEATURES Warranty: 3 Years Low Power LEDtronics
e26 base low energy light bulb DEC02-B11E25- W-120AW 3000K 2200K 120VAC DEC02-B11E25-SFW-120AW
Abstract: Savings: Over 90% Compared to 25 Watt Incandescents Higher Efficacy: LEDs Are 10 Times More Efficient than Incandescent Lighting Low Maintenance: Much No Hazardous Emissions , Other Base Types and Sizes 2.4-Watt Replacement for 25-Watt Incandescent Bulbs 3.73" 94.7mm , ® 2.4 Watt LED Chandelier Bulb / E12 Candelabra Base DEC02-B10E12-xxW-120AW Clear or Frosted , ,000 Hours Continuous Burn at a Fraction of Incandescent Power Costs FEATURES Warranty: 3 Years LEDtronics
e12 lamp socket led bulb Lm 373 DEC02-B10E12- 3200K DEC02-B10E12F-0FW-120AW DEC02-B10E12F-SIW-120AW DEC02-B10E12F-XIW-120AW DEC02-B10E12F-SFW-120AW
Abstract: -28-C0700-LE Part Number 20W 20 WATT LD20W -LE & -TE Series CONSTANT CURRENT TRIAC & ELV DIMMABLE LED DRIVERS , Typical Efficiency DIMMER(2)(3) +4% 20W 85% Incandescent +4% 20W 84% ELV +4% 20W 83% Incandescent 550 mA +4% 20W 83% ELV 700 mA +4% 20W 82% Incandescent (1) LD20W-28-C0700-TE YES YES 14 - 28 VDC 700 mA +4% 20W 82% ELV LD20W-17-C1200-LE YES YES 8 - 17 VDC 1200 mA +4% 20W 81% Incandescent LD20W EPtronics
120VAC/230VAC 100-277VAC 50/60H 40VDC 5-55H MIL-217F
Abstract: reflector and porcelain socket. 3-conductor cord set. Includes FC8T9/CW 22 watt fluorescent tube and 60 watt incandescent bulb (max 100) LC1/A has a 45" arm. LC2/A has a 30" arm. UL Listed. Model Number , three conductor cord set and comes with two F15T8/CW15 watt fluorescent tubes. The FL1/A can reach up , mounting clamp and optional 50008 mounting base LS SERIES Luxo's premier incandescent series with , are 100 watt rated and come with 60 watt bulb. LS-1/A and LS2/A include a clamp for mounting on Luxo
Abstract: . 58 58 MAX WATT BATTERY BATTERY LIFE 1.0 EFFECTIVE RANGE (FT.) 200 300 400 , - 4 5 LED TECHNOLOGY LED Lenser Offers Many Advantages Over Standard Incandescent , LEDs Provide the Highest Quality Illumination Incandescent Illumination vs. COAST LED Lenser Illumination Quality Incandescent Light Quality Incandescent Light COAST LED Lenser COAST COAST LED Lenser Incandescent vs. COAST LED Lenser Energy Use Compare Energy Use in 200 Hours of -
CR14500 TT7792CP AG13 military switch ag13 or lr44 tt7705cp LED lights manufacturing technology Lumens TT7721CP TT7720CP TT7701CP TT7714CP
Abstract: /Industrial Incandescent lamp 100 watt max., switch, no receptacle Fluorescent lamp 13 watt only E F , or bench mounted. They are available with fluorescent or incandescent hand lamps as well as a , applications. · Automatic shut off switch · Available on fluorescent & incandescent versions. The , ./4.5m for "Y") * Refer to static reels 14 12 12 10 10 3/32 O.D. 3/32 O.D. - Number , Reel with HBL5269C connector Reel with portable outlet box* Reel with incandescent hand lamp Reel Hubbell
ul sow-a HBL5969VBK 23CM23 52CM21 74CM25WOA HBL50163IN 2343CN 2353CN HBL2323SW L14-20R 125/250V L15-20R
Abstract: Incandescent Low Voltage Hand Lamps with In-Line Transformer All lamps are supplied with 75W bulbs and have 10 , of the page. The WTQ is based on a performance: price ratio on a scale of 1 through 10. Products are , portable lights are assigned WTQ ratings of 7 ­ 10. This rating is only given to products that can , your environment. PORTABLE LIGHTING HAND LAMPS Hazardous Duty, Incandescent, 75W, 100W Woodhead , incandescent lamp with an in-line transformer or use with a low-volt workstation. BEST SELLERS! 100W Hand Woodhead
a 3120v 60W 12V 70W hid ballast PAR56 METAL HALIDE 400W 3120V PL13/41 26/41/4P 1083-3M
Abstract: size 1 and size 2 contactor and a 25 watt incandescent lamp were selected and set up to be operated by , Current TEST in Lamp: 25 Watt Incandescent Lamp 120 VAC Filament Relay: ChipSwitch CS6010 Control , driving incandescent lamps. Under these conditions relay life varies from t , selected. These included contactor coils, solenoid valves and incandescent lamps. These loads presented a , (Full-on, Full-off). Input Current (each ChipSwitch): 10 mA DC Cycle Length: 1 Sec, Duty Cycle: 50 -
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telemecanique contactor catalogue telemecanique A203C westinghouse ac contactor telemecanique contactor catalog westinghouse contactor A203C CS6005
Abstract: , February 10-12, 2009 at the Anah Titan Halogen 150 Watt Task Light larger image Halogen Lamp provides cleaner and crisper illumination than fluorescent or incandescent Powerful 150 Watt bulb provides 2X more light output than 150 Watt incandescent Spring balanced arm with a 35" reach with , Titan Halogen 150 Watt Task LightAven, Inc. - Tools for Optical Inspection and Precisio. Page 1 , 1150 Watt halogen bulb and a 5 foot power chord and a C-mount clamp Operates at 115VAC Model Aven
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